Risks of HGH Therapy

Have Any Serious Risks of HGH Therapy Use Been Determined

The aging of the baby boomer generation has been the driving force behind the increase in diagnosed cases of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). But as this generation has become the first to have access to this condition’s medical treatment, many of its members want to whether any previously unknown risks of HGH therapy use have surfaced.

Boomers reached the ages of adulthood during which AGHD symptoms typically occur at around the same time that extensive clinical trials concluded that the use of bio-identical human growth hormone injections was a relatively low-risk treatment that exhibited a high degree of effectiveness. In supplementing an adult’s deficient growth hormone supply (based on clinical norms), researchers discovered that numerous physiological benefits were delivered.

In keeping dosage protocols low and consistent, clinicians found that patients could be prevented from experiencing side effects, or would only experience temporary and minor ones, while steadily gaining a variety of positive results from their treatment. The medical monitoring a patient’s progress was performed during these clinical trials the same way that it is in today’s doctor prescribed therapy program – by periodic blood tests that measure IGF-1 levels (insulin-like growth factor 1).

Almost without exception, the doctors and researchers involved in human growth hormone trials have found that the risks of HGH therapy are relatively low and the rewards, measured in terms of rejuvenated vitality and improved health, are relatively high. This is ultimately what baby boomers, along with members of the generations that follow them, want to know before committing to an extended program of treatment for AGHD … because the rewards of any medical treatment should always outweigh the risks.

Why Using HGH Injections Illegally Is Always High-Risk

Why Using HGH Injections Illegally Is Always High-Risk

Here is something else that has not gone unnoticed by our current adult generations – the illegal use of injectable human growth hormone among members of both the professional athletic and bodybuilding communities. We have all had plenty of opportunities to read or hear about news stories on how some sports and bodybuilding celebrities have used HGH illegally to for performance enhancement.

But this is where the risks of HGH therapy come into play because its illegal use typically involved doses that are much higher than those that doctors prescribe for medicinal purposes. Using these injections to intentionally inflate normal growth hormone levels for the purposes of increasing physical stamina; building exaggerated muscle size; boosting energy levels; and rapidly burning excess fat might seem like a great idea to the adults who use them for non-medical reasons. However, do they understand that studies have shown excessively high growth hormone levels to pose serious health risks in both the short and long term.

There is an added risk to using HGH injections illegally, which is that they have to be purchased illegally as well. This means dealing with illegal drug sellers, either online or through other contact, who cannot be trusted or verified to be selling authentic and uncontaminated bio-identical human growth hormone. Does injecting an unknown or potentially contaminated substance directly into your body sound like a smart idea to you? It is actually hard to believe that there are thousands of adults who are willing to do this and jeopardize their health.

If you get caught buying, possessing or using injectable HGH illegally (federal drug regulators are pursuing violators more vigorously as the number of illegal sellers and buyers has increased), you can expect to have serious fines and other possible penalties levied against you. The illegal purchase and use of HGH should sound like a very risky proposition to any reasonable adult, because it definitely is one.

The Cost of Legally Prescribed HGH Therapy Is Worth It

Why risk your health and wellbeing when there is a much easier and safer way to legally receive the benefits without any of the risks of HGH therapy that any adult with AGHD can take advantage of. And whether you were born into a digital world or witnessed its evolution during your adulthood, you won’t be surprised to discover that one of the most convenient ways to get a prescription to use human growth hormone legally and safely is from a professionally qualified and respected online hormone replacement therapy provider such as Nexel Medical.

Ironically, the only cost savings that are realized through illegal HGH use are in not using the recommended medical procedures that ensure its effectiveness and safety. With legal growth hormone replacement therapy, patients are carefully tested and diagnosed; consistently monitored; and have immediate access to medical advice and assistance if a problem should occur during their course of treatment. There is no point in using injectable HGH therapy illegally if the restoration and extension of your maximum health and vitality is your goal. It is not just very risky to use it without the appropriate medical authorization and supervision, but counterproductive as well.

If you are not willing or able to accept the cost of using medically prescribed HGH replacement therapy, then don’t use it at all. However, if you are willing to invest what is typically several hundred dollars a month over the course of a 6-month cycle of treatment for your growth hormone deficiency symptoms, you will most likely find that it is certainly worth the investment. Adults who use HGH appropriately can expect to receive increased energy; visible physiological rejuvenation; a stronger immune system; the rapid loss of excess abdominal fat; improved muscle tone; sharper cognitive function; the return of their sex drive; and improvements in emotional wellbeing.

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