Cost of Low Testosterone Treatment

Comprehending the Cost of Low Testosterone Treatment for Men

You are frustrated by your Low T symptoms. So frustrated that you have decided it’s time to get serious and take action about eliminating them. You start asking some questions about the cost of low testosterone treatment for men with symptoms just like the ones that have been troubling you, only to become frustrated once again by the lack of consistency and clarity in the answers you have received. So how can you get straightforward and accurate answers to the questions you have about what it will cost to use a medically prescribed TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) program?

You go directly to the source. And that source is the doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating for Low T, a hormone disorder that has become more prevalent among adult males over the last several decades. If you want to learn what treatment for this disorder costs, it makes more sense to find out from the doctors who prescribe it than to ask the people you know about it … or to go online and read the dissimilar opinions of people that you don’t know.

For one thing, the cost of low testosterone treatment can differ from patient to patient depending on what each of their personal requirements for therapy are, along with other factors that can vary. It begins with your choice of a TRT medical provider, because as we all know the costs associated with medical treatments and procedures here in the US are anything but uniform. The form of Low T treatment you decide to use is also a significant factor since some forms are considerably more costly for patients to use than other forms. And of course, whether or not a patient has medical insurance that will cover some or all of the cost of their treatment is another critical factor.

Sorting through and evaluating each of these factors can seem like a daunting task unless you have professional guidance. This is why as an experienced medical provider of TRT programs for qualified adult patients, Nexel Medical is an excellent source for accurate and clearly explained answers to your questions about the cost of using Low T treatment. And we are always very willing to answer all of questions regarding any aspect of using this highly effective medical solution to eliminating your frustrating and unhealthy symptoms.          

Choosing Your Prescribed Form of Low Testosterone Treatment

Choosing Your Prescribed Form of Low Testosterone Treatment

In order for men in the US to be able to purchase and use bio-identical testosterone treatments legally, they must be prescribed for them by a physician who is licensed to practice in the US. These treatments are now available in several different forms and the form you use will definitely have an impact on your personal cost of low testosterone treatment. So before you make a final decision on the form of TRT that you will use, possibly for the rest of your adult life, it is certainly wise to learn as much as you can about your various options from doctors who prescribe them.

Let’s start with the use of testosterone injections, since this is the original form of treatment that has been in continual medical use for well over a half-century. It remains a widely prescribed option because of its long history of safety and effectiveness for patients, as well as the dosage flexibility and precision that it allows TRT doctors to utilize. The correct dosage is essential in ensuring that patients receive the maximum therapeutic benefits while minimizing their risk for experiencing any adverse side effects. And when compared to the cost of some of the newer treatment options, the use of injectable testosterone, which is typically self-administered by patients just a few times a month, is generally considered to be very affordable.

The most popular of the newer options that are now available to patients is the topically applied gel form, which most men have seen advertised in recent years. These treatments are applied daily, which typically increases the cost of low testosterone treatment for the patients who decide to use them. Choosing this option also requires taking precautions against cross contamination to others through contact with the application site. As far as the effectiveness of using this form of Low T treatment, the topical gels have not been in use long enough to establish the same record of consistent effectiveness as that of testosterone injections.

Some of the other forms that have been developed more recently include time-release pellets that are subcutaneously implanted; adhesive patches that are absorbed through the skin; and oral forms that are absorbed through mouth tissue. Thus far, the results of these forms have not proven to be nearly as satisfactory as the results delivered to patients by testosterone injections and gels.

Finding Out About Your Low T Treatment Insurance Coverage

Why is it that some health care insurers provide coverage for TRT while other don’t? Well, aside from the fact that different policies come with different terms and conditions, there is another important factor involved, which is that the use of Low T therapy is a long-term commitment. This means that many insurers view the related cost of low testosterone treatment for any of their policyholders as an ongoing expense for them. And insurance companies are always focused on their bottom line – being profitable.

Many adults don’t discover the limitations of their medical insurance policies until a health problem develops, which is the worst possible time to learn that the cost a treatment plan or medical procedure they need is not going to fully covered. So what many people are being encouraged to do by their doctors and other medical providers is to contact their insurance companies as soon as they find out that they are facing upcoming medical procedures or treatments.

In light of today’s continually rising medical costs, it is more important than ever or people to know what their policies will cover and what they won’t. By contacting your insurer directly and asking for specifics about your own coverage, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost of low testosterone treatment will be covered, either in total in or in part. But you could also learn that if you intend to use this treatment, then you alone will be financially responsible for its cost.

Fortunately, even self-paying patients have learned that they can afford the cost of using TRT especially if they choose a form that has a lower price attached to it. Patients using testosterone injections typically pay far less for their treatments than the cost of many prescription medications that adults use for many other chronic health conditions. And the prevention value that it offers patients in lowering their risk for developing degenerative diseases in the future is something that should never be overlooked. Some insurers are wise enough to recognize this value, as well.     

Building a Relationship with Your Testosterone Therapy Provider

One of the things that people value most in taking care of their health is their ongoing relationship with their primary care physician. It is comforting to have a medical provider to rely on who is familiar with you and your medical history. But what happens when you are facing a health challenge that falls outside of the professional expertise of your regular practitioner? Typically, you will be referred to a medical specialist.

What Nexel Medical has done is made it possible for adults to choose their own specialist for their TRT testing and treatment. To become one of our patients, you don’t need to get a referral from your PCP; you just need to follow our simple procedures, which can all be completed in your local area. But the beneficial relationship that you build with our doctors can begin even before you have your local blood test and physical exam performed. It can start with your initial phone call to us to learn more about the cost of low testosterone treatment or anything else that you want to know about using a medically prescribed and supervised TRT program.

You’ll discover that at Nexel Medical, we have an entire team of highly experienced clinical advisors who are always available to answer your questions and provide you with professional guidance. Our advisors are your direct connection to our respected TRT doctors, who are fully licensed and extensively trained in the successful treatment of Low T. Our patients are treated with care and compassion at all times, and can be assured that all of the appropriate medical protocols will be utilized in providing them with safe and effective treatment. Those protocols include providing us with your medical history so that our doctors can thoroughly evaluate it to determine whether treatment for their Low T symptoms is medically advisable.

And your professional relationship with Nexel Medical continues for as long as you choose to use a TRT program to rebuild your health and sustain your vitality. We will always be here to answer your questions; schedule your blood tests; advise you on your treatments; and mitigate any treatment issues that might arise. It will be just as comfortable and reassuring as the relationship that you have with your own family doctor, because that is the way that we have built our practice. Simply give us a call and find out for yourself how easy and convenient it can be to have Nexel Medical as your TRT provider.

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