Is Low Testosterone Treatment Safe

Male Health Topics: Is Low Testosterone Treatment Safe to Use?

What is interesting is how many male health topics are related to the development of Low T levels. Even though most men know that there is a medical treatment for this condition, the question of is low testosterone treatment safe to use continues to be asked – probably because some medical professionals have expressed their concerns about the possible risks that could still be unknown in regard to the long-term use of this treatment.

However, there are many more medical professionals who feel that over the many decades that TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) has been used to help men with Low T levels, it has been proven to be both highly effective and very low-risk. The reservations about its long-term safety that have been expressed by some members of the medical community have been shown, by both clinical studies and its use among the general population, to be unfounded by all of the specific medical research on TRT that has been and continues to be performed by many dedicated medical scientists.

This research is critical because thus far, the only treatment that has been able to successfully reverse the adverse effects of testosterone deficiency has been the ongoing use of its bio-identical equivalent to supplement the hormone levels of adult males who have this condition. And as in all forms of medicine, the fundamental question that has needed to be answered before doctors can confidently prescribe it is that of is low testosterone treatment safe for patients to use?

We now know that it is, as long as all of the proper medical protocols are in place. This means that it is only considered to be low-risk and effective when a patient has been properly diagnosed as having Low T levels; when there are no pre-existing conditions or prior medical events in the patient’s medical history that would contraindicate its use; when the treatment program has been correctly prescribed; when the appropriate blood testing is used to monitor the patient; and when the patient uses his TRT program exactly as it has been prescribed for him.

How Well Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Low T Symptoms?

How Well Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Low T Symptoms?

Right up there along with the questions that men have about is low testosterone treatment safe are questions about how effective it is. It is certainly understandable that men would want to know how well this treatment works on eliminating Low T symptoms before deciding to make a personal health commitment to its ongoing use.

When TRT doctors are asked these kinds of questions they have years of clinical results to inform their answers. They can confidently respond to them because of their first-hand knowledge of the results that their patients, along with the patients of all the other doctors in the US who prescribe treatment for testosterone deficiency, are receiving from Low T replacement therapy. We have summarized the results that the vast majority of all those patients are experiencing:

  • Most patients have reported to their doctors that within four to six from the beginning of their treatment cycle, their symptoms had significantly improved.
  • Among the first symptoms to be substantially improved has been the return of a strong sex drive along with improved erectile performance.
  • After using treatment for six weeks, patients who had developed depressive feelings due to their Low T levels found that they have achieved significantly improved emotional wellbeing and are able to sustain it.
  • By the time that they have been using treatment for twelve weeks, the majority of patients are experiencing their maximum levels of beneficial results. This includes having improved muscle mass and tone; strengthened bones; sharper mental function; consistently high energy levels; and reduced body fat.

So no only do TRT doctors believe that the answer to whether is low testosterone treatment safe to use is yes, they also believe that it has been proven to be a highly effective and multi-beneficial treatment option for adult patients who are medically qualified to use it. They have witnessed it substantially improving both the health and the lifestyle quality of the adults who use it appropriately and responsibly. And isn’t that is the basis by which all medical treatment should be measured?

What Is the Average Cost of Using Low Testosterone Treatment?

Unfortunately for medical patients in the US, they often have to measure their medical treatment in terms of what it will cost them. Health care insurance plans vary widely, and not all of them cover the cost of using doctor prescribed TRT. Some plans may cover a portion of the cost; others may cover it under certain narrowly defined circumstances; and still others may cover the cost of using only a specific form of Low T therapy. And typically these variations in coverage have nothing to do with the issue of is low testosterone treatment safe – it is strictly about the bottom line of cost.

The form of treatment that a patient uses is a significant factor in the cost it will represent to the patient. Doctors are currently allowed to prescribe testosterone injections; topically applied forms, such as creams or gels; adhesive patches applied to the skin; implanted pellets that release over time; and buccal forms of treatment. The most widely prescribed form, which is the use of injections a few times per month, is also considered to be one of the most affordable options. The other widely prescribed option, the topical forms, need to be applied at least once a day, which can make them fairly expensive to use if a patient’s insurance won’t be covering the cost.

It is difficult to quote an average cost for TRT patients since each patient’s treatment is prescribed in response to their individual therapeutic requirements. However, once a diagnosis of Low T has been reached and a treatment option has been decided upon, the physician who is prescribing and supervising your treatment should be able to provide you with a detailed cost for your therapy program.

Any adult who wants to get more detailed information in regard to is low testosterone treatment safe … how effective is this form of therapy … will I be able to afford TRT … or anything else pertaining to Low T symptoms, testing and treatment, is invited to contact Nexel Medical directly for personal assistance and information at any time.   

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