Male with Low Testosterone Symptoms

If You’re a Male with Low Testosterone Symptoms, Read This

If you are like most men who are older than 30, your work and family responsibilities probably demand all of your time and attention. And if you happen to be a male with low testosterone symptoms, you probably think that you just don’t have the time that it would take to get treatment for your symptoms. You might even think that there isn’t enough time in your day to learn about what’s involved in getting a medical prescription for using Low T replacement therapy – but you can find out what you essentially need to know about this right now, in just a few minutes of your time.

Adult-onset testosterone deficiency, or Low T as it is commonly called, occurs when your body’s male hormone production has declined to the point where (1) your androgen levels have fallen below the normal range and (2) you have developed some or all of its related symptoms. When these two conditions exist, and when nothing in his medical history prohibits it, then an adult male with low testosterone symptoms, typically one who is past the age of 30, would be clinically qualified to use a doctor prescribed program of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

The process involved in getting TRT prescribed for you includes providing a doctor who has male hormone therapy expertise with your health history and having a medical exam. You will also need to have you blood sample drawn at a clinical testing lab so that a testosterone-measuring blood test can be performed. These are the basic medical protocols for Low T therapy that must be adhered to in order to ensure the appropriateness and safety of each patient’s dosage of treatment. 

A treatment program consists of on-and-off cycles of therapy that are used by male patients indefinitely in order to replenish and sustain their male hormone supply throughout adulthood. The two most widely prescribed forms of TRT in the US are self-administered testosterone injections and topically applied gel forms.

Will Your Insurance Cover Your TRT Costs? Here’s What to Know.

Will Your Insurance Cover Your TRT Costs? Here’s What to Know

Don’t assume that if your health care insurance will automatically cover the cost of using treatment for Low T – call them and find out. Some policies do cover of medical treatment for a qualified male with low testosterone symptoms; others may cover the cost with certain restrictions or limitations; and others may simply decline to cover the costs of Low T treatment for adult-onset deficiency. You will want to know what your coverage is before starting a treatment program.

If you discover that you will be personally responsible for covering the cost of your treatment, don’t immediately assume that it will be too expensive for you to use. Some forms of TRT treatment cost considerably more than others and if you use a form such as injectable testosterone, the cost can be very affordable. The newer gel forms of treatment can be considerably more costly to use.

There is another important reason why you shouldn’t base your decision of whether or not to use treatment for your Low T symptoms strictly on its cost and it is the enormous value of getting and remaining healthier. Your symptoms have probably already diminished your personal lifestyle satisfaction and they are also signs that your deficiency is diminishing your optimal state of health. Any male with low testosterone symptoms knows how discouraging it is to feel much less virile than you used to; to experience problems with your erections; to always struggle with having very little energy; to lose your muscle tone and gain excess fat; and to experience anxiety or depression.

But having Low T and leaving it untreated can also be detrimental to your long-term vitality. It places you at a higher risk for diseases that include osteoporosis, diabetes and stroke. So absorbing the cost of your TRT program can actually be a very wise investment in your health and longevity, as well as in your quality of life.

If You Want to Lose Your Low T Symptoms, Here’s What to Do.

You can do one of two things: You can see if your regular physician will prescribe Low T treatment for you (and you may find that you will be referred to a hormone specialist instead) or you can use an online medical specialist in TRT. And if you are an adult male with low testosterone symptoms who wants to get tested and treated for this disorder in the most streamlined and convenient way, then using an online medical provider like Nexel Medical could be exactly what you are looking for.

Here is how our simple and efficient process for receiving locally available TRT works:

  • Call or email Nexel Medical and one of our clinical support team can schedule a diagnostic blood test for you to be performed at a lab in your local area. We will also schedule a medical exam for with one of our physicians located in your area.
  • Provide us with your medical history. You can do this simply by completing the online form for this purpose that is located on our website.
  • After reviewing your medical history along with the results of your blood testing and physical exam, our doctors will determine if you are clinically qualified to use TRT. If you are, a valid medical prescription for treatment will be issued to you.
  • With your prescription, you will be able to purchase your treatments online through our Internet based US pharmacy and they will be promptly and securely shipped to you.

Obviously, any male with low testosterone symptoms who is using TRT for the first time is going to have a variety of questions and at Nexel Medical, we are always here for our patients with any information and assistance they may need. It is no different than calling your regular physician’s office whenever you have questions regarding a health care problem or treatment. But what is different is that you will be utilizing a highly qualified medical specialist that has specific training and experience in the successful treatment of your current health problem, which is Low T.

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