What Happens When Males Take Testosterone

Find Out What Happens When Males Take Testosterone Treatments

In order to truly understand what happens when males take testosterone treatments, you must first understand the total effect that your male hormone supply has on your body. Most men know it as the male sex hormone; but it does much more than provide you with the physical, mental and emotional attributes that make comprise any man’s masculinity and virility.

In addition to determining your sex drive and helping you to get and maintain erections, it exerts its influence on the amount of hair on your head and body; on the tenor of your voice; and on the musculature of your physique. It also plays an influential role in your cognitive function, by helping you to stay mentally focused and keeping your memory sharp. It supports your emotional wellbeing by helping you to avoid the emotional highs and lows, the moodiness and feelings of depression that adults with hormonal imbalances often experience. It helps to fuel your energy and stamina. So obviously, testosterone is much more than simply the hormone that keeps your sex life active and satisfying.

But as to what happens when males take testosterone treatments, it depends on whether they are using these treatments appropriately or not. From the medical perspective, is not appropriate to increase your male hormone supply excessively, even though this is exactly what some users within the bodybuilding and athletic worlds do – often illegally and often at the risk of their health and longevity. However, it is appropriate to use medically prescribed testosterone treatments if a man’s Low T levels, which can be caused by certain diseases and through progressive decline, are causing him to experience unwanted and unhealthy associated symptoms.

In the use of doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, bio-identical treatments are used to replenish a patient’s deficient hormone levels and improve or even eliminate his symptoms of deficiency. So what testosterone treatments do in these cases is to restore a male’s hormonal balance and provide his body’s systems and organs with an adequate supply of the biological substance they depend on for proper function. Clearly what happens as a result of using these treatments under medical supervision is the return of a man’s optimal vitality and healthfulness.

What Happens to Males Who Don’t Treat Their Low T Symptoms

What Happens to Males Who Don’t Treat Their Low T Symptoms

If you were surprised to find out how important your testosterone supply is to sustaining your overall health, then you probably now have a greater appreciation for what happens when males take testosterone treatments. But will you be as surprised when you learn about what can happen to a man who has Low T levels and doesn’t use treatment to alleviate his symptoms?

Let’s start by having a close look at the variety of symptoms that an adult-onset testosterone deficiency can trigger. It might not come as a surprise to learn that that one of the first warning signs of Low T is a decline in your libido. You sex drive gets progressively lower and your erectile function often fails you. If you are in a relationship, this symptom alone can create problems for you and your sexual partner.

Yet there are other symptoms to deal with as well and they can all have a substantial impact on your health and happiness. Low T also causes the loss of your energy and stamina, making it very difficult to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle. It causes the loss of your body’s muscle mass and tone, and is often responsible for your inability to lose those stubborn excess pounds that have accumulated around your abdominal area. Men with Low T often lose bone density and yes, men as well as women can develop osteoporosis as they age, which increases their risk for bone fractures – not a good thing in older adults as they become more prone to falling.

Then there is the emotional side of Low T levels to contend with. This disorder has been shown to contribute to experiencing depression, anxiety and irritability without cause. As opposed to what happens to males who take testosterone under a competent hormone therapy doctor’s supervision, men who don’t use treatment are going to have to deal with their symptoms indefinitely, because supplementing low testosterone levels is the only clinically proven method for eliminating them. And as their levels continue to decline, which they will do each year after the age of 40, their symptoms will become more chronic.

So the choice for men who have Low T symptoms is actually a simple and straightforward one: Receive the appropriate medical treatment from a qualified doctor, or avoid treatment and continue to allow testosterone loss to compromise health and wellbeing.   

Get All the Answers on Using Low T Therapy Before You Decide

Using Low T therapy is often a lifelong commitment and this is why it is important to feel confident in your decision to use it. You probably have many other questions that have not been addressed here; and since every man is going to have some questions that are frequently asked and others that may be more specific to his own circumstances, the best way to get your questions answered is by speaking with an experienced TRT medical professional.

Nexel Medical has made doing that very easy for you and all men (and women) who need to learn more about testosterone replacement therapy before they can reach a decision about using or not using it. Our professional staff of highly qualified clinical advisors is always available to answer questions such as what happens to when males take testosterone treatments long-term … which form of TRT do doctors prescribe the most often and why … what is involved in getting yourself tested for Low T by the doctors at Nexel Medical … and anything else that you need to know about safely and medically increasing your deficient testosterone supply.

Should you decide that you want to get tested for Low T, our clinical advisors can set that up for you, right in the area that you live and work in. And our hormone replacement therapy medical doctors can provide you with an individually prescribed program of treatment regardless of where you live in the US – they are fully licensed to provide treatment for patients in all 50 states. You can even order your prescribed treatments online through Nexel Medical.

Get all the answers regarding what happens when males take testosterone before you decide, so that you will be able make a well-informed decision on something that has a substantial effect on your ongoing health and vitality. Call Nexel Medical whenever you are ready to learn more and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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