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Knowing When to Test Hormone Levels for Health

Medical testing can be somewhat emotionally intimidating and no one enjoys awaiting the results. However, it is an extremely valuable diagnostic component of health care. Yet knowing when to test hormone levels for health is not always as obvious as it is with some other medical issues. Often it is the patient who instigates the testing rather than their regular health care provider – but why is this?

Are doctors less attentive to the detection of hormone disorders such as HGH and testosterone deficiency than they are about other problems? Frankly, many of them are. Unless their patients are very specific about reporting particular symptoms that could be related to one of these disorders, most primary care providers are not going to suggest that they have their hormone levels tested as a preventative measure against the health complications caused by hormonal imbalance.

So men and women who are past the age of 30, which is when nearly all adult-onset most hormone deficiencies begin developing, have to be extra diligent about learning to recognize the associated symptoms that could be signaling a problem. In the absence of symptoms, the majority of doctors in the US are not going to automatically recommend that their patients test hormone levels at a certain age. However, there are certain and relatively rare medical conditions under which a specific type of endocrine testing would be appropriate.

But for the more common type of progressive hormone loss that can result in a clinical level of deficiency during adulthood, it is ultimate the responsibility of each of us to know what to look for regarding the symptoms of conditions such as HGH and testosterone deficiency. (This information is readily available online.) That is how we will know when it is time to find a doctor who specializes in hormone testing and treatment.

Testing Adult Hormone Levels in Blood vs. Saliva

From the perspective of hormone replacement therapy providers, hormone testing is becoming a more routine aspect of adult health maintenance as a direct result of the increased incidence of certain adult-onset hormone disorders. Depending on the type of imbalance they are trying to detect, they will typically request urine, blood or saliva testing to their patients.

Serum (blood) testing is the most reliable means to test hormone levels for measuring the available amounts of both testosterone and growth hormone that are circulating within your system at any given time. Hormone specialists know that these serum tests provide relatively accurate hormone values within the clinically established reference ranges. They also know that while saliva testing can be useful in regard to measuring the output of estrogen, progesterone and cortisol, they do not offer the same accuracy as serum testing and have other diagnostic disadvantages.

For adults who believe that their current symptoms could be related to either a growth hormone or testosterone deficiency (sometimes both are present), having a simple blood draw test performed is going to be the most efficient means of clinical verification. Nationwide online medical providers of hormone replacement therapy such as Nexel Medical are now able to offer local serum testing for Low T and HGH deficiency for their adult patients as part of the treatment process. This has made it infinitely easier for men and women across the US to keep track and take care of their hormonal health.

Our Doctors Can Have Your Hormone Levels Tested – and More

Our Doctors Can Have Your Hormone Levels Tested – and More

However, it takes more than testing to keep your hormone levels in balance and your overall health optimized. If you have been experiencing the symptoms of testosterone and/or growth hormone deficiency, then it is quite likely that your blood test results will confirm this.

So your next step will involve your treatment options. At Nexel Medical, our experienced and highly qualified hormone therapy doctors will review and evaluate each patient’s test results, symptoms and overall condition of health (along with their medical history) before recommending an individually prescribed program of treatment.

And this is all accomplished without any patient having to leave their local area. With out innovative digitally assisted process, our patients are able to access us online or by phone to begin the process; test hormone levels and have a medical exam locally; receive a prescription for treatment; and conveniently order their prescribed hormone replacement medications online for home delivery.

We realize that more often than not, it is the responsibility of adults with hormone deficiency symptoms to take charge of their treatment, so we have made every effort to support them with procedures that are simple, convenient and timely. If you are interested in having your testosterone or growth hormone levels tested, Nexel Medical has made sure that it will be no big deal for you. Our clinical advisors are always available for assistance and our doctors are always available to assist you with keeping your hormone levels in their healthiest state of balance.

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