Consequences of Untreated Low Testosterone

Learn What the Consequences of Untreated Low Testosterone Are

Even though it is inevitable that your male hormone levels will decline at a rate of approximately 1 – 2% each year of your life after 30 as they do in all men, you may not develop the hormone disorder known as Low T. But if you do, you deserve to find out what the health consequences of untreated low testosterone levels are, so that you can make a fully informed decision about whether or not to use medically prescribed treatment for your deficiency.

You deserve to be fully informed because a clinically significant decline in your male hormone supply does have consequences; and without treatment, those consequences are going to be lifelong ones. They include the symptoms that you are going to have to live with, along with the related effects that Low T is going to have on your state of health years from now. Living with your chronic deficiency symptoms means that your libido is going to stay low … your energy loss is going to continue … your struggle with excess weight, especially the stubborn fat around your mid-section, will be ongoing … and you will continue to experience episodes of feeling depressed or anxious.

Undoubtedly, there are many men who suffer from Low T symptoms like these indefinitely because either they don’t know that they are the consequences of low testosterone levels, or because they decide not to seek medical treatment for them. But here is something else that they might not be aware of and it’s that in addition to causing chronic symptoms, having Low T levels also places men at a higher risk for developing consequential health issues such as osteoporosis (because male hormone deficiency contributes to bone density loss), diabetes and certain kinds of cardiovascular disease.

However, the development of a symptomatic testosterone deficiency is something that can be medically treated by using a doctor prescribed program of hormone replacement therapy. And more men today are choosing to do just that, rather than to live with the unhealthy consequences associated with Low T.

Is There Currently a Medical Cure for Low Testosterone Levels?

Is There Currently a Medical Cure for Low Testosterone Levels?

If you think of a cure for Low T as a medical treatment or procedure that can cause your body’s endocrine system to naturally increase its testosterone production enough to totally eliminate your symptoms, then the answer is that scientists and researchers have not discovered a medical solution for accomplishing this. Yet what they have been able to produce is a medically managed means for correcting this disorder by introducing supplemental amounts of bio-identical male hormone into a patient’s endocrine system – and it is known as testosterone replacement therapy (or TRT).

It is a form of therapy that has been in use for more than 50 years, so it is no longer considered to be a medical breakthrough as it was when it was first introduced. But it is still considered to be an effective and low-risk means for men to successfully avoid both the immediate and long-range consequences of untreated low testosterone levels by restoring their healthy hormonal balance. Perhaps many of the men who use TRT think of it as a cure and there is nothing wrong with that; but unlike a complete cure, it is an ongoing form of medical treatment. If a Low T patient decides to stop using treatment, his testosterone supply will eventually drop to below-normal levels and his symptoms will reappear.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of Using Low T Therapy?

There have been members of the medical community who have expressed concern about the health consequences of using a TRT program long-term. They have stated that not enough has been learned about the possible adverse effects that its long-term use could be responsible for, even though a half-century of use have produced any conclusive evidence of these potential effects. And when compared to the medically established consequences of untreated low testosterone levels, their concerns about things that have not yet been proven seem somewhat alarmist to many adults.

When the appropriate medical protocols are followed, the use of Low T therapy has been shown to be very beneficial to a man’s vitality and healthfulness. It is the inappropriate use of bio-identical testosterone treatments, often for the purposes of enhancing bodybuilding efforts and/or improving athletic performance that often leads to problems and adverse effects. The legal and appropriate way to use TRT is by being clinically diagnosed with Low T; being medically evaluated by a doctor with experience in hormone disorders; and having a treatment program individually prescribed for you that specifies the proper dosage for you to be using.

Another essential protocol that must be followed in using testosterone replacement therapy safely is periodic blood testing, as determined by your doctor, for the purpose of monitoring your male hormone levels. The goal of therapy is to sustain your levels to the upper end of the rage that is normal for your age group; if they were to become excessively high, it could result in health problems and if they should become too low, it would indicate that another cycle of treatment is overdue. Yet all of these aspects of using TRT are completely manageable under the guidance of an experienced hormone replacement therapy doctor.

What Has Made It Easier to Get Medical Treatment for Low T?

More men are discovering that they don’t need to live with the undesirable consequences of untreated low testosterone levels and it is almost entirely due to this one development: the Internet. Just by going online, men are now able to instantly access a nearly limitless amount of information about Low T and its treatment; but the real change is that men can now choose and access their TRT medical providers online.

This makes it infinitely easier for men who don’t have hormone therapy specialists in their local areas to get the medical treatment they require. By using an online medical provider, they can save time and avoid needless hassles – and most men really appreciate that. Even more importantly, the providers that they can now access online are highly respected and fully licensed US doctors; however, it is critical for adults to choose their online medical providers carefully.

When men choose Nexel Medical as their TRT provider, they can be assured of the professional credentials and experience of our doctors; of the high quality of the medical treatment that they will receive; of our personalized approach to total patient support; and o all the conveniences that using an online provider affords to today’s adults. It is the simplest and most direct approach to avoiding the unhealthy consequences of untreated low testosterone levels.

Our patients have their treatment procedures, such as the required blood testing and physical examination, performed right in their local areas and our doctors have the results digitally transmitted to our medical offices. Upon a diagnosis of Low T, a prescription for therapy is issued and our patients are able to purchase their prescribed treatments online through our affiliated US pharmacy. Having an online medical provider means that a patient’s treatment is managed remotely; but at Nexel Medical, it also means that any assistance that a patient requires is always just a phone call away.

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