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Do you know what using testosterone injections can do for your overall health? Most people know that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that influences traits such as muscle growth, hair production and the deepness of a person’s voice. Men are usually aware that their testosterone supply determines the development of their male reproductive biological characteristics. However, they don’t always realize how essential an adequate testosterone supply is to their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Yet developing the symptoms of Low T, or testosterone deficiency, certainly brings that realization to many men. That is usually when they learn that the loss of their body’s naturally produced testosterone has health repercussions that go beyond the well-known sexual performance issues, such as erectile dysfunction and lack of desire. Chronic fatigue, muscle and bone mass loss, emotional anxiety, and unhealthy abdominal fat accumulations have all been linked to having below normal testosterone levels.

Doctors prescribe testosterone injections to relieve the symptoms of Low T and restore patients to hormonal balance. Unfortunately, some adults obtain them illegally and misuse them in order to “bulk up” their muscles unnaturally; but this unhealthy practice is not what testosterone injections are medically or legally intended to be used for.

What to Expect from Using Testosterone Injections

What to Expect from Using Testosterone Injections

The medical rationale for prescribing a program of injectable testosterone for a patient is to supplement their below-average testosterone levels when symptoms are present. Treatment is justified to both alleviate their symptoms and to protect their health from the further deterioration that testosterone loss can induce.

It has been noted that obese male adults tend to have lower testosterone levels than those who are non-obese; many doctors believe it could be due to the widespread cell inflammation that obesity promotes in the body. Bone density loss has also been associated with Low T, which can lead to osteoporosis in later adulthood.

Hormone disorders such as Low T can also have a detrimental affect on cognitive performance and emotional wellbeing. Symptoms including memory loss, mood swings and periodic depression are often reported by adults who have developed a testosterone deficiency.

Yet hormone therapy doctors also understand that prescribing testosterone injections for patients who have normal testosterone levels and no symptoms does not represent responsible health care. They know that using these treatments will not enhance the health of patients who already have an adequate testosterone supply. So before astute health care providers will prescribe testosterone injections for any patient, they will always start by ordering the appropriate blood testing to measure an adult’s current testosterone levels.

How HRT Doctors Prescribe Testosterone Injections

The correct diagnostic process, while not complicated, does require more than a simple blood test. A physical exam will be required, as well as a review of the patient’s medical history and a prescription. Any adult who uses injectable testosterone without having completed this recommended process, or who uses it illegally, is taking a reckless chance for experiencing some unwanted and unhealthy side effects.

It is therefore best to receive testosterone replacement therapy from doctors who are specifically experienced in the successful treatment of Low T. Not all doctors are; hormone disorders are not extensively addressed in standard medical training. However, hormone replacement doctors have chosen to specialize in this area of medical practice and have typically had additional education and training in the treatment of adult-onset hormone disorders.

Experienced HRT (hormone replacement therapy) doctors will not only be able to determine the extent of a patient’s testosterone deficiency, they will also be able to forecast which form of injectable testosterone will produce the best results. In pinpointing the optimal dosage and formulary, hormone therapy doctors are able to maximize a patient’s treatment results while minimizing their chance for experiencing any side effects.

Where You Can Get Testosterone Injections Prescribed for You

If you think that you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency, get yourself tested – preferably by a medical provider that has expertise in treating Low T. Nexel Medical has made this easy for you by providing medical testing and exams for testosterone deficiency locally available to all US patients.

We have also streamlined the treatment procedure by providing patients with an easy to complete medical history form that can be submitted to us online. Plus, we always have proficient clinical advisors available to answer any and all questions that a patient, or potential patient, might have about using injectable testosterone.

The process for medically using testosterone injections is very simple and the results are very satisfying. So if you have been suffering from what you think could be Low T symptoms, don’t wait for them to become worse. Get tested and if recommended by your Nexel Medical doctor, get treated. You’ll be doing more than maintaining your manhood – you’ll be extending your health and vitality well into the years ahead.

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