Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Injections

Do Testosterone Enanthate Injections Cause Any Side Effects?

Before you use any medication, whether it is only available to patients by prescription or is readily available to all adults “over the counter,” it is essential to make yourself aware of the possible side effects that have been associated with its use. So learning about the possible side effects of testosterone enanthate injections is something that every person who is interested in using this form of Low T treatment needs to do before they begin using them.

The learning process starts by understanding that although testosterone enanthate is a bio-identical form of a substance that the human being produces naturally, it is possible for a patient to overdose if their dosage instructions are not being followed consistently. An experienced TRT doctor knows how to prescribe the correct dosages based on the individual requirements of their patients; but patients don’t always follow their dosage instructions faithfully. This can cause some problems or complications for them.

But fortunately, even when it has not been used properly the side effects that have been attributed to the misuse of testosterone replacement treatments are rarely, if ever, life-threatening and are relatively easy to mitigate by ceasing treatment. Even the statistically low side effects of testosterone enanthate injections among the patient population that is using medically prescribed TRT programs have shown doctors that these programs are generally low-risk for patients.

There is always a possibility that some patients could experience an allergic reaction to this substance, as there is in the use of all medications. An allergic response to testosterone enanthate might include the development of hives or a rash; temporary swelling of the tongue, lips or face; and a feeling of tightness in the chest. Other possible effects that have been reported in a very small percentage of testosterone enanthate users include tenderness and/or swelling of breast tissue; sudden changes in mood; and changes in the shape or size of testicles. Any sign of side effects should always be reported to your TRT doctor as soon as possible so that they can be quickly and effectively resolved.

What Are Therapeutic Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Use?

What Are Therapeutic Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Use?

By comparison, the proven therapeutic effects greatly outweigh the potential for side effects of testosterone enanthate injections usage. It’s because of those therapeutic benefits that doctors have continued to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy for adults who have developed the unhealthy and disruptive symptoms that often accompany the development of abnormally Low T levels.

In restoring the deficient male sex hormone levels of adult patients to healthy balance, the use of a treatment program based on the use of doctor prescribed testosterone enanthate injections has been clinically shown to deliver the following health benefits:

  • It builds muscular power and strength. Patients who have experienced the loss of muscle tone and mass due to Low T experience improvement in the size and strength of their muscles.
  • It restores sex drive and the ability to perform sexually. Erectile dysfunction and very low sex drive are two of the most common indications of testosterone loss.
  • It improves cognitive function and emotional wellbeing. Low T can cause noticeable declines in both of these areas.
  • It increases energy and stamina. Low energy and chronic exhaustion are often telltale signs of abnormally low testosterone levels.
  • It allows your body’s systems and organs to function more efficiently. Hormonal imbalances like Low T have a pervasive and undesirable effect on the function of the entire body.

Compared to the low risk for experiencing side effects of testosterone enanthate injections, most of which are minor and temporary, the benefits of using this treatment to improve your health and wellbeing tip the scale in its favor in the view of many health care professionals. And among TRT medical specialists, testosterone enanthate is considered to be one of the most effective forms of treatment for symptomatic Low T.

How to Get Testosterone Enanthate Injections Prescribed

For a number of reasons, it is often much easier to get testosterone enanthate injections prescribed for you by a TRT specialist than from your own primary care provider. Your regular physician is probably not nearly as familiar with all of the aspects that are involved in using this substance, including the benefits and side effects of testosterone enanthate injections. Expertise in hormone replacement therapy programs typically requires a significant level of specialized training and professional experience that your general practitioner does not possess, so a referral to a hormone specialist or urologist is probably what you will come away with rather than a prescription for using TRT.

So what is the easier way to get tested and treated for testosterone deficiency? Many US men are now turning to online medical practitioners such as Nexel Medical that exclusively specialize in treating adult-onset hormone disorders like Low T. Just by contacting Nexel Medical directly, either through our website or by calling us, you can receive local testing for testosterone deficiency; a local medical exam from one of our doctors; and receive your prescription for treatment quickly and efficiently. With your prescription, you will be able to order your prescribed treatments such as testosterone enanthate injections online and have them delivered to you – whenever you need them.

We can also answer any questions that you may have about the side effects of testosterone enanthate injections or anything else that you would like to find out about using a medically prescribed TRT program. Our doctors are fully licensed medical professionals who have many years of experience in providing safe and effective treatment for Low T symptoms to adults living all across the US. It is now much easier than you may have though to get treatments such as testosterone enanthate prescribed for you; just contact Nexel Medical and we will be happy to show you how.

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