What Type of Doctor Treats Low Testosterone

Q & A: What Type of Doctor Treats Low Testosterone Levels?

When you are dealing with the symptoms of andropause, which is commonly referred to as Low T, should you expect your family doctor to be able to diagnose and treat you? Many PCPs don’t actually have medical expertise in hormone disorders; so exactly what type of doctor treats low testosterone symptoms in adults?

When men ask their regular doctors this question, they are often advised to see an urologist or endocrinologist. This is not exactly what most busy adults want to hear, as they envision themselves waiting to get an appointment with a specialist who may be located outside of their local area. Then when they get to have their initial appointment, they see themselves asking the specialist questions about his or her qualifications and experience; answering numerous questions themselves about their medical and family health history; and then needing to have numerous follow-up appointments that will probably interfere with their work schedule.

In they only knew that they could avoid all of this inconvenience by going online to find a qualified hormone replacement therapy specialist that treats adult patients in their local areas, such as Nexel Medical. More and more adults are going online to find the specialized medical services they require, thus saving themselves much time and trouble. And while it is not surprising that many traditional family doctors generally prefer to refer their patients to one of their professional colleagues, someone they may even know personally, the complete and factual answer to what type of doctor treats low testosterone levels should include the fully licensed and legally practicing hormone replacement therapy doctors and clinics that have now made themselves to qualified US patients online.

At Nexel Medical, we are able to provide adult patients living in every US state with the convenience of receiving locally available treatment for hormone disorders like Low T. Next, we’ll explain exactly how our doctors are able do this.

Q & A: What Does the Treatment of Low Testosterone Involve?

Q & A: What Does the Treatment of Low Testosterone Involve?

There are several basic medical procedures that are followed in the medically responsible diagnosing and treating of Low T levels that are accompanied by certain symptoms. Also involved is specific blood testing that measures the amount of available testosterone circulating in a patient’s bloodstream. The blood tests that are used are highly sophisticated and precise; so in learning what type of doctor treats low testosterone levels successfully, you can see why it needs to be doctors who are experienced and familiar with all of the aspects involved in effectively treating patients who have Low T symptoms.

Yet this doesn’t mean that the process for receiving a diagnosis and treatment needs to be one that is complicated or cumbersome for patients to follow. Nexel Medical’s innovative breakthrough has been in streamlining the process and making it accessible to every adult in the US who medically requires Low T treatment. We have done this by utilizing digital technology to facilitate and simplify our procedures for treatment, which are:

  • Having a specialized (but easy to administer) blood draw test performed in your local area
  • Having a basic medical exam performed by one of our local medical doctors in your area
  • Submitting your medical history to Nexel Medical online by using the simple form on our website

These are the basic procedures involved for Low T patients of Nexel Medical, and our clinical advisors can schedule your blood testing and exam at a date and time that is convenient for you. Once your Nexel Medical testosterone replacement therapy doctor has carefully reviewed and evaluated the results of your blood test, exam and health history, if a diagnosis of male hormone deficiency is determined, you will be issued a valid medical prescription for using treatment. You will then be able to quickly and easily purchase your prescribed treatments online through us.

Once again, you can probably see why the answer you receive to what type of doctor treats low testosterone can make a substantial difference in what you will need to go through to receive the treatment you need. If you realize from the beginning that you can now find exactly the type of hormone replacement therapy doctor you need online, it can certainly simplify the entire process for you. But what matters most of all are the results that our doctors can help you to achieve – because the goal of any testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program is all about getting maximum results with minimal risks to your overall health. These are the things that you can expect to receive from using an expertly prescribed and medically managed TRT program.

Q & A: What Results Do Men Get from Low Testosterone Treatment?

The main benefit that men who have developed a testosterone deficiency receive from their treatment is relief from their unwanted and problematic symptoms. Just as it is important to learn what type of doctor treats low testosterone levels, it is also important to be able to recognize those symptoms.

The development Low T is characterized by a variety of identifying warning signs; the most commonly experienced of these are chronically low energy; a noticeably decreased sex drive; and unhealthy changes in physique – more body fat and less muscle mass. Other related symptoms can include the inability to get restful and uninterrupted sleep; feelings of moodiness, anxiety or depression; the loss of mental acuity, such as reduced memory or more frequent episodes mental fogginess; and erectile dysfunction issues.

A properly prescribed TRT program can successfully reverse all of these symptoms and also prevent the development of other adult health issues that can result from Low T, such as bone density loss and diabetes. There are now several different forms of treatment that TRT doctors can prescribe for their patients, including topically applied creams or lotions, implanted pellets, and self-administered injections. Of these, the form that is the most widely prescribed by TRT specialists (and it is also the original form) is the use of bio-identical testosterone injections.

You may have specific questions about the form that will work the best for you, and this is also an example of how knowing what type of doctor treats low testosterone levels is an advantage. The doctors who routinely prescribed these various forms of therapy for their patients are the ones who will be best able to answer any and all of your specific questions about them, just as we do for anyone who contacts us at Nexel Medical. All adults are welcome to call us and speak directly with one of our knowledgeable and experienced TRT clinical advisors. We will make sure that your questions about Low T treatment are answered thoroughly and accurately.

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