Is Low Testosterone Curable

FAQS about Low T: Is Low Testosterone a Curable Condition?

Doctors are accustomed to being asked about cures and treatments, since that is what all patients are looking for whenever they have developed a medical issue. Yet doctors are discovering that adult men are asking questions such as is low testosterone curable with increased frequency, and they realize that it is most likely due to the increased awareness than men in the US have regarding the condition that is commonly called Low T.

Not just hormone therapy doctors but all types of doctors, from primary care providers to endocrinologists and other medical specialists, find themselves answering questions about testosterone deficiency more often these days. It is a set of circumstances that has forced many of them to learn more about Low T – how to recognize its symptoms; what types of blood tests are now being used to accurately measure a patient’s free and total testosterone levels; what the different forms of treatment are that can be now prescribed for adults who have developed this condition. They are being asked about all of these things.

But when they are asked is low testosterone curable, they usually reply that it is treatable rather than curable because of the nature of this type of hormone deficiency. Once an adult male’s body is no longer producing enough of the male sex hormone to maintain his levels within the healthy and normal range, the situation is typically an irreversible one. Medical science has not been able to find a cure for this disorder, meaning that they don’t have the medical means to induce the human endocrine system to manufacture a substantially greater amount of testosterone. Yet what medical science has been able to successfully create is a treatment that can effectively supplement an individual’s insufficient male hormone supply with its bio-identical counterpart.

And even though there are lifestyle changes that an adult male can make that will often produce moderate increases in Low T levels, it is usually not going to be a large enough amount to make a significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms. For the reversal of Low T symptoms, a doctor prescribed program of treatment is generally going to be required. 

Can Weight Loss Be Used as a Remedy for Low Testosterone?

Can Weight Loss Be Used as a Remedy for Low Testosterone?

Obesity can be a contributing factor for Low T levels; but the results of a major study that was presented to the Endocrine Society just a few years ago showed that weight loss helped obese men to increase their male hormone levels. So is low testosterone curable when its primary cause is excessive weight gain? Well, the men in this particular study were overweight plus they had been diagnosed as having pre-diabetes, and by making lifestyle modifications such as reducing their caloric intake; eating less fat; and exercising for approximately 2 ½ hours every week for a year, about 20% of the men studied had reduced their weight and made moderate gains in their male hormone levels.

However, what if a man is only moderately overweight or is already at his ideal weight? Are there any ways that men whose testosterone loss has not been exacerbated by excess body fat can raise their Low T levels without using supplemental treatments? As most physicians will tell their patients, there are a number of things that a man can do to help their bodies preserve their male hormone supply. They can refrain from tobacco use … drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation … get regular exercise … reduce the amount of stress in their lives … and eat more nutritiously. Basically, if you practice healthy lifestyle habits, you can reduce your risk for developing Low T, along with a whole host of other adult-onset health issues.

When an adult male who is suffering from a variety of Low T symptoms wants to know is low testosterone curable, the response that many doctors will give is that it is medically correctable – through the use of an individually prescribed TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) program. You can certainly attempt to make lifestyle changes on your own that may or may not increase your male hormone levels enough to provide you with any significant improvements in your symptoms. There have been many instances where only the use of TRT has been able to successfully provide male patients with relief from their symptoms as well as the additional health benefits that this treatment has been shown to provide.        

Why Does Low Testosterone Develop During Middle Age?

Why is it that some men exhibit the symptoms of low testosterone levels during their 40’s (some men develop them when even younger than that), yet others don’t seem to lose their energy, sex drive and fitness until considerably later on in their adulthood? Are some males just preprogramed to develop Low T earlier in life than others? While it is true that all adult males typically lose around1% to 2% of their body’s testosterone supply each year after turning 30, some men lose more of this essential male hormone, or at a faster rate, than others. These are the men who will have the highest risk for developing unwanted symptoms related to that loss, and will want to know is low testosterone curable?

This type of male hormone loss is considered to be the adult-onset version of Low T and it is the version that is most commonly seen in the majority of patients that TRT specialists such as Nexel Medical treat; and most providers prefer not to treat adult patients who are under the age of 30. Studies have been performed to specifically identify the reasons for the increased incidence of Low T among today’s adult male populations, both here in the US and in other countries, and it appears that there are a number of contributing factors. Increased exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals … increasingly more stressful and competitive lifestyles … and a higher incidence of obesity have all been cited by researchers as measurable factors in the development of Low T symptoms.

But fortunately, TRT doctors can tell patients who ask is low testosterone curable that while it cannot be cured in the literal sense, it can be successfully corrected through the ongoing use of a medically prescribed and monitored testosterone replacement therapy program. And regardless of whether a man develops Low T while in his 30’s, 40’s or even while in his 70’s or beyond, multiple clinical studies have shown that it is safe for men to use at any of these ages.

Medical researchers are probably still searching for a cure for the common cold; and perhaps someday in the future, they will finally discover it. The same might be true for finding a cure for Low T but in the meantime, men have a viable and effective medical treatment option available to them from highly qualified TRT providers like Nexel Medical.

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