What are the Side Effects of Low Testosterone Treatment

What Are the Side Effects of Using Low Testosterone Treatment?

Every success strategy has its own rewards and risks, and a top strategy for successfully dealing with Low T symptoms is the use of male hormone replacement therapy. But in terms of its risks, what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment that has been prescribed for you by an experienced physician? Are they significantly lower than the widely acclaimed health and vitality rewards that this type of medical treatment provides? Clearly, the doctors who prescribe this treatment are the individuals who are best qualified to answer questions like these.

In well over five decades of medical use, the doctors who specialize in TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) have consistently seen evidence of the answers to these frequently asked questions. They have seen the answers in the verified data that has been produced by the numerous clinical studies that have been performed on TRT; and they have seen them in the results received by the generations of patients that have used this form of treatment for Low T. And what they have learned from this compilation of scientific and medical evidence is that testosterone replacement therapy can accurately be categorized as a low-risk, high-reward form of treatment.

The side effects that have been associated with the medically supervised use of bio-identical testosterone treatments are generally temporary and minor. They include issues such as swelling or discomfort at the injection site (for patients using an injectable form of TRT); acne and/or oily skin; mild fluid retention; and sensitivity or enlargement of male breast tissue. However, what some mean are really asking about when they pose the question of what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment is what about its long term effects or health risks?

They are usually referring to the possible risk for developing prostate cancer, or experiencing a stroke or heart attack, as a direct result of TRT use. And in all its years of use, there has been no evidence produced that conclusively shows that any of these medical event is more likely to occur among men who use Low T replacement therapy. So while some family physicians and general practitioners might be reluctant to prescribe TRT for their patients because they don’t have the depth of professional experience and knowledge that hormone replacement therapy specialists have, the doctors who have focused on treating this type of hormonal disorder are not. And it’s because they are much more familiar with the reputation of delivering safe and effective results to patients that low testosterone treatment has earned.

The Risks of Treating vs. Not Treating Your Low Testosterone

The Risks of Treating vs. Not Treating Your Low Testosterone

A lot of men are curious about what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment; but all men should also be concerned with finding out what the health risks are of not using medically prescribed treatment for this condition. If your strategy for a successful life involved being able to rise to the occasion – physically, mentally and emotionally – every single day, then leaving your Low T symptoms untreated could derail that strategy by substantially lowering your ability to accomplish this.

The symptoms that are related to testosterone loss can have an intrusive and limiting effect on any adult lifestyle because they deplete your energy and stamina; lower your sex drive and contribute to erectile dysfunction; cause your mental focus to decline; and even reduce your sense of emotional wellbeing. Adults with Low T levels often experience episodes of moodiness, anxiety and depression without knowing the reason why. Testosterone deficiency can also lead to reduced bone density, reduced muscle tone and mass, and stubborn weight gain – often in the form of excess abdominal fat.

Adult wellness depends, among other physiological factors, on maintaining hormonal levels that are as balanced as possible, particularly when it comes to powerful sex hormones like testosterone. When those hormone levels become significantly unbalanced, as they are in the case of those adults who have been clinically verified to be in a condition of male hormone deficiency, it’s time to evaluate the risks versus the rewards of TRT. In comparing what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment to its established benefits, this is what patients can gain from having their deficiency medically treated:

  • The rebuilding of muscle mass and stronger bones
  • The rejuvenation of a strong sex drive (and ability to perform)
  • The return of mental sharpness and focus
  • The loss of excess body fat
  • The return of full energy and plenty of stamina
  • The restoring of emotional wellbeing and stability

Compared to the relatively low health risks that have been associated with the use of a doctor prescribed and managed TRT program, these clinically established health benefits obviously improve the quality of an adult’s life. They can also help to support an adult’s strategy for success by providing much of what is needed to consistently rise to any challenge that life presents.

Where Can You Find Low Testosterone Treatment Doctors?

Where can US adults find experienced TRT doctors who can answer questions like what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment if there are none available to them in their local areas? Innovative TRT practitioners like Nexel Medical have produced the answer to that question by making our medically prescribed Low T testing and treatment capabilities accessible to US adults online. This is definitely becoming today’s preferred way for adults to quickly and conveniently provide themselves with the professional medical services of respected and highly qualified TRT specialists without going through a lot of hassles or having to travel outside of their local areas.

At Nexel Medical, our doctors can prescribe and oversee your Low T therapy without having to see you in person. With out innovative process for providing TRT to qualified patients, the requisite hormone levels testing is performed in your local area; your physical exam is also performed locally; and once you have received your prescription for treatment, you can purchase your prescribed TRT treatments through our online pharmacy. This is not only an extremely efficient way to access the medical treatment you need, it can also be quite cost effective. Instead of needing to see your PCP just to get a referral to an endocrinologist, urologist or other type of medical specialist, you deal directly with the doctors and clinical advisors of Nexel Medical, either by phone or email.

And you can be assured that all of your questions about using TRT, whether they pertain to what are the side effects of low testosterone treatment or some other aspect of treatment altogether, like how to find out whether or not it will be covered by your medical insurance, will be answered accurately and courteously. Our professional staff is never to busy to provide you with any assistance you may require; our goal is to ensure that your TRT experience is a rewarding one in every way. And the safety and effectiveness of our patients’ treatment programs is our top priority at all times.

If you have other TRT questions, Nexel Medical has the answers you need, whether you are already one of our patients or are simply looking for reliable medical information on Low T. Just call or mail us using the contact form (or phone number) that you’ll find on our website. Find out why so many men are choosing Nexel Medical as the key to their strategy for using testosterone replacement therapy successfully.

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