I Have Extremely Low Testosterone Levels

If I Have Extremely Low Testosterone Levels, What Should I Do?

You have just found out, or maybe you have known for a while, that your male hormone supply has declined to well below the range that is considered by clinicians to be normal and healthy for a man of your age. You have probably asked yourself if I have extremely low testosterone levels, what should I be doing about that? Is it necessary to do anything? After all, you may have told yourself, it doesn’t sound as though having even extremely Low T levels is a life-threatening condition.

But how much do you really know what it means to develop a clinically significant testosterone deficiency? If you have become aware of the numbers attached your current male hormone levels, then you have obviously had a specific blood test performed since that is the only way that these levels can be measured. Depending on the type of doctor who ordered this test for you, whether it was your regular general practitioner or it was ordered by a hormone replacement therapy doctor or other kind of medical specialist, you may have been advised about what to do next very differently.

Due to the lack of unanimous consensus among member of the US medical community in regard to what to do about Low T, it is possible for a patient who is exhibiting testosterone deficiency symptoms and has corresponding blood levels that fall below the normal range to receive conflicting medical advice from different doctors. It is possible to ask a general practitioner what should I do now that I know that I have extremely low testosterone levels and be told to essentially do nothing because male hormone levels inevitably decline over time in all men. You might be advised to lose some excess weight if it applies or to avoid cigarettes and alcohol, which are known to contribute to male hormone loss, but medical treatment in the form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) would probably not be advised.

Yet if you were to ask an experienced hormone therapy medical specialist the same question, you would receive a completely different answer. You would be informed about the health benefits that a medically prescribed TRT program can deliver to you, and you would find out that there are several treatment options that are now available to clinically qualified Low T patients. So let’s explore these two different approaches to dealing with low male sex hormone levels.    

What Happens If You Do Nothing about Your Low T Levels?

What Happens If You Do Nothing about Your Low T Levels?

Before a blood test confirmed it, you may have had a number of reasons to think to yourself I wonder if I have extremely low testosterone levels? Doctors generally do not test for Low T levels unless a patient complains of experiencing a particular set of symptoms, or has had an injury or disease that is know to cause testosterone loss.

And it is those symptoms that you have probably been experiencing that are showing you what will happen if you decide to do nothing about increasing your deficient androgen hormone levels. If you deficiency can caused you have very little interest in sexual intimacy, that situation will continue. They might also be causing to you to have problems getting and/or maintaining an erection. If your Low T levels have caused a chronic decline in your energy and stamina, that will continue also; it may even worsen. If you have been struggling with stubborn excess fat around your mid-section because of your deficiency, don’t expect trying to lose those pounds and inches to become any easier – it won’t.

What about the emotional changes that you’ve been experiencing because of your male hormone loss? If you have become moody, are troubles by feelings of anxiety, or have even had episodes of feeling depressed, which are all changes that having a hormonal imbalance like Low T levels can cause, it will be difficult to regain your sense of emotional wellbeing because your inadequate testosterone supply is not going to replenish itself. Only testosterone replacement therapy can accomplish that.

You can tell yourself I have extremely low testosterone levels and I am just going to have to live with the consequences of that, but are you really ready to give up on enjoying a healthy and satisfying lifestyle that requires your vitality, your virility and your energy? Before you answer that question, perhaps you should take a look at what can happen if you decide that you should try using a medically prescribed program of TRT.    

What Happens When You Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Despite the reservations that some doctors have expressed about hormone replacement therapy programs in general, as well as about Low T replenishment programs specifically, many other doctors and medical researchers have expressed great confidence in the low-risk health advantages that can be gained by patients who use TRT. They have had more than a half-century to study and evaluate the results that adult male patients have received from these programs, and have thus far found nothing to indicate that their long-term use poses any serious risks.

So when TRT specialists diagnose their patients with Low T are asked if I have extremely low testosterone levels what should I do, they will typically recommend the use of individually prescribed treatment. They do so because, through their professional training and experience, they know that leaving a progressive testosterone deficiency untreated can lead to declines in both health and lifestyle satisfaction. We just described some of the most common symptoms that Low T cause, but this disorder can also lead to the development of other significant health problems, such as osteoporosis (because testosterone loss causes bone density loss); diabetes; and heart disease.

However, they also want their patients to have the exhilarating therapeutic experience of having their symptoms reversed as treatment replenishes their body’s essential testosterone supply. TRT doctors, perhaps more than any other type of medical provider, have first-hand familiarity with the benefits that Low T replacement therapy consistently delivers to their patients. They have witnessed the high energy that returns; been told about the dramatically improved sex lives that their patients are able to enjoy; seen the excess weight drop from their patients as their toned muscle mass takes its place; and they have heard about the cognitive and emotional improvements that their patients are happy to report to them.

Maybe you have taken a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and said I have extremely low testosterone levels and this is what it looks and feels like. It can be a discouraging revelation; but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Thousands of men from all across America who have been in your situation have decided that they are better off regaining and sustaining their healthfulness and masculine vitality through the use a medically prescribed TRT. If you want to learn more about how well TRT works, simply contact Nexel Medical and one of our clinical advisors will be happy to answer your questions.

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