Causes of Low Testosterone in Males

What Is Causing Low Testosterone Levels in Males Today?

There are some events in our lives that are within our control and others that do their best to control us. The development of Low T symptoms can feel as though your life is now under their control; but what are the causes of low testosterone in males today? Are they any different from the factors that have always been known to contribute to the development of this disorder? With the incidence of steadily Low T increasing among men today, clinical researchers have been studying these and other questions about the causes of adult-onset testosterone deficiency.

It is natural for men to experience a slow and steady decline in their male hormone levels, which will typically begin at about age 30. But what is not natural is for a man’s levels to decline more abnormally and trigger symptoms that reflect the below-normal status of his androgen supply. Most men are familiar with what these symptoms are – a low sex drive, the loss of energy, weight gain, and muscle loss along with other unwelcome physiological changes. However, they are probably far less familiar with some of the contributing factors that researchers have been able to identify through recently completed clinical studies on the increased incidence of Low T among adult males today.

Many men don’t realize that higher levels of stress appear to be a major contributor to the abnormal loss of their male hormone supply and today’s ultra fast-paced and competitive world is full of stress inducing factors. Among the other causes of low testosterone in males today that researchers have focused on are the many environmental toxins that we are all being exposed to on a daily basis; these include increased to chemicals, pollutants and other man-made toxins that can disrupt the healthy balance of human hormones.

It has also been established that the higher incidence of obesity among men in the US and other Western civilizations is a strong contributing factor to the increased incidence of Low T. There is a clinically established relationship between obesity and a reduction in the body’s testosterone production. So when a man has a lot of stress in his life … is exposed to chemicals and toxins in the environment on a regular basis … and is carrying excess weight on his frame, he is increasing his risk for developing a symptomatic testosterone deficiency. So what can he do to get this situation back under his control? He can get a medical prescription for using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

How Do Men Effectively Increase Their Low Testosterone Levels?

How Do Men Effectively Increase Their Low Testosterone Levels?

If you happen to be one of the more than 5 million US men who is currently suffering from Low T symptoms, then you are probably less concerned with finding out the possible causes of low testosterone in males than you are in finding out how to reverse it. After all, you could have been genetically predisposed to developing this disorder, as is the case with many medical problems, and your priority is really learning about what you can do to correct it – and eliminate your discouraging and unhealthy symptoms.

The most effective means of accomplishing this goal is by using a doctor prescribed program of TRT. This is a method of treatment for male patients who have Low T that supplements their deficient male hormone levels through the use of bio-identical testosterone treatments. It is a form of medical treatment that has been in use for more than five decades and until recently, the sole delivery means was the use of intramuscular injections. As most men know, newer forms of treatment now exist – they include topical gels, adhesive skin patches, implanted pellets, and oral lozenges.

However, the use of testosterone injections has remained the most widely prescribed form of TRT worldwide among the doctors who specialize in the treatment of adult-onset hormone disorders like Low T. While some of these newer forms have been popular among recent patients who are using treatment for their symptoms for the first time, the results that patients are receiving have not proven to be as consistently positive as the results that the original injectable form delivers.

The development of these newer forms had nothing to do with the possible causes of low testosterone in males; they were created by pharmaceutical companies who believed that they would be a viable treatment option for men with Low T symptoms who have been reluctant to use injections. It is important for any patient to discuss his options for treatment with his prescribing physician and learn about the pros and cons that are attached to each of them. If your medical insurance does not provide coverage for the cost of using TRT, it is also advisable to ask about the various costs that are associated with the use of each of your treatment options.       

Where Are Men Now Getting Their Low Testosterone Treatment?

Some men are able to get a prescription for one of the topically applied Low T gels from their primary care physicians, as this is the treatment option that many first-time TRT users express the most interest in. But for men who prefer to receive their medical testing, treatment and ongoing supervision from a specialist in hormone disorders, going online to find these types of doctors is becoming the new normal. And it’s easy to understand why.

Not only do TRT specialists have a more thorough understanding of the potential causes of low testosterone in males, they are also more familiar with its related symptoms. They have access to the most up-to-date information on Low T therapy, and they obviously have the most extensive professional experience in treating adult patients who have developed a clinically significant level of male hormone deficiency.

However, it has been difficult for men to find these types of specialists in their local areas unless they happened to live in a major metropolitan area; and even then, many men just don’t feel that they have the time to deal with the perceived hassles involved. But with the arrival of a new choice, which is the availability of fully licensed online medical providers that can treat patients right in the local areas where they live and/or work, men have been discovering that it can be faster and easier to receive treatment for Low T than they thought.

Nexel Medical has been at the forefront of the new breed of experienced and highly respected TRT specialists who can be conveniently accessed by any adult living in the US – and that includes all 50 states. Our doctors offer our patients the specific expertise that many men have been looking for, along with the immediate availability to treatment that many of them have been waiting for. All it takes is a single phone call to Nexel Medical to obtain more in-depth answers to questions such as what are the causes of low testosterone in males, or to begin the procedures for treatment. One of our clinical advisors will be glad to personally assist you and can schedule your diagnostic blood test and physical exam in your local area.

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