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It is so easy to take your good health for granted until it changes. But knowing the principles of sustaining adult health and longevity can help you to restore your health and vitality. Hormonal balance is one of those principles, and testosterone and HGH therapy clinics and doctors are the medical providers that many adults turn to when an unhealthy symptomatic hormone imbalance has developed.

Hormones are critical to sustaining the proper function of our systems and organs; but from approximately the age of 3o, the endocrine systems of most adults begin to progressively become less productive. That is when your good health and consistent vitality can begin to change and while it will typically begin very gradually, over time those subtle changes can transform into chronic wellness issues. Some of those issues can be quite serious, such as causing an increase to your risk for having heart disease or stroke as you become older. Other hormone deficiency related issues, such as weight gain, low sex drive and emotional instability, might not affect your longevity as directly, but can certainly diminish the quality of your life on a daily basis.

While primary care health providers may be very familiar with the fundamental principles of sustaining health, it is logical to assume that their knowledge and experience in treating hormone disorders pales in comparison to the medical expertise possessed by this country’s testosterone and HGH therapy clinics and doctors. So this is why many adults specifically seek out these hormone replacement therapy medical specialists when they can no longer take their consistently good health for granted.

How does any adult know when it is time to seriously consider getting tested for the presence of hormone disorders such as Low T and growth hormone deficiency? When symptoms like chronic fatigue; unexplained mood swings; mental fogginess; loss of sex drive; and stubborn localized weight gain have been negatively affecting your overall wellbeing. 

Can HGH and Testosterone Therapy Be Used at the Same Time?

Can HGH and Testosterone Therapy Be Used at the Same Time?

Not only can they be used at the same time, it is often the case that a patient who has both types of deficiency will maximize the benefits of their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program by doing so. However, this has to be determined by any patient’s prescribing physician on a case-by-case basis. It is not unusual for an adult to develop Low T and growth hormone deficiencies at the same rate, since these powerful hormones are interrelated in many biological functions.

So it benefits patients that testosterone and HGH therapy clinics and private practice hormone therapy medical providers know exactly what to look for in diagnosing these disorders. And if there is a valid medical reason that would preclude the use of both types of therapy together, HRT specialists are going to be able to flag that during an evaluation of a patient’s medical history and current physical condition. Medical professionals who specialize in HRT also have the know-how to be able to correctly identify the symptoms of hormone deficiency in adults. Many times hormonal disorders such as Low T and growth hormone deficiency can go undetected by an adult’s primary care provider and when that same adult is tested and evaluated by an HRT doctor or clinic, the clinical evidence becomes very apparent.

On the topic of benefits provided to patients, both HGH and testosterone therapy are essential to a hormone deficient adult’s wellness and longevity outlook. Both forms of therapy provide a number revitalization benefits to patients; but the broadest range of benefits can be attributed to the use of human growth hormone replacement therapy. That is not meant to minimize the importance of sustaining healthy testosterone levels; it’s just that growth hormone is the hormone most closely linked to physiological rejuvenation on a cellular level and Low T treatment is more focused on delivering the benefits that are linked to having an adequate male hormone supply.

Find Out About the Cost of Using Testosterone and HGH Therapy

Understandably, many adults have questions about the cost of receiving HRT from testosterone and HGH therapy clinics and specialists. Given the high cost of health care in the US today, it stands to reason that before any adult pursues this treatment, which is not always covered by medical insurance plans, he or she would need to learn more about the costs involved.

And it is not solely adult men who have questions about the cost, the procedures and the wellness benefits that hormone replacement therapy can deliver. Women can also suffer from one or both of these types of hormone deficiency, particularly during the post-menopausal stages of their lives. The main cost factor is based on the extent of any patient’s deficiency, which typically determines the length of their treatment. So an exact cost for treatment can only be provided after a patient has been diagnosed.

In general, injectable HGH therapy (which is the only type that is available) tends to cost more than testosterone replacement therapy because it requires more frequent dosages of the prescribed medications. In regard to the cost of medical treatment for Low T, both injectable and topically applied forms of medical treatment are available to patients with testosterone injections being the more affordable option.

Yet adults can get more extensive information on the typical cost and the standard treatment procedures imply by contacting a respected HRT provider like Nexel Medical directly by phone or email. At Nexel Medical, we welcome the opportunity to educate adults on all aspects of hormone replacement therapy because we know that there is way too much misinformation floating around the Internet and being produced by media people who don’t always have their facts straight when it comes to what conditions that testosterone and HGH therapy clinics and doctors actually treat.

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