What Does Low Testosterone Mean in a Blood Test

What Does Low Testosterone Mean in a Blood Test for Low T

Getting the proper medical treatment for Low T requires more than just asking your PCP to prescribe a tube of cream for you. To start with, it requires the use of sophisticated blood testing to measure your male hormone levels; but what does low testosterone mean in a blood test for Low T? Did you know that it is possible for to have testosterone levels that fall below the norm for your age group and still not exhibit the symptoms that are commonly associated with Low T? Conversely, you can have blood levels that are at the lower end of the normal range but still qualify for using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) because you have developed symptoms due to a decline in your normal levels of this critical hormone.

So what all this means is that having a doctor who has specific expertise and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Low T is essential to being correctly diagnosed and treated. It is very likely that your PCP does not have the depth of medical experience in treating hormone disorders that endocrinologists and hormone replacement therapy specialists have. In fact, your doctor will probably refer you to one of these types of medical specialists rather than simply write you a prescription for the cream or gel you’ve seen advertised somewhere, which is the more medically responsible action to take if your physician lacks expertise in the blood testing and treatment of adult-onset testosterone deficiency.

It is the medical providers who specialize in TRT programs who can tell their patients what does low testosterone mean in a blood test, or series of blood tests, that will be individually performed on each of them. They can explain the difference between the functions of your free and total testosterone levels, as well as how all of your own physiological factors, including your symptoms, will be evaluated before a customized treatment plan is prescribed for you. Your age, weight, past medical history and current physical condition will all be factors in determining the appropriate form, dosage and frequency of your doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.

What Are the Symptoms Caused by Low Testosterone Levels?

What Are the Symptoms Caused by Low Testosterone Levels?

The goal of all medically prescribed TRT programs is to eliminate Low T symptoms by replenishing the patient’s inadequate testosterone supply, through the use of bio-identical treatments (which are typically self-administered by patients at home following their doctor’s instructions). Yet in regard to adults who do have symptoms, what does low testosterone mean in a blood test that clinically verifies deficiency as their cause?

What it means for the majority of TRT patients is that they can anticipate improvement in their symptoms once their treatment begins to take effect. For many patients, this will not only improve their health, but will also improve their lifestyle quality, as well. Think about how much more enjoyable your own life would be if you have been suffering from Low T symptoms such as the ones listed below and were able to successfully reduce or even eliminate them through treatment:

  • Are you constantly feeling tired and have no energy? Having Low T can sap your energy; interrupt your sleep; and make it very difficult for you to enjoy the activities that you used to look forward to.
  • Has your sex life all but disappeared? The loss of your male hormone supply can lead to erectile problems and substantially lower your normal sex drive.
  • Do you feel as though your mental sharpness has been slipping away from you? Adequate testosterone is required to support your optimal cognitive function.
  • Is the healthy tone and size of your muscles decreasing right before your eyes? Having lower than normal male hormone levels takes a toll on your muscle mass and tone.
  • Have you gained weight especially around your mid-section that seems impossible to lose? Men with Low T often gain stubborn excess body fat that is concentrated in this area.
  • Are you experiencing unexplained episodes of anxiety or depression? This is quite common among men who have developed a clinically significant testosterone deficiency.

From your TRT doctor’s perspective, what does low testosterone in a blood test in terms of the treatment that will be prescribed for you? It means that your doctor will want to prescribe the form and dosage of treatment for you that will effectively but safely increase your Low T levels and provide you with relief from troublesome and unhealthy symptoms such as the ones listed above. And keep in mind that hormonal imbalances can also have a detrimental effect on your long-term healthfulness and your longevity outlook. There are a number of solid health reasons for you to do all that you can to sustain your hormonal balance, and the healthy vitality it provides, all throughout the many years of your adulthood.

However, many men continue to live with their unhealthy symptoms rather than receive treatment for them simply because they believe that it will be too much of a hassle to get tested and treated by a TRT specialist. But this is outdated thinking, now that all adults in the US can easily receive locally available testing and treatment from an experienced and professionally respected online TRT medical provider such as Nexel Medical.      

How to Have Your Low Testosterone Levels Tested and Treated

When the Nexel Medical doctors decided to bring Low T testing and treatment into the 21st century, it was obvious that using the Internet would be the key to making it available to all adults in the US who required it. The immediacy and accessibility of taking our medical practice online made it a natural fit for today’s busy adults who have come to rely on the Internet for practically everything they need.

People no longer have to wait for an appointment with their own doctors just to get answers to questions like what does low testosterone mean in a blood test; there are a number of reputable medical websites that address this type of information. But even better than that, adults can now instantly access an online medical provider like Nexel Medical who can actually answer their questions personally and schedule local Low T testing for them. Our practice treats patients living in all 50 states for testosterone deficiency and our doctors have made it much easier and more convenient than it used to for adults to have board certified and fully licensed hormone replacement therapy medical specialists provide their testing and treatment for Low T.

With just one phone call to Nexel Medical (our direct number is easily found on our website), you can obtain accurate and up to date information on all aspects of using a medically prescribed and supervised testosterone replacement therapy program. You call will immediately be answered by one of our experienced clinical advisors who can not only answer all of your questions about what does low testosterone mean in a blood test or anything else you want to know, but also arrange for you to have a diagnostic Low T blood test and physical exam performed right in your local area. The results of these procedures are then digitally transmitted to our TRT doctors, who will determine if treatment is warranted based on your results.

If TRT is indicated and prescribed for you, you will be able to legally and securely order your prescribed treatments from us online for prompt delivery to you. If you have any questions or need any assistance with the self-administration of your treatments, the clinical advisors and doctors of Nexel Medical are always just a quick phone call away. This is today’s most convenient and efficient way for men to receive both information and medical treatment for Low T. If you want to improve your health and lifestyle satisfaction, medically correcting your testosterone deficiency is a great place to begin.  

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