Does Low Testosterone Make You Tired

Does Having Low Testosterone Make You Feel Tired All the Time?

Even when you are in your 70’s or older, it is not normal or healthy to suffer from chronic fatigue. It is certainly not normal for men who are younger than 70 to feel this way, which is why many of them have been asking their medical providers does low testosterone make you tired every day from the time you get up in the morning?

Aside from being unhealthy, most men realize that feeling chronically fatigued is a serious roadblock to living a productive and positive lifestyle. But what many of them don’t realize is that feeling tired all of the time and having to drag yourself through your daily routine with no energy is one of the signature symptoms of Low T. And the only way that it will improve is by supplementing your body’s insufficient male hormone production.

Like many of the symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency, it can be easy for men to incorrectly attribute this problem to some other cause. Overwork and stress; being anxious or depressed; not being able to sleep restfully at night; these are the types of circumstances familiar to many men at one point in their lives or another that can certainly contribute to having very low energy and always feeling tired. But when things are going pretty well and you still feel this way, it is wise to get the answer to does low testosterone make you feel tired?

That answer will have to come from a medical provider who can have Low T blood testing performed on you. And if you have been experiencing this particular symptom of male hormone deficiency, then you have probably been experiencing some of this condition’s other classic symptoms as well. These include a significant decline in your sex drive; problems with sustaining erections; weight gain; and reduced muscle mass, along with a few other lesser-known Low T symptoms that we’ll identify and explain for you next.

Can Low Testosterone Cause a Decline in Cognitive Function?

Can Low Testosterone Cause a Decline in Cognitive Function?

It is one thing to experience lapses in memory and occasional mental fogginess when you are over the age of 70; but it can be troubling to experience these things when your age is decades younger than that. And almost as often as doctors are being asked does low testosterone make you tired, they are being asked if having Low T level can make a man become more forgetful and lose some of his mental focus.

When your body is no longer producing normal levels of free and total testosterone, it affects the healthy function of all of its organs and systems in undesirable ways. This extends to your cognitive function, which is centered in one of your most critical organs, your brain. It is not unusual for men with inadequate testosterone levels, regardless of their age, to feel as though their memory is slipping and to find it harder to concentrate and stay focused. And it’s because one of the consequences of developing a hormonal imbalance like Low T is that your brain, along with your other vital organs, are not getting with what they biologically require in order to function optimally.

Feeling both physically and mentally dull is a common complaint that doctors hear from men who have developed a male hormone deficiency. Some of them have no idea that the cause is very likely to be the same one that is responsible for them wanting to know does low testosterone make you feel tired, or that a simple blood draw is all it takes to confirm the cause. While it can be sometimes be difficult to find the right words to describe the way that Low T makes you feel to your regular medical provider, an doctor who is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder will quickly recognize its associated physical and mental symptoms.

It is not unusual for general practitioners to suggest to their male patients that they try making some healthy improvements in their lifestyle habits to counter symptoms such as mental and physical lethargy. And while this is always good advice in general, it doesn’t address what could ultimately be the specific physiological cause of a man’s chronic symptoms, which is a male hormone deficiency. So with increasing frequency, men in the US are using Low T specialists like Nexel Medical for the medical treatment of this particular health problem.   

How Can Low Testosterone Harm Your Health in the Future?

Many adults don’t spend enough time thinking about their health until something goes wrong with it. Busy with the ongoing responsibilities of their jobs and families, they just keep doing what many people do, which is to just keep going day after day – and if they are health conscious at all, getting in to see their PCP once a year for a check up. And that might be their only opportunity to ask their doctors a question such as does low testosterone make you tired?

Yet they probably aren’t asking about the other health repercussions of having Low T levels, including the long-range effects that this disorder could have on their future wellbeing. And unless their primary care providers happen to be hormone medical specialists, a circumstance that would be unlikely, then these important health topics will probably not be brought up by their regular doctors.

But here is why they should be, especially if they have been experiencing Low T symptoms. Obviously, their symptoms are having a negative effect on their present state of vitality, what with the chronic low energy; loss of strength and stamina; mental and emotional issues; decreased sex life; and other problems their symptoms cause. However, there is something else that this condition can be responsible and it’s the increased risk it creates for the development of a number of degenerative diseases and other medical events in the future. This includes problems such as osteoporosis, because Low T contributes to the progressive loss of your bone density. It includes a higher risk for diabetes, stroke and some types of heart disease. It has even been linked to reducing a man’s longevity.

Don’t neglect your present and future health by only getting the answer to a single question like does low testosterone make you tired; get answers to all of the questions that men have about Low T by contacting Nexel Medical and speaking with one of our knowledgeable clinical advisors.    

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