The Results Month by Month, You Can Expect from Human Growth Hormone Therapy

What Are the Real Results of HGH Injections Therapy Use

Through a series of blood tests, pituitary stimulating tests, or genetic testing, along with a thorough discussion of your medical history and symptoms, you and your doctor have decided human growth hormone therapy is the right method of treatment for you. What can you now expect as you move forward with your injections or sprays and how soon will you be able to see results?

HGH injections are designed to mimic the natural HGH in your body. Some of your results will be readily apparent, while some will be hidden, but no less important. Realistic expectations and an understanding of what HGH does for your body, helps you get the most from your HGH treatment. Your body didn’t develop these symptoms overnight so treatment will take some time to see the full results. Certain symptoms will see improvement quickly, while others will take longer.

HGH Results by Month

HGH results after 1 month – Injections will begin triggering changes in your body. First you will begin seeing an increase in energy and vitality. This often helps you find an increase in productivity. Many report an increase in concentration with greater focus and learning. Increased strength and better stamina help you to exercise more effectively with the increase in muscle mass and positive weight control effects. Finally, some patients report mood lift and a reduction in depressive or anxiety symptoms. With increased productivity and exercise capacity, many also report better sleep.

HGH results after 2 months – More noticeable results occur after two months of therapy, including clearer skin and increased muscle tone. Your body is now regenerating cells at a quicker rate. You may notice an improvement in your eyesight and night vision. Your metabolism continues to increase, allowing fat loss to quicken. Nail and hair growth improve as your nails also strengthen and your hair grows thicker and shinier. Many report better digestion with fewer complaints. An increase in sexual desire and function grows as you feel better about your appearance and your vitality returns.

HGH results after 3 months – Hair continues to improve in condition and thickness. Unseen but vital changes in your bones occur as cell regeneration enhances the anti-osteoporosis effects of HGH. You may notice better flexibility and a decrease in pain and stiffness in your joints. Women see a reduction in PMS symptoms and any negative effects of menopause. Both genders report continued increase in mood and feelings of well-being. Sexual desire continues to increase as well as motivation to begin and complete projects.

HGH results after 4 months – Stamina, mood, skin and hair condition, and energy all continue to see compounding positive effects. A more youthful appearance in regard to fat loss and increased muscle size continues to be a noticeable side effect. Interest in sexual frequency returns to your previous levels.

HGH results after 5 months – More elastic, thicker, and shinier hair is most evident after this month. Any acne or skin discolorations have improved drastically, with younger, firmer skin tone evident, and fewer evident wrinkles. You will continue to see a reduction in inches, especially around your middle, coupled with weight loss that will draw comments from your friends and family.

HGH results after 6 months – After this month, all the above effects will combine and compound to give you the most accurate before and after pictures available at this time. You will notice better, more restorative sleep, faster metabolism conversion of fats and proteins to available energy, smoother, better textured skin, healthier cardiovascular and immune system, and continued noticeable increases in stamina, endurance, and overall energy. Cellular regeneration and triggered muscle growth help to significantly reshape your body as you increase your exercise levels. The appearance of cellulite reduces as your muscle tone improves. Many also report quicker healing in regard to minor illnesses or injury. Previous soreness and pain often disappears. Internally LDL and triglycerides levels drop, heart rate improvements occur, and blood pressure falls into a normal, healthy range.

 Monitoring GH Treatment

How Long Do the Results of HGH Therapy Typically Last

Depending on the results of your tests performed by your licensed endocrinologist, GH treatment is often dosed for replacement in micrograms per kilograms of your body weight. Older patients may require less GH for noticeable effects, while women often require greater dosage levels than their male counterparts, especially if accompanying estrogen replacement therapy is also included. Children’s dosages require an experienced physician, knowledgeable of the effects and unique nature of a child’s body.

After your dosage has been stabilized, continuous evaluation and assessment should be included to maximize the benefits while curtailing any possible side effects. Blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, and BMI measurements should be performed annually and bone DEXA scans should be rechecked against a baseline every two years, especially if the baseline is abnormal.

Your diagnosis, age, overall medical and health history, the extent of your GH deficit, your tolerance for the treatment, and your expectations all factor into the dosage, duration of treatment, and expected outcome of HGH treatment. Dosage recommendations also depend on your diagnosis and the hoped for results of treatment. Whether treating HGH deficiency, cachexia, adult short bowel syndrome, pediatric growth hormone deficiency or other pediatric concerns, and other health concerns all affect the treatment process regarding dosage levels and methods of ingesting. Your licensed endocrinologist helps determine your best treatment options and tailors a plan to fit your concerns and needs.

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