Is Low Testosterone in Men Treatable

Is Low Testosterone in Men Non-Medically Treatable?

Are there non-medical ways to treat adult-onset hormone disorders such as Low T? Doctors today are often asked is low testosterone in men treatable without the use of bio-identical hormones; and if they are knowledgeable in the treatment of adult males who have developed Low T symptoms, they will understand that a one-word yes or no response isn’t a comprehensive or particularly helpful answer for people to receive.

The simple answer is that testosterone deficiency, a condition that develops in an increasing number of US men in middle age, is medically treatable and has been for more than six decades. For most of that time, the only form of this treatment that existed was the use of injections that contained pharmaceutically produced testosterone. It has consistently been shown to work very effectively during all of that time, while also being shown to being associated with minimal risk exposure for experiencing adverse effects.

Also during much of its history of medical usage, consumers rarely if ever saw advertisements for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). However, that situation has undeniably changed in recent times, as anyone who has been exposed to countless ads for the Low T topical treatments – the gel and cream forms that are applied daily – can attest. Those ads are have obviously been created to answer the increasingly more common question of is low testosterone in men treatable, and they definitely do that.

But they don’t answer another increasingly common question that men in the US have been asking, which is are there any non-medical ways for a man to elevate his male hormone levels and eliminate his Low T symptoms? What these kinds of questions are usually referring to is whether the any of the non-prescription nutritional or homeopathic supplements; the products being advertised as testosterone boosters; or any of the other products that are being marketed as ways to increase testosterone levels are actually effective? The answer to questions such as these is that there has been no scientific and/or clinical evidence produced to date proving that these so-called Low T treatment products work. 

So Why Do Men Buy Non-Prescription Products to Treat Low T?

So Why Do Men Buy Non-Prescription Products to Treat Low T?

The reasons that men buy into the unproven claims that these products make are probably as varied as the individuals who spend their money on them. Some men simply don’t feel comfortable asking their primary care doctors questions like is low testosterone in men treatable because they find discussing the issue of their declining sex drive to be a little embarrassing. Others may turn to these non-medical methods because they hope to avoid medical treatment for Low T symptoms and feel that they might as well give these products a chance before seeking the help of a doctor who is experienced in TRT.

It is perfectly understandable for any adult to want to minimize his or her use of prescription medications and to be able to treat medical issues through nutritional changes, lifestyle changes or herbal remedies. And it is also tempting, especially now that an infinite variety of information is available to people instantly on the Internet, to act as their own doctors and diagnose their own medical conditions based on their personal symptoms. Tempting – yes; but also quite risky in terms of sustaining your health and extending your longevity.

Correctly identifying a person’s symptoms is only part of what’s involved in reaching an accurate clinical diagnosis, because many medical disorders appear to share similar symptoms, which is why self-diagnosing them accurately based on information that has been gained over the Internet or anywhere else is so risky. While the Internet is an incredibly convenient way to type in a question like is low testosterone in men treatable and get an immediate answer (actually many thousands of answers), digital technology has not yet advanced to being able to provide individual medical testing, diagnosis and treatment. But is has enabled innovative online-based medical providers like Nexel Medical to provide nationwide health care services to adults with hormone disorders such as Low T.  

So how can men even know for certain that they have developed a testosterone deficiency unless each of them has had his blood levels tested for the amount of free and total testosterone that is currently circulating within his system? They can’t. Specific and highly sophisticated blood testing is the only way in which any individual’s testosterone levels and be accurately measured and clinically evaluated. 

How Do You Know If Your Symptoms Are Due to Low Testosterone?

Symptoms and testing are the two components that produce any medically responsible diagnosis. We have alluded to the blood tests that clinicians utilize to measure a person’s available testosterone supply; now it is time to take a closer look at the symptoms adults exhibit that have been clinically associated with the development of Low T levels. They deserve to be examined because it is experiencing these symptoms that usually triggers the question of is low testosterone in men treatable in the first place.

If you have been wondering if you could have a male hormone deficiency, consider whether you have been experiencing changes such as these affecting your normal health and vitality:

  • You feel chronically fatigued and your former energy levels have been substantially reduced.
  • Your sexual urges have dramatically decreased and it doesn’t help that you now have issues with sustaining your erections.
  • The former fitness of your physique has declined; you’ve lost muscle mass along with muscle tone. You have also gained stubborn excess weight that is concentrated around your mid-section that even dieting and working out doesn’t diminish.
  • You might not be aware of it, but if you have Low T levels then your bone density has probably declined. This can make it more likely for bone fractures to occur.
  • You find that you experience depressive thoughts and feelings more often; you often feel anxious for no apparent reason; and your cognitive function has become slower and less sharp.

It has happened that when some men mention symptoms like these to their regular family physicians, wanting to know is low testosterone in men treatable, they are told that these are simply signs of normal aging that have to be expected to occur. That is truly unfortunate, because they are often signs of an ongoing and progressive male hormone deficiency that can and should be treated in order to maintain maximum adult vitality and wellness. And it can be clinically verified through the performance of the appropriate blood levels testing, sometimes in conjunction with other clinical testing such as a bone density scan.

Fortunately, it has now become easier for men with symptoms like these to access TRT specialists who don’t consider them to be untreatable and inevitable signs of aging. The doctors who specialize in the treatment of Low T levels know that these symptoms can occur at any age (usually over 30) and can also be reversed with medically supervised treatment if they are found to be caused by an adult’s abnormally low testosterone supply.

Will You Be Able to Receive Low T Medical Treatment Locally?

Seeing an experienced and understanding medical specialist about your Low T symptoms might sound like an excellent idea – unless you realize that you don’t live or work anywhere near one. That is when many men eventually manage to talk themselves out of the idea of getting medical help for their symptoms, even though they have learned that the answer to the question of is low testosterone in men treatable medically is definitely yes.

They convince themselves that they just don’t have the extra time to travel outside of their local areas for the testing and treatment procedures that are used in receiving doctor prescribed TRT … or they find the idea of seeing a specialist somewhat intimidating … or they decide to simply live with their unhealthy symptoms and resign themselves to a substantially reduced quality of lifestyle enjoyment.

However, they probably don’t realize that there is a newer and much more user-friendly method for getting medical testing and treatment for Low T from highly qualified and experienced hormone replacement therapy specialists. Our fully licensed Nexel Medical doctors can be accessed online by any adult who is living in the US; they can supervise have your diagnostic blood testing and medical exam performed in your local area; they can evaluate your results and diagnose your condition of testosterone deficiency; and they can legally prescribe the appropriate medical treatment for you remotely, which you can then order online from Nexel Medical to be self-administered at home by you.

How is low testosterone in men treatable in this way? To be sure, it is making the use of a medically prescribed and supervised TRT program more efficient and convenient than in the past. But in many ways, it is also personalizing the use of Low T therapy in new ways through the use of digital technology. Patients of Nexel Medical have continual access to our clinical advisors, who can answer their questions and provide them with immediate assistance and information on any aspect of their treatment. Our doctors are able to treat patients residing in all 50 states by utilizing their local clinical resources for their treatment procedures. So you will be able to receive Low T medical treatment locally when you choose Nexel Medical as your provider; and you will also be able to have complete confidence in the professional training and expertise of our TRT doctors.

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