Is Testosterone Enanthate Safe

Male Health: Is Injectable Testosterone Enanthate Safe to Use?

The overall peace of mind that comes from feeling safe and secure has become harder to attain in today’s complex world; life has become so full of questions that it can also be hard to know who or what to believe. What about your health questions? Have you wanted to ask is testosterone enanthate safe for me to use, but have been unsure about where you can receive a factual and comprehensive answer? You can receive the answer to this question, along with any others you might have about using testosterone enanthate injections to eliminate your Low T symptoms from the doctors at Nexel Medical who prescribe this treatment with confidence in its safety.

As in all forms of medically prescribed treatment, TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctors evaluate the safety and benefits to health against any associated risks before deciding that it is advisable for a patient to use a TRT program. Injectable estosterone enanthate is one of several commonly prescribed treatments for Low T; the others are injectable testosterone cypionate (which is similar) along with topically applied testosterone gels and creams. All are considered to be medically safe for adult patients to use.

The injectable forms have been in use by TRT patients much longer than the newer topical forms and they continue to be widely prescribed and used by patients to improve the symptoms and health issues that are associated with the development of testosterone deficiency. This hormone disorder has long been recognized by the medical community, providing medical researchers and specialists with decades of results tracking the effectiveness and safety of the injectable forms of TRT. What they have learned, among many other things, is that the answer to the question of is testosterone enanthate safe for adults to use under medical direction is yes.

TRT medical professionals know this to be the case because they are very familiar with the clinical evidence that supports this answer. They know that when used appropriately, which means under medical supervision, substances such as testosterone enanthate can provide relief from Low T symptoms and issues by replenishing an adult’s deficient male hormone supply – with a very low risk for exposing patients to anything other than the chance that they might experience some temporary and mild side effects. And after decades of medical usage and clinical documentation, injectable treatments such as testosterone enanthate have never been proven to increase a patient’s risk for developing degenerative diseases.     

How Do Men Take Their Testosterone Enanthate Treatments?

How Do Men Take Their Testosterone Enanthate Treatments?

Most TRT programs are self-administered by the patients who use them under a doctor’s supervision, due to the frequency of the treatments that are used. Topical forms of treatment are typically applied daily; the frequency with which the injectable forms are administered depends of the type of bio-identical testosterone that is being used by the patient – whether it is enanthate, cypionate or propionate. None of these three forms is interchangeable with the others; your TRT doctor will prescribe just one of these formulations for you.

Is testosterone enanthate safe for adults to use without medical authorization and monitoring? According to the medical community, as well as federal drug regulators, that answer would be no; it is a classified per US regulations as a controlled substance that requires a valid medical prescription for legally purchasing and using it. In fact, a prescription is required for using all forms of pharmaceutically manufactured testosterone but this has not stopped many men from buying and using illegal versions of it.

This is when the use or abuse of substances like testosterone enanthate becomes far riskier, health-wise. The excessively high dosages and lack of clinical supervision that is inherent in the illegal use of testosterone can result in some very undesirable health and wellness consequences. And there is the additional and very real risk of buying and using mislabeled, contaminated and counterfeit substances when they have been purchased online or anywhere else illegally. How is testosterone enanthate safe for certain if it has not been purchased from a licensed US pharmacy that can guarantee its authenticity and quality? There can be no certainty in illegally obtaining any controlled substance or prescription drug.  

Yet for men who are using testosterone enanthate injections legally, the preparation and self-administrating of their treatments quickly becomes a normal part of their health routine. Their doctors will have individually prescribed their correct dosage and frequency for each of them, and their blood levels will be tested at regular intervals during their cycles of treatment. At Nexel Medical, we provide our patients with easy-to-follow video instruction on how to prepare and use testosterone enanthate injections correctly. And we also provide our patients with a safe and secure online pharmacy, licensed in the US, where they can confidently and conveniently purchase their prescribed TRT treatments.

What Benefits Do Men Get from Using Testosterone Enanthate?

The use of medically prescribed TRT programs by adult men in the US is on the increase, which would appear to support the affirmative answer to the question of is testosterone enanthate safe for men to use. However, TRT usage is also on the rise because of the increased public awareness of the benefits it provides to men who are afflicted by the symptoms that often accompany Low T levels. So in terms of their effectiveness and their safety, testosterone replacement therapy programs continue to be widely prescribed because they deliver a number of significant health benefits without exposing patients to undue risks.

A comparison of the clinically proven benefits against the possible side effects will illustrate this:

Established Benefits:

  • Energy and stamina are restored
  • Muscles improve in size and tone
  • Emotional wellbeing is improved
  • Sexual desire returns in full force
  • Sexual performance/erectile dysfunction issues are resolved
  • Abdominal fat loss is enhanced
  • Bone density loss is slowed and/or stopped
  • Mental acuity is improved

Possible Side Effects:

  • Acne or oily skin may develop
  • Nausea or headache may occur
  • Temporary discomfort, pain or welling at injection site
  • Sensitivity or enlargement of breast tissue may occur

It is also not advisable for men who want to protect their fertility to use TRT as some studies have shown that the use of testosterone replacement therapy can reduce sperm count. However, for all other men with Low T symptoms the benefits provided by the use of doctor prescribed treatments such as injectable testosterone enanthate not only improves their quality health but their lifestyle quality, as well.

TRT programs are normally not recommended for males who are under the age of 30; but for men older than that who are suffering from adult-onset testosterone deficiency symptoms, the doctors who prescribe male hormone replacement therapy believe that the answer to is testosterone enanthate safe and effectual is a resounding yes – unless an existing health condition or prior medical event makes its use medically inadvisable for a patient.

Where Do Men Get Testosterone Enanthate Prescribed for Them?

The primary care providers and general practitioners who will provide Low T testing and treatment for patients who request it typically prescribe one of the topically applied forms of therapy, rather than one of the injectable forms. There are also many medical doctors who refer their patients who want to receive Low T therapy to hormone specialists or urologists. Is this because they think that the answer to is testosterone enanthate safe is no? It is actually because hormone replacement therapy is usually considered to be a highly specialized segment of medical practice; not many general practitioners would have the same training or experience that TRT medical providers possess.

So how do men with Low T symptoms manage to get injectable testosterone enanthate treatments prescribed for them in a way that is hassle-free? Many of them are now going online to find highly qualified and fully licensed TRT providers like Nexel Medical that can provide them with locally based testing and treatment procedures quickly and conveniently. You don’t need a referral from your regular doctor to become a patient of Nexel Medical’s; all you need is a desire to eliminate your troublesome Low T symptoms. Our respected hormone replacement therapy doctors utilize the medically correct protocols to test for and diagnose your condition of male hormone deficiency and can prescribe – professionally and legally – a TRT program for you based on your individual treatment requirements.

Men in the US just go online to our website, complete the contact form and click to submit it to us. One of our clinical advisors will personally respond to you and schedule your local blood testing and medical exam at your convenience. You can also call us and speak to one of our advisors directly if you would prefer to do that. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about using testosterone enanthate along with anything else you want to know about successfully and safely using TRT. 

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