Long Term Effects of HGH Therapy

Medical Insight on the Long Term Effects of HGH Therapy Use

A desire for medical insight on the long term effects of HGH therapy use is probably going to be stronger in an adult patient who is 40-something than in one who is 70-something. Also, the definition of what is meant by long term is going to be different for each of them. But while clinicians and researchers do have certain insights into the effects of twenty years of HGH use, they have not yet reached the point of being able to say what the effects of forty years of use would be.

As a medical treatment for the condition known as adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, human growth hormone injections have really only been in mainstream patient use for somewhere between 20 to 25 years. HGH therapy clinical trials on adults with this condition go further back than that, and thus far there have been no long term disadvantageous results to report. Among the adult population of the US, the use of medically prescribed human growth hormone injections has dramatically increased over the past decade, in direct relationship to the increased media attention and public awareness that has developed.

The most focused medical insight comes from the hormone therapy doctors who routinely prescribe and supervise HGH replacement therapy for their adult patients who are suffering from clinically confirmed growth hormone deficiencies. They have seen nothing to suggest that the long term effects of HGH therapy use are unsafe for their patients; but they emphasize that adults using this form of hormone replacement therapy must follow their therapy programs exactly as prescribed. This also means having regularly scheduled blood testing to monitor the amount of growth hormone that is present in the patient’s system.

Medical researchers and hormone therapy doctors are continually following new clinical trials and studying the latest data produced by them. Many years’ worth of their research is published and can be accessed online by anyone who wants to delve more deeply into the medical data that exists on the use of HGH therapy by qualifying adults.

Insight from Patients on HGH Therapy’s Long Term Benefits

Insight from Patients on HGH Therapy’s Long Term Benefits

According to the adult patients who have been using a growth hormone replacement program – which typically cycles six months on, twelve months off, and is repeated as needed – the long term effects of HGH therapy usage has provided them with numerous health benefits. The ongoing benefits that are most frequently cited by these patients are their increased energy and vigor; the noticeable improvements in their physiques; a reduction in the visible signs of aging; increased resistance to sustaining injuries; and the lessening of common illnesses like colds. They have also noted that when an injury or illness does occur, they experience a much more rapid recovery.

Other benefits that are commonly mentioned by HGH therapy users include a heightened sense of emotional wellbeing (growth hormone deficiency often contributes to feelings of mild depression); a stronger sex drive; and improvements in memory and other attributes of cognitive function. The positive effects of using treatment that cannot be seen but are nonetheless very real are the improved function of the body’s organs and systems along with rejuvenated cellular activity. These are the types of things that help adults to remain strong, active and at the top of their game physiologically.

All of these benefits begin to develop very shortly after the start of a 6-month cycle of therapy and by the end of the cycle, the benefits has typically been maximized, right along with the optimization of the patient’s growth hormone levels. However, the long term effects of HGH therapy require the replenishment of growth hormone levels through the ongoing use of treatment. Once a patient’s levels have declined too low, his or her medical provider of therapy will know that it is time for the patient to resume therapy.

Are the Side Effects of HGH Therapy Long Term or Short Term?

Are you concerned about the possibility of experiencing unpleasant side effects from using human growth hormone injections? As prescription medications go, there are actually very few side effects that have been reported by patients – and they are primarily short term effects that are easy for hormone therapy doctors to manage in their patients.

Thus the long term effects of HGH therapy generally don’t include any ongoing side effects. The short term effects that have been noted are things such as headaches; temporary swelling; joint pain; and muscle aches. Effects like these typically lessen in a relatively short period of time, but if they do not lessen, than the prescribing physician will usually lower the patient’s dosage or temporarily discontinue their treatment.

There have been some concerns in regard to human growth hormone use contributing to the development of diabetes and hypertension; however, this risk has been associated with people using it without having the medical need for it (meaning that their growth hormone levels are within the normal range). This highlights why HGH has been classified by the FDA as a controlled substance, and requires medical authorization and supervision in order to obtain and use legally within the US.

Overall, the possibility of experiencing side effects from injectable human growth hormone use has not presented an obstacle to treatment for the majority of patients with growth hormone deficiency. There will be exceptions, as there are in the use of any prescription medication, but for the most part the incidence of undesirable side effects has been very low.

Call Nexel Medical with Your Questions about Using HGH Therapy

You might have other questions in addition to wanting to learn about the long term effects of HGH therapy programs and it is best to address all of them before beginning treatment. So Nexel Medical has made it extremely convenient for you to get the straightforward and fact-based answers that you and all adults deserve to have.

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When you call (or email) Nexel Medical for more information, you will be responded to by one of our very knowledgeable clinical advisors. You will be able to have a one-on-one conversation with an experienced and understanding HGH therapy professional that wants to resolve your concerns and is ready to assist you. Our respected doctors will be supervising your care, once it has been clinically determined that you qualify for treatment. And about your prescribed treatment medications – once your specific therapy program has been individually prescribed for you, you will be able to conveniently order them online through our licensed Internet pharmacy.

Your Long Term Vitality May Require Long Term HGH Therapy

Human growth hormone replacement therapy is a long term commitment for most patients because once they experience the many positive results it produces, they don’t want to lose them. Once your body’s natural production of growth hormone has declined to below normal levels, it will not be again to regenerate additional growth hormone on its own. That is why supplementing a patient’s supply of this valuable hormone is the only medical solution that has been clinically proven to be effective.

So to retain the positive long term effects of HGH therapy, your growth hormone levels will need to be replenished whenever your system has depleted the supplemental supply that your treatment has provided to it. Science has shown that the only way the human body can and will accept bio-identical growth hormone is by directly injecting it into your system; there has been no scientific evidence whatsoever that proves that a pill form, spray or anything other than subcutaneous injections is an effective delivery system.

To sum it up, HGH therapy is effective for as long as you continue to use it. It is often not covered by medical insurance for cases of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, as many insurers do not consider treatment for this condition to be essential. Yet for the self-paying patients who have regained a whole new level of rejuvenation and vitality, HGH replacement therapy is well worth its cost.

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