Learn the 5 Steps to Get Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy from a Hormone Specialist

Learn the 5 Steps to Get Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy from a Hormone Specialist

Getting HGH therapy does not have to be a difficult process – you can take the first step right now.

Even if your own doctor turned you down when you asked (they probably will), our hormone replacement clinic can help.

You see, growth hormone deficiency in adults is not something general practitioners typically treat. You want a specialist to handle this diagnosis and treatment plan.

What type of doctor do you want to contact?

When it comes time to learn how to get HGH therapy , you want to turn to a hormone replacement therapy specialist for help.

Here are the 5 steps to getting HGH therapy right now:

  1. Complete the contact form or call us for a consultation
  2. Complete the medical history form
  3. Visit one of our local doctors for a physical examination
  4. Get a blood test
  5. Discuss the results, diagnosis, and treatment plan during your follow-up consultation

Once you complete all five steps listed above, you will have discovered how to get HGH therapy .

Step 1 – How to Get HGH from a Doctor

Step 1 – How to Get HGH from a Doctor

You may be wondering how to get HGH from your doctor to save time and money. After all, sitting in the waiting room of a specialist is often time-consuming and costly.

That is why we have simplified the process.

We offer consultations by telephone with experienced hormone medical advisors who can guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process.

You will not have to make an appointment, sit in a waiting room, or pay substantial out-of-pocket office visit fees.

You have two quick and easy options:

  1. Fill out the short contact form on this page
  2. Call us at 213-262-0000

If you choose to complete the form, please feel free to include a desirable time for us to call you in the Questions/Comments section of the form. One of our medical advisors will contact you for your complimentary, confidential consultation.

The first step in how to get HGH therapy is contacting the hormone specialist. You want an experienced practitioner balancing your delicate and essential hormone levels.

Step 2 – Completing the Medical History Form

Going to a doctor’s office to get HGH therapy also means sitting in a waiting room to complete the required forms.

How many times have you done this and realized that the information you needed was at home?

Not to mention the fact that the forms require a lot of personal information that you do not want others to see.

Nexel Medical provides this form online for you to complete from the privacy of your home or office. You have easy access to get the needed information while completing the form. Our secure connection protects your information upon submission.

Please provide all prior and current health information, illnesses, surgeries, treatments, and medications on this questionnaire. Even if you think something is not important, please include it. The hormone specialist may uncover something you did not expect that can be essential to your treatment. Also include over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, and medications.

Step 3 – Visit One of Our Local Doctors for a Physical Examination

Part of learning how to get HGH therapy also means ensuring you are physically able to receive this treatment.

The physical exam provides information necessary to the diagnosis process, such as:

  • Body composition
  • Health status
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure levels

The examination also rules out some other potential causes of your symptoms and clears you for HGH therapy.

Your clinical advisor will discuss the options with you for your physical examination, as well as the local doctors available in your area.

Step 4 – Get a Blood Test

You cannot walk into a lab and ask for a growth hormone deficiency blood test. You will require doctor authorization for this testing.

Our hormone clinic works with national laboratory chains to offer pre-set pricing for the required blood tests. We will submit all requisitions to the lab ahead of your visit.

Convenient locations are available nationwide.

All blood tests take place early in the morning before consuming anything by mouth. Fasting from the night before is necessary for accurate test results.

Step 5 – Schedule Your Follow-Up Consultation

You can schedule your follow-up phone consultation upon completing all previous steps. This will take place after the hormone doctor reviews the findings and determines a diagnosis.

If HGH therapy is prescribed, you will discuss your options for treatment at this time. All pricing and injectable choices will be presented to help you determine the best option for your needs.

Get HGH Therapy from Hormone Replacement Specialists

Getting HGH therapy does not have to be a time-consuming or complicated process. The hormone specialists at our clinic are here to guide you through each step. You will receive superior care and have access to the best brands of HGH injections at affordable prices. Let our experience go to work balancing your hormone levels for optimum well-being.

Please contact our hormone replacement specialists if you have any further questions about how to get HGH therapy .

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