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Are Testosterone and HGH Therapy Often Prescribed Together

Most men know what TRT stands for – testosterone replacement therapy. Yet many men are surprised when they learn that testosterone and HGH therapy are often prescribed together for patients with low T levels. Human growth hormone, they often think, isn’t that the substance that some athletes and bodybuilders use illegally? What does that have to do with having a testosterone deficiency?

While growth hormone is not a sex hormone like testosterone is, the two of them do have a symbiotic relationship with your body’s endocrine system. And since both of these hormones tend to progressively decline with age, it is not uncommon for an adult to develop both types of deficiency and experience the symptoms of both. If this situation sounds like it could be a “double whammy” to your health, it often is. The simultaneous decline of both of these essential hormones can actually intensify their individual symptoms of deficiency.

Ask any man what Low T symptoms are and chances are, he’ll know. This disorder is notorious for causing a man to lose his sex drive and his ability to perform; can make him feel chronically exhausted; and can even cause him to suffer from depressive moods, among other things. Growth hormone deficiency can also negatively impact your sex drive and energy levels; it can turn your muscles into flab; it can reduce your immunity to illness; and it can make you appear and feel much older than you are. Both of these forms of adult-onset hormone deficiency can only be medically corrected through the use of bio-identical supplemental hormones.

However, TRT clinicians and other hormone replacement specialists have discovered that it can be doubly beneficial for patients to use medically prescribed testosterone and HGH therapy together when they are suffering from both types of deficiency.

Is Using Both Types of Hormone Therapy Together Safe for You?

Is Using Both Types of Hormone Therapy Together Safe for You?

When medically supervised, the use of testosterone and HGH therapy together represents two very compatible components of a safe and effective hormone replacement therapy program. It is quite common for adults to develop multiple hormone deficiencies; in the case of developing both Low T and growth hormone deficiency, the overall benefits that patients receive when treating both disorders can be substantially magnified.

Take a look at the benefits listed below that each of these forms of hormone replacement therapy produces and then imagine what it is like to experience them to their fullest potential.

Benefits provided by using Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

  • Helps to reduce fat and increase muscle
  • Dramatically boosts your energy and your sex drive; improves erections
  • Heightens your motivation and mental concentration
  • Improves and stabilizes your moods
  • Helps to decrease joint pain
  • Improves bone density and strength

Benefits provided by using HGH Replacement Therapy:

  • Reverses many of the visible signs of aging
  • Improves your sleeping patterns
  • Helps to rebuild lean muscle and lose excess fat
  • Enhances emotional wellbeing
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves your cardiac function

As you can see, there are many similar qualities among the benefits that these therapies deliver; yet doctors need to verify that each type of hormone deficiency is present before they can safely prescribe their simultaneous usage. The goal of both TRT and HGH therapy is not to excessively inflate a patient’s hormone levels, but instead to increase to the levels are optimal for each patient. Blood sample tests are used in both instances to measure the hormone levels involved, and the patient’s symptoms are evaluated in the context of what their blood tests indicate. Blood testing is also utilized in both types of hormone replacement therapy to monitor the progress of the patient’s ongoing treatment.

What Is the Cost of Using Both HGH and Testosterone Therapy?

Whenever testosterone and HGH therapy have been prescribed as the components of a comprehensive hormone replacement program by the doctors at Nexel Medical, we work with our patients to ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with the procedures, medications and costs that are involved. Injectable testosterone is typically administered much less frequently than human growth hormone and we work with out patients to develop the most advantageous schedule for self-administering their treatments.

In terms of cost, the use of testosterone injections is substantially lower priced than using a topically applied hormone treatment, such as a gel or cream. Regarding the HGH portion of your hormone therapy program, the only form of bio-identical human growth hormone that is scientifically proven to be effective is the use injections; there is simply no viable alternative form of treatment for growth hormone deficiency. Yet ultimately the cost of any adult’s hormone replacement therapy is going to be directly linked to the extent of their deficiencies; the greater the hormone loss, the more treatments it will require to restore hormone levels to their healthiest range.

The pharmaceutical brand that is prescribed will also influence the cost of your treatment program. If you medical insurance is going to cover all or part of the cost, there might be limitations placed on the choice of medications that you and your doctor can choose from. If you will be self-paying for your treatment, let your doctor know so that your treatment can be prescribed in a way that helps to accommodate your budget, whenever possible.

Whether you are male or female, you can develop hormone imbalances during middle age that require both testosterone and HGH therapy to correct. If you have further questions regarding any of the points we have touched on here, we invite you to contact Nexel Medical directly and discuss them with one of our helpful HRT clinical advisors.  

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