Does Low Testosterone Cause Weight Gain

Health Watch: Does Low Testosterone Cause Weight Gain in Men?

Among the variety of unwanted physical changes that male hormone loss triggers is the addition of stubborn excess pounds that tend to accumulate around a man’s midsection. If a man doesn’t know the answer to does low testosterone cause weight gain, then he is likely to assume that some changes are apparently needed in his dietary and exercise habits. But one of the most influential factors in a man’s weight after he has surpassed the age of 30 is one that isn’t as apparent; and it’s the progressive and steady decline of his body’s testosterone levels.

It was in uncovering the effect that weight loss can have on a man’s male hormone levels that medical researchers concluded that excess abdominal fat can be a clear symptom of Low T levels. They already knew that certain critical hormones, such as testosterone, appear to exert a strong biological influence on the proper function of our organs and systems. And while the specific biochemical reason for why a man’s condition of testosterone deficiency causes this type of localized weight gain is unclear at this point, what is very clear is that the lack of an adequate male hormone supply inhibits a man’s proper metabolic function.

Medical research into Low T has uncovered other aspects of its connection to a man’s weight. Not only does low testosterone cause weight gain – gaining weight can cause the development of Low T levels. There is an enzyme in human body fat that acts to convert male hormone into estrogens, which are often referred to as female hormones. These additional estrogens signal the endocrine system to slow down its production of male hormones, which in turn exacerbates the original problem and can be responsible for creating an ongoing and unhealthy cycle of having more body fat and less testosterone.

But endocrine researchers uncovered something else in regard to the connection between a man’s Low T levels and his weight, which is that losing excess weight can help to increase his testosterone levels. However, for some men who have symptomatic male hormone deficiency symptoms, weight loss alone is not enough to restore their levels back into the normal and healthy range for their age.   

Why Does Low Testosterone Lead to the Loss of Muscle Mass?

Why Does Low Testosterone Lead to the Loss of Muscle Mass?

Even though there is still much to learn about the biochemistry regarding why does low testosterone cause weight gain in adult men, much has already been learned about why Low T contributes to the loss of a man’s healthy muscle mass and tone. The reason that men have overall musculature that is generally larger and more developed than that of women is that men’s bodies typically produce and contain a much larger volume of testosterone. This makes it much easier for men to develop larger and stronger muscles than it is for females.

So when a man’s male hormone production has declined and his levels have dropped to below the normal range, his muscles are no longer getting enough of what they need to sustain their mass. They progressively lose their former size, definition and firmness. And something else changes – due to his testosterone loss, his workouts just don’t produce the same positive results as they would if he had healthy male hormone levels to support his efforts.

As an added complication Low T also causes a significant drop in the amount of energy that a man has, not only making it difficult for him to get and stay motivated about getting enough exercise, working out or following a weight training routine. This loss of energy also plays a part in explaining why does low testosterone cause weight gain. It must often seem to men who have developed a male hormone deficiency that they are very limited in what they can do to eliminate its troublesome symptoms. And its symptoms are certainly not limited to the ones we have just explained; they include equally unwelcome changes in a man’s cognitive function; his state of emotional wellbeing; his sex life; and his future health and vitality as well.

But there is something that men who have been clinically diagnosed with Low T can do to eliminate their symptoms and regain their optimal physical, mental and emotional wellness. If they are medically qualified to do so, they can use a doctor prescribed and supervised program of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to restore their male hormone supply to more beneficial levels.

Regain a Healthier Physique and Much More with Low T Therapy

Following healthy lifestyle habits can help to support a man’s hormonal balance throughout his adult life, but even men who do this can develop Low T symptoms. A man can understand why does low testosterone cause weight gain and do everything in his power to try to maintain a healthy weight but still find himself struggling with excess abdominal fat and a decline in his formerly healthy musculature. It is often frustrating to deal with the symptoms of male hormone deficiency on a daily basis, but fortunately there is something that men can do to dramatically improve this situation.

The use of a medical TRT program has helped many thousands of men in the US to get relief from their symptoms and regain their physical fitness. It really helps them to lose that unwanted belly fat; to rebuild their muscles; and to increase their levels of energy and stamina. And this is definitely not all that it does for them because the benefits provided by testosterone replacement therapy encompass dramatic improvements in all of the symptoms that are directly caused by having abnormally Low T levels.

Just take a look at all of the benefits you can receive from the use of a medically managed TRT program:

  • A strong and exciting sex drive
  • Better and more reliable erections
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • An end to feelings of depression or anxiety
  • The loss of excessive belly fat
  • Larger and more defined muscles
  • A better quality of uninterrupted sleep
  • Measurably more energy and stamina
  • The reduced risk for certain degenerative diseases

And online medical providers like Nexel Medical have made TRT much more accessible to men living all across the US. We can provide you with local Low T blood testing; local medical exams; and the added convenience of being able to purchase your prescribed treatments through our online pharmacy for prompt and secure delivery to you. You can begin your simple diagnostic and treatment procedures just by calling or emailing us.

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