Reasons for Low Testosterone Levels in Males

Understanding the Reasons for Low Testosterone in Males Today

The increased exposure that people today have to manmade toxins in our environment that didn’t previously exist has been shown to be one of the reasons for low testosterone in males today. It’s not that men haven’t always experienced the progressive and typically gradual decline in their male hormone supply – they have. After reaching the age of approximately 30, doctors know that a certain amount of hormone loss is inevitable for all men; yet they also recognize that some men experience unhealthy symptoms when their testosterone levels decline to below the range that is considered to be the norm for adult men at various ages.

What is currently being seen with increasing frequency by doctors who specialize in the treatment of hormone disorders such as Low T (the term that is commonly used to refer to symptomatic testosterone deficiency) is that it has been developing in men more frequently and often at younger ages than previously. This is more than just a passing observation; it is a statistical change that has been and continues to be studied by medical researchers both here and in other countries. The clinical studies that they have performed show that there are reasons for low testosterone in males other than a man’s advancing age or as a result of an injury or disease.

The increased sources of everyday stress that people today are dealing with have been studied and shown to be a contributing factor to Low T levels; so has the increased incidence of obesity. People today have to fight harder to live a healthy lifestyle, much harder than the previous generations who led simpler lifestyles; who got more beneficial exercise just by walking more; and who didn’t have as many chemicals and additives in foods that they ate. The hormone levels of today’s adults are dealing with more factors that can upset their healthy balance than they have ever faced, and in the US as well as in many other highly developed cultures, adults are paying the price in the form of hormone disorders that have a detrimental influence on their health and wellbeing. 

Recognizing the Symptoms Caused by Low Testosterone Levels

Recognizing the Symptoms Caused by Low Testosterone Levels

Perhaps part of the reason that Low T symptoms often are not recognized by the adults who have them is because people have been told again and again to expect certain things to occur as they age. However, there is no one universal formula that dictates how people will age; there are men who have as much energy and stamina – and sometimes even more – at the age of 60 as men who are 20 years younger than them. So it is as important to be able to recognize the symptoms that are associated with a male hormone deficiency as it is to understand the reasons for low testosterone levels in males if you want to remain healthy and vital for your entire lifetime.

All too often, adults report some of these health issues to their primary care physicians only to be told that they have to expect things to change as they become older. But even men who have not yet reached the age of 40 can experience these types of changes in their health if they have developed medically significant levels of testosterone deficiency:

  • Your energy has declined and become chronically low. Your doctor suggests that you need to take better care of yourself; but nothing you do seems to help.
  • Your sex drive has progressively disappeared over time. Your doctor says that this happens to many men as they age, but you are not willing to accept that your sex life is all but over.
  • Your weight has gone up and you now have stubborn belt fat that won’t go away. Your doctor tells you to with watch you eat and exercise more but you are already doing these things and nothing has changed
  • You experience episodes of moodiness that you never had before, even feeling depressed and anxious at times. Your doctor tells you to reduce the stress factors in your life, but you don’t feel unduly stressed by either work or family problems.
  • Your muscles have gotten smaller and less toned. Your doctor hands you a sheet of paper with some exercises that can build muscle but you have already tried that with no results.

What your regular physician probably hasn’t told you is that Low T can be responsible for all of these changes; and he or she definitely hasn’t told you about the reasons for low testosterone levels in males of your age. So maybe it is time for you to see a different type of doctor who can offer you some real solutions for these problems – a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of your male hormone deficiency symptoms.

Becoming Familiarized with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you are unfamiliar with what’s involved in using testosterone replacement therapy, don’t allow you self to be overly concerned. It is a treatment that has been in medical use for decades and has a long history of being both effective and low-risk for patients. Commonly referred to as TRT, thousands of men, and even some women, all across the US have been safely and successfully using this doctor prescribed treatment for their Low T symptoms (yes, women can also develop testosterone deficiency symptoms, especially post-menopause).

Once it becomes clear to you that you need to see a doctor who understands the reasons for low testosterone levels and knows how to test for and treat Low T, you will undoubtedly have questions about the process that’s involved. And the good news is that you can get that information – as well as access to the treatment you require – just by using your computer or any digital device you have to go online to the website of a respected and experienced TRT provider like Nexel Medical. Our highly qualified and professionally respected hormone replacement therapy doctors provide testing and treatment to adults with Low T symptoms living all across the US; and you don’t even have to venture outside of your local area to avail yourself of our medical services.

As far as getting the preliminary information you need, that’s easy, too. You can call us at our toll-free number and speak directly to one of our knowledgeable clinical advisors who can answer all of your questions … explain the basic procedures that are involved … and even schedule the local blood testing and physical exam that will be required before initiating your treatment program. The Nexel Medical doctors have created one of the most innovative and convenient ways for adults living anywhere in the US to access medically prescribed and supervised treatment for Low T. And you can take advantage of it by making just one phone call to us.

The reasons for low testosterone levels are as varied as the individuals who develop them, as is the customized program of treatment that our doctors will devise for you. We will explain what your treatment options are and advise you on the type of TRT program that is the most appropriate for you to use. So if you are tired of getting the runaround on Low T from your own doctor, or simply feel that it is time to take your health problem to a medical practitioner who truly understand it, call or email us for a fresh new perspective on eliminating your symptoms and getting on with a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

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