Reasons for HGH Therapy

Doctors Explain the Top Reasons for HGH Therapy Prescriptions

There are innumerable reasons why Americans make appointments with their doctors; however, a recently completed survey discovered that 80% of us have been delaying preventative care or forgoing it altogether. Yet more Americans have been receiving HGH therapy, and the Nexel Medical doctors can explain the top reasons for HGH therapy prescriptions being on the rise.

Despite the trend indicated by the survey, which was performed by a respected medical scheduling business, what accounts for the increase in the number of US adults who are using a doctor prescribed growth hormone replacement therapy program? If fewer Americans are putting off preventative care procedures such as cholesterol and blood screenings along with annual wellness checkups, what are the reasons for the increased interest in treatment for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency? A big part of the reason for that is that more adults are finally realizing what the symptoms of this form of hormone disorder actually are.

Generations of people have been told by their family physicians that complaints such as low energy, increased susceptibility to minor illness and injuries, the loss of sexual desire, and abdominal fat were merely symptoms of an aging body. They were told just to relax and accept that getting older often means slowing down and losing peak physical condition. But now that many of us are realizing that symptoms like these could indicate that our growth hormone levels have dipped too low – and that we don’t have to simply accept that our best days of health and vitality are behind us just because we’ve had a few more birthdays – people are understanding the reasons for HGH therapy patients being on the rise in the US.

Hormone therapy doctors such as those found at Nexel Medical use specific blood tests to determine if inadequate growth hormone production could be the root cause of an adult patient’s chronic symptoms. By evaluating those test results along with a patient’s current health complaints and past medical history, Nexel Medical’s doctors are able to determine if a patient is likely to benefit from using a medically prescribed program of injectable human growth hormone (HGH) therapy.

What Is the Reason that HGH Therapy Is Considered Expensive?

What Is the Reason that HGH Therapy Is Considered Expensive

The reasons for HGH therapy often being thought of as being costly are the same reasons that people find certain other medical treatments and procedures to be expensive – health care insurance often does not cover the cost of using them. The cost of medical care, and its ever-higher deductibles and co-pays that patients are responsible for paying, was also cited in the survey as one of the reasons why Americans are visiting their doctors less frequently.

So now more than ever, it truly is far less costly for you to remain healthy for as long in your lifetime as possible. And this fact, along with the desire to maintain lifestyle quality, is the driving force that is responsible for the increased interest in using HGH replacement therapy. An insufficient growth hormone supply causes some adults to age prematurely … to suffer from lower disease resistance … to upset their emotional balance, feeling detached and somewhat depressed … to exhibit signs of cognitive decline … to lose muscle tone and none density … and to struggle with unhealthy excess fat.

Being able to reverse these symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, which is what they often are, can be absolutely life changing – and for many adults, the cost of their treatment is definitely worth the benefits they receive. But costliness is a relative term; if your insurance will not be covering the cost of your treatment, it can represent a cost to you of a few hundred dollars a month during your 6-month treatment cycle. Only you know whether you can afford to make a health investment in using doctor prescribed HGH therapy – many adults have decided that they can’t afford not to, since supplementing their inadequate growth hormone supply is the only treatment that has been clinically shown to restore greater health and vitality.  

Is It Possible to Get Cost-Effective HGH Therapy Locally?

If the reasons for HGH therapy that we have explained sound familiar to you, you are probably interested in finding out if there is a cost-effective way for you to receive this medical treatment locally. That would be the best of both worlds, wouldn’t it – to be able to eliminate your deficiency symptoms without having to visit an expensive private clinic or medical practice that could be located many miles from where you live and work?

Welcome to the world of Nexel Medical, one of the country’s leading online medical providers of locally available HGH replacement therapy programs for adult patients. You know, the survey touched on the fact that more people are now using teleconferencing and other forms of digital communication, as well as medical information websites, as an alternative to conventional visits to their doctors. This could definitely be contributing to the reasons for the decrease that was noted by the survey.

The way that Nexel Medical works as an online HGH therapy provider is to schedule and digitally supervise your locally performed growth hormone deficiency blood test and medical exam. Our hormone replacement specialists review those results, along with your health history and current symptoms, and are then able to prescribe the correct course of HGH treatments for you. The reasons for HGH therapy now being delivered to patients this way respond to the needs of today’s American adults. They need greater convenience in their health care; they need to pinpoint their health problems more accurately; and they need caring and available medical providers who can answer their questions and address their concerns.

Nexel Medical patients are also able to purchase their prescribed human growth hormone injections online through us at very competitive prices. These medical treatments are shipped directly to our patients from fully licensed US pharmacies, which saves them time as well as money. Call us for more details whenever it’s convenient for you and we will be happy to explain anything else you’d like to know about using HGH replacement therapy to get healthier and stay healthier.

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