Why Do Guys Take Testosterone Shots

Ask Our MD: Why Do Guys Take Testosterone Shots Anyway?

If you have a gym membership, then it is possible that you have encountered someone who is using steroids to bulk up his muscles. But why do guys take testosterone shots and steroids anyway? Is it always because they want their muscles to be excessively large and pronounced? Not at all, according to the doctors who prescribe them for patients with Low T. When you are able to separate the risky illegal use of hormones and steroids from their medical use, an entirely different picture of their usefulness in sustaining healthy hormonal balance emerges.

Low T, which is a common term for having abnormally low testosterone levels, is a recognized medical condition. Many men, living in the US and in countries all over the globe, are using medically prescribed treatments for correcting this disorder right now. In fact, the number of men who are being diagnosed with Low T has been steadily rising in recent years; medical researchers are investigating the causes and so far, they have found that increased exposure to chemicals and toxins appears to be one of the contributing factors for the increase.

However, doctors have been aware of the unfavorable health implications of testosterone deficiency for many decades and corrective treatment, in the form of hormone replacement therapy, has been available to men with Low T levels for about the same amount of time. If you asked about why do guys take testosterone shots at some point during the 1960’s, you would have probably received the same answers that you would get today – that they are either obtaining using them illegally to enhance their muscles, stamina and strength, or that they have been diagnosed with Low T and are obtaining and using them legally, with a valid prescription for them and under a doctor’s supervision.

The benefits that illegal users receive are far riskier for them to achieve than the benefits that clinically qualified medical users receive. Valid Low T patients receive a range of highly rewarding health benefits at relatively low risk from using injectable testosterone treatments responsibly and appropriately.

Why Do You Need a Prescription to Use Testosterone Shots?

Why Do You Need a Prescription to Use Testosterone Shots?

Here is a question that you wouldn’t have heard anyone asking during the 1960’s: why do guys use testosterone shots that have prescribed for them by a doctor when all you have to do is go online and find a website that is selling them illegally? Before the Internet arrived in our lives, people probably used a variety of other ways to obtain prescription drugs illegally; but in the years since its arrival, the Internet has both evolved into a force for worldwide communication and education while at the same time devolving into the largest illegal marketplace that the world has ever seen.

Bio-identical testosterone that has been pharmaceutically produced is the primary ingredient in testosterone injections; it is also federally classified as a controlled substance. This is the reason why US residents are required to possess a valid medical prescription in order to purchase and use them. Yet there is another important reason for requiring a prescription and the medical supervision that goes along with that – it is the only truly safe way for adults to reap the benefits that these treatments are able to provide.

Using this substance to excessively increase male hormone levels, especially if it hasn’t been clinically verified that those levels are too low to begin with, may be an aid in sculpting a bodybuilder’s physique with huge muscles, but it is also a way to put your overall health in serious jeopardy. So why do guys take testosterone shots recklessly if they know that it could ultimately prove to be very harmful to them? Apparently, some people just like living dangerously. But for those of us who prefer not to gamble our health and longevity prospects just to prove to ourselves that we are capable of “living on the edge,” it is much smarter as well as much more beneficial to eliminate the symptoms that accompany Low T with the professional guidance of an experienced TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctor.

It s the only way to experience all of the benefits that Low T therapy delivers – the increased energy and stamina; the much stronger sex drive; the clearer thinking; the improved sense of emotional wellbeing; the prevention of bone density loss; and yes, the gains in healthy muscle mass and tone. Doctor prescribed Low T treatments can also reduce your risk for developing diabetes, hypertension and some other diseases. But there is no health benefit to be gained by excessively increasing male hormone levels that are normal, and that are not causing a person to experience the disruptive and unhealthful symptoms that are produced by a genuine testosterone deficiency.

Does It Hurt When You Give Yourself a Testosterone Injection?

Aside from one of the newest and not widely prescribed forms of TRT, which is the use of implanted pellets that release over time, the other forms of treatment are typically self-administered by patients at home. In the use of injectable Low T therapy, patients also prepare their treatments following the recommended protocols. Depending on the specific type of injectable testosterone being used, treatments are given anywhere between every few days to every few weeks, which is too often to make it practical for patients to have their injections administered by their TRT physician. This explains the main reason for why do guys take testosterone shots at home.

But something that TRT doctors are frequently asked is whether it is painful to give yourself these injections; the answer is that it depends on the reaction of the person who is using them. Some patients find them to be not painful at all; some find them to be mildly to moderately uncomfortable; and a much smaller number of patients find them to be painful, as they do with all types of injections. By following the proper techniques for both preparing and injecting Low T treatments (and at Nexel Medical, we provide both actual narrated demonstrations that are viewable online as well as personal assistance by phone from our clinical advisors whenever it is needed) most patients can quickly learn how to inject themselves relatively comfortably.

The key to success in every aspect of using medically prescribed TRT is to have a supportive and knowledgeable Low T specialist such as the doctors that can be found at Nexel Medical prescribing and supervising your treatment program. Another advantage our patients gain is the ongoing assistance of our clinical advisors who are always available to answer questions like why do guys take testosterone shots instead of using another form of treatment, or to explain anything else that adults want to know about TRT.

The possible discomfort of using an injectable form of treatment for your Low T symptoms is minimal when compared to the major discomforts and health issues that can be caused by the development of an adult-onset testosterone deficiency. Learn how you can receive locally available treatment from Nexel Medical by calling or emailing us today.

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