What Are Considered To Be Low HGH levels?

What Are Low HGH Levels

Low HGH levels in adults are considered to be what is below the “normal” range on any hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic’s chart. The tricky part is that not all clinics deem “low HGH” to be the same. The clinics’ ranges are based upon the demographics of the clients whom they see. However, for a person to be diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, they must take a low HGH test to check their blood.

The average range of low HGH levels for men overall will also depend upon their age. HGH range measurement charts are usually broken down by age – spanning by decades. HGH level variation by age is done due to the fact that growth hormone depletes a significant enough amount every 10 years. Every 10 years, a person can usually feel the effects of low HGH levels a little more.  

What Are Low HGH Levels In Men And Women

Low HGH Levels In Men And Women

Below are easy to follow charts that explain what normal HGH levels are for men and women and what low HGH in adults look like. Please remember that clinics may vary in their ranges for what is considered “normal” and “low” and that these charts should only be used as references.

Low HGH levels in men

Although HGH levels in men will vary depending upon the source that is measuring the blood and creating the normal, low and high range charts, below is a table to give an idea of the numbers:

Age Range by ng/DLlow HGH Levels in men
over 30 83 – 246 ng/dL< 83 ng/dL
over 40 67 – 233 ng/dL< 67 ng/dL
over 50 54 – 205 ng/dL< 54 ng/dL
over 60 47 – 194 ng/dL< 47 ng/dL

Low HGH levels in women

Although HGH levels in women will vary depending upon the source that is measuring the blood and creating the normal, low and high range charts, below is a table to give an idea of the numbers:

Age Range by ng/DL                                                 low HGH Levels in women
over 30 69 -243 ng/dL< 69 ng/dL
over 40 57 – 204 ng/dL< 57 ng/dL
over 50 46- 190 ng/dL< 46 ng/dL
over 60 38 – 172 ng/dL< 38 ng/dL

HGH range charts are to be used as a reference only. We do not want patients who look at these numbers to be alarmed if their numbers are out of the ranges listed here. Always consult your doctor for expert information and low HGH treatment options.

How to Determine If I Have Low HGH Levels

The only accurate way to determine if you have low HGH levels is to get a blood test taken at a trusted clinic. Then you will have the results read and analyzed by a licensed expert endocrinologist. Doctors in related medical fields to endocrinology are also considered qualified to read blood work for testing growth hormone levels.

Often those who have gone through the following experiences may have more reason to believe they may suffer with low HGH. Some of the most popular low HGH causes can be:

  • Aging
  • Tumors on the brain
  • Surgery to the brain
  • Radiation to the brain
  • Infections

Some symptoms that may lead a person to believe that they have low GH levels are:

  • Lack of energy, stamina and endurance
  • Lack of vigor and vitality
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle loss
  • Loss of strength
  • Difficulty with sleep
  • Difficulty with concentration and focus
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Less acute vision
  • Weaker bone mineral density
  • Higher LDL cholesterol levels
  • Risk for disease such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular issues
  • Weaker skin elasticity
  • Wrinkles, crow’s feet and saggy skin
  • Balding
  • Thinning hair and nails that do not grow
  • Shrinking organs
  • Less restoration of cells and tissues
  • A weaker immune system
  • Difficulty with healing

If a person over 30 is feeling symptoms that they believe could be due to low HGH levels, they should get tested. Testing is simple, quick and can be very convenient when done with a reputable HRT clinic. A blood test is the only way to truly determine if growth hormone levels are low.

Growth Hormone Testing and Treatment

Growth hormone testing and treatment are available and possible life changers for qualified candidates. There are several steps a person must take to get tested in order to be deemed a suitable patient for HRT.

Steps to take to get growth hormone testing completed:

  1. Reach out to a reputable HRT clinic for an initial free consultation with one of their expert clinical advisors.
  2. You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions regarding low HGH levels for women or men and learn all about HRT.
  3. Your clinical advisor will set up an appointment for you to get your blood tested at a local LabCorp to your home or office.
  4. You will get a physical examination completed by the doctor of your choice. If you would like us to find a doctor for you in your hometown, we can do that too.
  5. You will be required to fill out a medical history form that you can find right here on our website. No printing, mailing or faxing. You will just fill it out and push the send button to deliver your information to us directly and confidentially.

This is how you can become part of low HGH treatment with a clinic such as ours. We follow everything that the U.S. government deems necessary to keep HRT legal and safe for every one of our patients.

HGH treatment for low hormone levels is a convenient process for our clients. When you follow your prescription, you will be getting the correct dosage of medication in every injection. Our doctors also create very detailed treatment plans so that patients know exactly what they need to do daily to get the best benefits from their therapy process. The majority of our patients are thrilled with their HRT benefits as they reduce or eliminate the symptoms caused by low HGH levels.

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