Testosterone Enanthate vs. Cypionate

A Look Inside the Testosterone Enanthate vs. Cypionate Debate

Everything that happens to a person is an opportunity to prevail; and when adult men develop symptomatic testosterone deficiencies, it is an opportunity to overcome this disorder and come out on top of it. But the debate regarding the use of testosterone enanthate vs. cyopionate is one of those side issues that can distract a person from their ultimate goal, which is to restore the healthy balance of progressively declining male hormone levels. However, when you have the right information, there is no reason to let any of the differing opinions about Low T therapy sidetrack you from reaching your health and wellness goals.

Actually, there is very little debate among TRT specialists about which form of treatment has been clinically shown to consistently provide patients with the results they desire. Most agree that the injectable forms, specifically the enanthate and cypionate forms of pharmaceutically manufactured testosterone, have the most established and reliable history of effectiveness – they have been in medical use for decades. The newer treatment options, which include topically applied forms along with time-release implanted treatments, have yet to establish their own substantial history of results. So far, the documented results received from the newer treatments have been mixed, with some patients getting significant relief from their symptoms and others receiving very little relief.

So if you and your TRT doctor agree that a treatment program consisting of self-administered injections is your best option, the next issue will become which of these injectable forms you will use, testosterone enanthate vs. cypionate. In essence, they are very similar Low T treatments; the cypionate version is more widely prescribed for US patients, while the enanthate version is more widely prescribed for patients who live in other countries. However, while they are both clinically proven to be safe and effective for adult patients to use, they should not be used by patients interchangeably so you and your doctor will need to decide which version you are going use.

With So Few Meaningful Differences, Which One Should You Use?

With So Few Meaningful Differences, Which One Should You Use?

They are both safe and they are both effective – so what are the real differences between using medically prescribed testosterone enanthate vs. cypionate injections? Primarily, the differences are related to their individual chemical compositions, which causes one of them (enanthate) to have a slightly shorter duration within your system than the other one (cypionate).

This means that is you are using testosterone enanthate injections, you will be administering your treatments more often than you would if you were using cypionate injections. They are both biochemically classified as long-lasting esters, but the differences in their chemical composition could mean the difference between injecting yourself once a week vs. once every two weeks. They prices are also very similar, but when you compare the treatment frequencies involved it might represent a significant difference in the overall cost of using either one of these substances long-term. Another thing to consider is your TRT doctor’s opinion. If your doctor indicates that either one of these would be appropriate treatment choice for you, then it might all come down to cost. However, in both clinical studies and actual patient usage, some individuals have reported to receive better results, with fewer side effects, from one or the other.

But here is where the online debate starts to get interesting – on steroid user and bodybuilding websites. Many of these debaters are using testosterone injections illegally and/or illegitimately, which means they are also obtaining it illegally. And to compare the high quality pharmaceutical grade testosterone enanthate vs. cypionate that doctors prescribe and supervise the use of to the products that many of these debaters are illegally buying and using is somewhat pointless. Why? Because the only condition under which any type of testosterone replacement therapy has been proven both effective and safe for adults to use is when it has been appropriately prescribed by a doctor and is being appropriately monitored by the same doctor. When this condition does not exist, then neither its safety nor its effectiveness has ever been proven. In fact, using either substance without medical authorization could be very harmful to any adult’s health.

At Nexel Medical, our doctors have prescribed both the enanthate and cypionate versions of injectable testosterone for our patients (but never interchangeably). Whenever we prescribe any form of TRT treatment, having the input of each of our patients matters to us, just as we hope that having the knowledgeable expertise of our doctors to guide them matters to them. And it is that expertise that allows our doctors to know that any answer about which form of TRT treatment is most ideally suited to the therapeutic requirements of each patient can only come after the careful evaluation of both their testosterone deficiency and overall condition of health.  

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We certainly cannot pretend to know what every adult in the US wants to learn about Low T therapy, but we are always glad to do our best to answer every adult’s specific questions about it. The only way that we can do that, however, is to make ourselves available to all of them, which is exactly what Nexel Medical has done and will continue to do. If your specific concerns about using testosterone enanthate vs. cyopinate have not been answered here, all you need to do is call us at our toll-free number and speak directly to one of our clinical advisors who will make sure that your concerns or questions are resolved to your satisfaction. If you have just a quick question, you can even use the contact form on our website to ask it and one of our advisors will be sure to reply to you as soon as possible.

Remember that the symptoms of testosterone deficiency are an opportunity – or you might even think of them as a wake-up call – for you to recognize that it is time to pay attention to your body’s progressively declining testosterone supply. The good news is that Low T therapy can both eliminate your symptoms and make you healthier by lowering your risk for developing the degenerative diseases that male hormone loss contributes to. But the bad news is that your opportunity to gain these important benefits can be clouded by the many opportunists who are all too willing to take advantage of adults who are dealing with real health issues. You can avoid these opportunists by dealing with respected and fully licensed doctors, like those at Nexel Medical, who specialize in testosterone replacement therapy. We’ve gone online, too – where we have based our legitimate and fully licensed medical practice in order to make it accessible to all US adults.

So don’t let yourself become sidetracked by the so-called testosterone enathate vs. cypionate debate, or any other issue regarding TRT that has caused you to become confused or distracted from your goal. At Nexel Medical, we know how to help you reach that goal, by using the proper medical protocols and correct treatment products. Getting the TRT facts is as simple as that.

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