Medication for Low Testosterone

Which Medication Is Prescribed for Low Testosterone Levels?

While there is only one substance that every medication for low testosterone levels is primarily composed of, which is the biochemically identical form of male sex hormone, there are about a dozen different varieties of prescription treatments that are currently approved for use in the US. The majority of these are approved for use by males with Low T only; but a few of them have also been approved for use by females who are receiving treatment for certain types of breast cancer.

So if you intend to see a doctor about your testosterone deficiency symptoms and plan to use treatment for them if it is medically indicated, which Low T medication will you and your doctor decide is the right one for you to use – and what factors will be involved in reaching this decision? Your personal therapeutic requirements are, of course, the foremost factor. Before you can begin using any form of Low T medication safely and effective, your current condition of health along with your medical history will need to be thoroughly evaluated by your TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctor. This will include reviewing the results of the blood test you will have performed that measures your male hormone levels.

If your doctor determines that are clinically qualified to use a TRT program, your personal preference regarding the form of medication for low testosterone you want to use is another important factor.  The approved forms of treatment for use by patients in the US include injections, patches, pellets, capsules, tablets, and topical solutions. There are two different types of injectable testosterone, enanthate and cypionate; three different gel brands; and some of the other forms are available in different brands. You can certainly see why your doctor’s guidance is indispensible in deciding which form of treatment is the most appropriate choice for you to use.

A valid medical prescription is legally required for the purchase and use of any of these pharmaceutically produced forms of Low T treatment because bio-identical testosterone is classified as a controlled substance in the US. So your doctor’s involvement is not only invaluable if you want to use this type of hormone replacement therapy, it is also required by our federal regulations.

Does Using Bio-Identical Testosterone Cause Any Side Effects?

Does Using Bio-Identical Testosterone Cause Any Side Effects?

Each form of doctor prescribed medication for low testosterone has its own clinical characteristics. Each of them has individual and clinically evaluated advantages, disadvantages and performance record; but do they all have the same risk for possible side effects since they are all (except for some of the oral forms) composed of bio-identical testosterone in one form or another? Actually, most of the associated reactions to these treatments are typically due to the delivery method or medium involved.

Your body does not differentiate between naturally produced and biochemically manufactured male hormone so it biologically utilizes each of them in exactly the same ways. When side effects occur, and their occurrence is very low statistically, it is usually because the patient’s dosage needs to be adjusted or because they are reacting to the delivery form. Skin patch users have reported rashes where the patch is placed; injection users sometimes report temporary tenderness or swelling at the injection site; and the users of topically applied solutions must be careful to avoid skin-to-skin contact with anyone else.

But a question that most men have is that of wanting to know if their personal medication for low testosterone levels is going to be safe for them to use long-term. It is a question that has been prompted in part by some members of the medical community who feel that not enough is known about the potential effects of using TRT indefinitely. However, the use of this medical treatment in its injectable form goes back for well over 50 years and thus far, there has been no clinical evidence produced that conclusively indicates any unacceptable health risks result from its long-term use by adult men.

How Much Will Your Low Testosterone Medications Cost?

Each form of treatment has its own cost attached, so that is going to be one of the factors involved in answering this question; the other factor is going to be whether, or what percentage, your treatment costs will be covered by any health care insurance that you may currently have. And there are other treatment costs to consider such as the cost of your blood tests, which are going to be periodically performed in order to monitor your testosterone levels.

Any man who is thinking about using TRT should contact his health care insurer and find out exactly what the terms of his policy allow for coverage. This can be done even before a man knows which specific type of medication for low testosterone he will ultimately be prescribed because insurance plans frequently specify exactly which form or brand they will cover. A man’s policy may also have other restrictions or limitations in regard to TRT that he should be aware of upfront.

It is not uncommon for men to find out that they are going to be financially responsible for the cost of their treatment. This can be a factor in deciding which form of treatment to use. The use of testosterone injections, which is the most widely prescribed form worldwide, has proven to be very affordable for most men since it only requires the use of a few self-administered injections per month. Some of the newer forms, such as the topically applied gels, have a considerably higher cost attached to them since they must be used daily. There are also no generic forms of the topical treatments available to patients as of now.

You can discuss all of the factors involved in choosing your medication for low testosterone with one of the knowledgeable clinical advisors at Nexel Medical – and you don’t need to be a patient of ours to get answers to any of your questions. Simply call us at the number listed on this website and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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