Doctor Who Specializes in Low Testosterone

Choosing a Doctor Who Specializes in Low Testosterone Therapy

As adults, we find ourselves making choices every day. Some of these are relatively inconsequential while other choices can have far-ranging consequences. For men with Low T symptoms, choosing an experienced doctor who specializes in low testosterone therapy is one of those decisions that can have a major impact on sustaining both health and lifestyle satisfaction.

Why is it that who men choose as the medical provider of their Low T treatment is so impactful? It’s because hormone replacement therapy is a form of health care that requires extensive knowledge of the endocrine system. The human endocrine system generates well over 100 different types of naturally produced hormones and all of them perform specific functions that support our physical, emotional and mental health. A man’s testosterone supply consists of one of his most powerful and physiologically influential hormones and when that supply becomes unbalanced through the inability of his endocrine system to generate an adequate amount, it typically creates health problems.

No one knows this better than a doctor who specializes in low testosterone treatment for patients exhibiting Low T symptoms. No one better understands the biological nuances involved in accurately testing a patient’s serum testosterone levels … in thoroughly evaluating the patient’s past and present condition of health in order to determine whether treatment is recommended … and in guiding each patient to their therapeutic goals by prescribing the optimal form and dosage of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that will get him there.

Men who choose to use their own primary care doctors for their Low T testing and treatment might be missing out on the exclusively focused expertise and knowledge that patients of TRT specialists benefit from. But now that respected medical specialists can be immediately accessed online, it is easier than ever for men have their treatment prescribed and managed by fully licensed medical specialists, regardless of location. At Nexel Medical, our TRT specialists are able to treat clinically qualified patients on a nationwide basis.

Electing the Form of Low Testosterone Treatment You’ll Use

Electing the Form of Low Testosterone Treatment You’ll Use

Some of life’s choices require professional guidance and this is especially the case in making choices about caring for our health. Before electing the form of Low T treatment that you will use to increase your male hormone levels, having the input of a knowledgeable doctor who specializes in low testosterone replacement therapy can provide you with some valuable insight. And it is insight that you might not be able to obtain from any other source.

What has been happening in recent years is that many men here in the US are motivated to try TRT by the ads for topical gel forms of treatment that they have seen. It all sounds so effortless – just get a prescription from your regular doctor; apply the gel daily; and reverse your Low T symptoms. But what the ads don’t mention is diagnostic and ongoing blood testing procedures that accompany all forms of TRT. They don’t mention cautions that gel users must take to avoid cross-contamination through contact with family members. And they don’t mention the inconsistent results that users of this relatively recent form of treatment have been receiving.

Until these topical and other non-injectable forms of Low T treatment became available to patients there was only one form of TRT that was prescribed by doctors, the use of testosterone injections. Many men don’t realize that globally this is still the most widely prescribed form among hormone replacement therapy specialists; however, if their treatment is being managed by a doctor who specializes in low testosterone levels, they will definitely learn why this is the case.

There are some essential things to learn about the use of bio-identical male hormone injections, particularly since it has evolved into a self-administered form of prescription treatment. With the guidance of an experienced specialist, patients can easily learn how to prepare and inject their treatments. They can find out why it is a significantly more affordable treatment option than most of the newer forms. And they can learn why TRT specialists prefer to prescribe the injectable form to ensure that their patients receive all of the health benefits that a low-risk and highly effective testosterone replacement therapy program should provide to them.      

Deciding on a Healthier Life with Low Testosterone Therapy

Your decision to pursue the use of TRT should be based on one all-encompassing factor: the desire to become and remain healthier for longer. Given the influential role that your male hormone supply plays in sustaining your overall health, its abnormal decline can definitely trigger a variety of unwanted and unhealthy associated symptoms. But by medically replenishing your low testosterone levels, those symptoms can all be reversed and the optimal function of your body’s critical organs and systems can be restored.

Yet what most men want to learn from a doctor who specializes in low testosterone treatment is exactly what therapeutic benefits they will experience and when they will experience them. They are looking for specific answers to their questions; and fortunately, doctors and medical researchers have decades of documented clinical data and evidence to draw from in providing them. Here is what they know about the proven results that men achieve by using a medically prescribed and monitored TRT program:

  • They significantly increase their energy levels
  • They dramatically improve their sex drive
  • They receive improvement in erectile performance
  • They experience a greater sense of emotional wellbeing
  • Their cognitive function improves
  • Their metabolic function improves and they lose excess body fat
  • Their muscle mass is rebuilt and its tone improves
  • They are able to sleep better

A typical treatment cycle of TRT last for approximately six months and men can expect to receive all of these health benefits as their cycle progresses – some men experience improvement in their symptoms within just a few weeks. By the completion of a six-month treatment cycle of injectable testosterone replacement therapy, patients will have received their maximum therapeutic benefits and the goal of their treatment then focuses on maintaining those benefits. A doctor who specializes in low testosterone treatment will know whether or not the use of PCT (post cycle treatment) is advisable, and will also be able to accurately determine when the patient’s next cycle of treatment should begin.

Nexel Medical can serve as your local TRT specialist because our patients from all across the US use our locally available clinical labs for their blood testing and use our locally available doctors for their medical exams, as required. Our highly experienced TRT doctors and clinical advisors will be glad to answer any further questions you may have about using medical treatment for your Low T symptoms – just call or email us at your convenience.

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