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Is TRT Considered a Natural Low Testosterone Treatment?

If you have passed the age of 30, and even if this happened recently, your body’s male hormone supply is already lower than it was at the peak it reached sometime during your late adolescence and early adult years. Yet that natural decline is not what the medical condition of low testosterone refers to. In the medical sense, Low T (as it is now often called) is a condition of hormonal deficiency, in this case of the male sex hormone, that is evidenced by the measurement by available testosterone levels that are lower than the clinical norm, plus the resulting development of unwanted symptoms.

All males lose testosterone progressively as they age and it is typically a fairly gradual process. But in some men, this loss develops at a faster rate or at an earlier age than in others; and when a man’s male hormone levels have fallen below the clinically established normal range for the age group that he is in, the development of symptoms such as these can occur:

  • Energy loss
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Episodes of erectile dysfunction
  • Losses in the size and condition of muscles
  • Increases in excess body fat
  • Episodes of moodiness, anxiety or depression
  • Loss in optimal cognitive function

The only clinically proven method for reversing an adult’s low testosterone supply is by replacing the loss of naturally produced testosterone with a bio-identical form, using either a topically applied version that is absorbed through the skin; an implanted form that is placed just under the skin; an absorbable form that is in lozenge form and placed between the cheek and gums; and several different types of the injectable form. These various treatments that are prescribed by doctors have been classified in the US as controlled substances rather than drugs, because the active ingredient in all of them is, as far as your body is concerned, something that is biologically identical in its physiological function to your own testosterone.

So does this make TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) a natural form of treatment for low testosterone since it doesn’t utilize pharmaceutical drugs? It would depend on a person’s own definition of what natural means. In this instance, many men believe that replenishing their male hormone levels with its bio-identical equivalent is perfectly natural while to other men, natural means using a homeopathic supplement or substance that has been organically derived from nature. From the medical perspective of TRT doctors, bio-identical hormones – in addition to representing a breakthrough of medical science – are a natural and proven solution to the detrimental condition of Low T.

Why OTC Supplements for Low Testosterone Don’t Work

Why OTC Supplements for Low Testosterone Don’t Work

Aspirin is an excellent example of a commonly known and widely available OTC (over the counter) medication that is very effective in treating a number of health issues. But can the same thing be claimed of so-called testosterone supplements that are available in a variety of forms with no prescription required to people with low testosterone? Without having produced any clinical evidence to prove that these products are effective for increasing male hormone levels, the answer would have to be no.

If these products were capable of supplementing testosterone levels, there would be medically recognized and controlled studies to back up their claims – and there aren’t any. So it must be concluded that the medically significant loss of testosterone, whether it has occurred progressively or as the result of a health event or disease that affects normal endocrine function, cannot be reversed through any other means other than its replacement with an exogenous source.

There are some natural cause and effect circumstances that have an affect on the development of low testosterone levels, such as obesity, which when addressed by weight loss can help to support male hormone production. But spending money on and using OTC supplements that claim to be able to “naturally” increase male hormone levels is typically not going to deliver the promised results. Many of the men who use these products have not even had their testosterone levels clinically tested, which is essential to providing patients with a medically responsible diagnosis of Low T. Without a confirmed diagnosis, it is possible that experiencing the symptoms that are commonly associated with male hormone deficiency could be related to some other physiological cause.

This is why adults in the US are required to have a valid medical prescription in order to purchase and use pharmaceutically manufactured treatments that contain bio-identical testosterone. They are powerful controlled substances that should only be used by patients who have received a confirmed diagnosis of Low T and have no prior conditions or current health issues that would make their use inadvisable.

Getting Your Low Testosterone Treatment from Nexel Medical

Getting a blood test performed that measures your available male hormone levels is essential before using any form of TRT. In fact, even men who don’t think that they would be interested in receiving medical treatment for their low testosterone symptoms will sometimes get tested in order to make certain that this is their cause and that they are not attributable to some other health problem. So how are they getting this done? For both expediency and accuracy, many of them are turning to experienced and respected online TRT specialists like Nexel Medical.

Our doctors possess a level of professional expertise in testing and treating adult-onset hormone disorders such as Low T that is unmatched by most general practitioners and primary care physicians. We treat adult patients located all over the US, because our digitally assisted procedures allow us to provide medically prescribed TRT programs on a nationwide basis. There are three essential procedures our patients must complete that they can have performed locally: Testosterone blood levels testing; a medical exam; and the submission of their medical history to us. In the interest of expediency and patient convenience, our clinical advisors are able to schedule the local testing and exam for each of our patients, regardless of where in the US they may live.

Being diagnosed with low testosterone does not mean that an adult must use a TRT program; it simply means that it is a viable medical option. And there are a number of compelling health reasons for restoring your male hormone levels to healthier balance and sustaining it through your adult years; if you would like to know more about what those are, or have any other questions about getting tested and/or treated for Low T, you are always welcome to contact us for answers.

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