How Do Doctors Treat Low Testosterone

How Do Doctors Treat Patients with Low Testosterone Levels

Is it accurate to assume that all doctors who are currently practicing medicine in the US treat patients who have developed Low T symptoms in the same manner? Since this isn’t the case, then how do doctors treat low testosterone levels differently from one another? And what are the implications of this lack of uniformity in treatment methods for the adult patients who have developed this increasingly common hormone disorder?

These are just some of the relevant questions that adults all across the US who have testosterone deficiency symptoms want answers to; and given the impact that Low T can have on an adult’s vitality and emotional stability, their desire for accurate information about its effective treatment is totally understandable. But so is their frustration when they obtain conflicting or contradictory information from their friends; their personal physicians; or even from the seemingly endless variety of medical sources that they have found online.

Some doctors have stated that they believe Low T therapy is being overly prescribed; others have said that they firmly believe it to be a safe and effective treatment that allows adult men (and even some women) to enjoy longer, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles. Yet among the doctors who specialize in the medical treatment of this condition, a condition that has been medically recognized as legitimate for many decades, the professional consensus is united in regard to how do doctors treat low testosterone levels – and it is through the medically supervised use of bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Hormone replacement therapy specialists have the most extensive first-hand experience is the diagnosis and treatment of adult-onset hormone disorders such as Low T and in their professional opinions, TRT has provided ample clinical evidence of its effectiveness for more than five decades of low-risk medical use.

Which Form of Low T Therapy Do US Doctors Usually Prescribe?

Which Form of Low T Therapy Do US Doctors Usually Prescribe?

All throughout the world, medically prescribed TRT programs are is use by men who have been clinically verified as having a symptomatic testosterone deficiency. In general terms, the answer to how do doctors treat low testosterone levels is the same in the US as it would be in Europe, Australia and locations worldwide. But in more specific terms, there can be some fairly subtle differences among the forms of TRT that doctors prescribe most often.

For instance, the use of testosterone injections is the most prevalent form of Low T treatment that doctors prescribe worldwide. However, doctors here in the US typically prescribe the cypionate form of this pharmaceutically produced substance while in Europe, doctors typically prescribe the enanthate form, which is actually very similar. There is another formulation of biopharmaceutical testosterone that exists called propionate, but it is shorter-lasting and requires more frequent injections. It also has been shown to have other disadvantages and adverse effects associated with its use, which is why most doctors prefer not to prescribe it for their patients.

So then how do doctors treat low testosterone levels in patients who would rather not have to use injections if they can use another form of treatment? Due to its highly visible advertising efforts, most adult men in the US are well aware that there are topically applied treatments that can be prescribed for men who have Low T symptoms. In recent years, doctors all across the country have been witnessing an increased interest in this form of treatment from their male patients who are middle-aged and older.

Without question, the increased awareness that the advertising of prescription testosterone gels and creams has created is contributing to this; but on the other hand, the symptoms that accompany male hormone deficiency are not a new topic among medical professionals – or among the adults who have suffered from them. For more than a half-century, doctors have been successfully and safely treating men who have developed this condition with the medically supervised use of TRT and until fairly recently, the only form of treatment that existed was the injectable for. Many doctors still prefer to prescribe this form of Low T treatment for their patients because of its long and consistent record of effectiveness. 

What Is Involved in Finding a Testosterone Therapy Specialist?

Suppose that you’ve decided that you would like to get tested and if necessary treated for Low T by a doctor who specializes in TRT programs for adults – but you are wondering how or where you are going to find one.  This could be because you have asked own primary care physician how do doctors treat low testosterone levels and been told that you would need to referred to a specialist for this problem, or simply because you would prefer to be proactive about your Low T symptoms and start off by seeing a specialist. In either case, you will be glad to find out that it is easier than it has ever been for men living all across the US to receive local testing and treatment for testosterone deficiency.

It no longer matters if you live in a location that doesn’t have any hormone replacement therapy specialists nearby … or don’t want to have to wait for weeks or longer to get an appointment with the TRT closest specialist … or simply don’t have the time in your busy schedule that allows for unnecessary hassles or inconveniences just to get the treatment you require. And it’s because testosterone replacement therapy is now being provided to qualified patients by respected and experienced medical practices such as Nexel Medical that can conveniently be accessed online.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there. Our highly qualified doctors have created a process that allows our patients to get tested at a lab that is located near them; be examined by a physician in their local areas who then transmits the results to our doctors; receive a prescription for TRT from Nexel Medical; and be able to purchase their prescribed treatments online through us for fast and secure delivery to them. At all times, our doctors supervise every aspect of the Low T treatment programs that have been individually prescribed for each patient and at all times, our patients have access to our clinical advisors whenever they need information and advice.     

Maybe you didn’t realize that there’s an additional facet to answering the question of how do doctors treat low testosterone and it has been produced by innovation medical providers like Nexel Medical who have made it faster and easier for you to beat Low T. A simple phone call to us is all it takes to get started; and we are ready whenever you are.    

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