How To Use Testosterone Injections: Guides For Self Administration

There is a proper way how to use testosterone injections to stay safe and to get positive results from therapy. Below you will find several guides for (1) how to prepare to use testosterone injections, (2) a testosterone injection dosage for men chart, (3) and a testosterone injections dosage for women chart.

  • A guide for how to prepare to use testosterone injections intramuscular
  1. Wash your hands fully with soap and warm water.
  2. Lay all your supplies out on a clean and sterile surface.
  3. Make sure that everything you need for proper testosterone injection self administration has been shipped to you. This is the only way to get better assurance that the testosterone injections self administered process will go smoothly.
  4. Check your medication vials for possible tampering or contaminated solution.
  5. Choose and prepare your injection site by sterilizing the area.
  6. Make sure that you do not touch the needle when you unwrap it.
All these steps mentioned above are highly important for safe practices without risking getting negative side effects. Remember that all men and women will have varying testosterone injections dosage per week. In addition, how long to take testosterone injections will be determined by the prescribing doctor. It is important to follow your prescription exactly as it is written.
  • A testosterone injections dosage chart for males
Testosterone Enanthate: 50 to 400 mg intramuscularly (IM) injection every 2 to 4 weeksTestosterone Cypionate: 50 to 400 mg intramuscularly (IM) injection every 2 to 4 weeks
This dosage range was shared by a prominent source. This is an approximate dosage range for men and other clinics may have different reference numbers.
Dosages will depend upon many factors. Age is one of them and others will be determined by the symptoms the man is experiencing. The testing process will give the licensed doctor all the information he or she will need in order to prescribe the most accurate dosage for each patient.
  • A testosterone injection dosage for females
Very few females will receive prescriptions for testosterone injections. Instead, women will be prescribed a cream or gel to apply.
The typical range for testosterone cream or gel dosage for women is from 1 mg to 20 mg once daily or in divided doses.
The doctor will decide upon testosterone dosage and frequency of dosage of testosterone for women based upon their age, their symptoms, their test results and eventually, their tolerance to the medication.

Dosages of testosterone for both men and women will vary depending upon many factors. Additionally, how long to take testosterone injections will be different for all patients. It will all depend upon one’s age, symptoms, amount of testosterone needed and more information that will come from a blood test, a physical exam and a medical history. This is why all patients receive very unique and individualized treatment plans from their prescribing doctor.

16 Steps For How To Use Testosterone Injections

16 Steps For How To Use Testosterone Injections

To stay safe and free from irritation, infection or other negative side effects from the process of testosterone injections administration, there are 16 most common steps to follow. Paying attention to each step is very important to have an effective HRT experience.

  • 16 steps how to take testosterone injections for men:

Step 1: Wash your hands with warm water and soap

Step 2: Lay all of your medications and supplies out in front of you on a clean, flat and sterile surface.

Step 3: Take inventory of everything to make sure that all you are supposed to have for a proper testosterone injection is present. You should have:

  • Vials of medication in a lyophilized powder (vials come in 5 mg and 10 mg dosages)
  • Bacteriostatic water and other solution as a diluent and for storage
  • Needles and syringes
  • Alcohol pads
  • Cotton balls or gauze pads with bandages
  • Sharps container

You want to make sure that your vial is the correct dosage that is on your prescription.

Step 4: Look at your medication vials and make sure that they are colorless. There should never be any foreign particles floating in it. In addition, check the expiration date located on the vial and make sure the vials have not been opened or tampered with in any way.

Step 5: If everything that you need to available to you and everything checks out well, it is time to start your reconstitution process. This is when you will mix your medication to get it ready for injection. Hold your medication vial between your hands. You want to get the medication to room temperature by using your body heat, but do not shake the vial.

Step 6: Open one vial of testosterone medication and one vial of bacteriostatic water. The medication vial should contain a white, lyophilized powder which is completely sterile and odorless. The other vial will contain a sterile, clear liquid diluent.

Step 7: You will open an alcohol pad and from one side to the other, wipe the top rubber stopper on the medication vial. You will repeat this exact step again with another alcohol pad to wipe the vial of diluent.

Step 8: Open a sterile needle and make sure not to touch the needle. Your hands should be clean, but never take any chances. Keep everything as sterile as possible.

Step 9: Put the needle into the rubber stopper of the vial of bacteriostatic water. You will use the needle and syringe to pull out all of liquid out from the vial. Do not leave any liquid in the vial.

Step 10: Take the needle out of the first vial and put it into the rubber stopper on the testosterone medication vial. Put the vial at a 45 degree angle and push the liquid into the vial by allowing it to run down the side of the vial into the powder. You do not want to push the liquid in directly or quickly. This should be a very gentle process as the medication is very sensitive to all conditions.

Step 11: Once you have gently released all the diluent into the medication vial, pull out the needle and immediately dispose of it. You want to put it into the safe sharps container.

Step 12: Put the vial of medication between your hands and very gently and slowly roll it to help with the mixing process. Remember not to shake the vial.

Step 13: Put the vial aside and now you will prepare your injection site. The most popular injection sites are usually:

  • The thighs
  • The buttocks
  • The deltoids

You want to rotate injection sites each time you take your medication to avoid irritation, redness, itching or infection.

Open another alcohol pad and rub the area on the body gently in a circular motion moving outward and away from the site. This will help to move any bacteria away.

Step 14: Open a new needle (do not touch the needle) and put it into the rubber stopper on the reconstituted medication vial. You will pull back on the syringe to pull out medication ONLY in the amount on your prescription. You want to make sure not to take too much solution out, while at the same time, make sure you pull out enough. If you take too little medication (not what is prescribed), you may inhibit the benefits that you want.

Step 15: Many experts say to hold your needle like a pencil and push the needle into the skin. Some men like to do it quickly and others inject the needle slowly and steadily. Once the needle is in the skin, push the syringe to release all of the medication into the body.

Step 16: Once all medication is in the body, pull the needle out and immediately dispose of it in the sharps container. You can cover your injection site with a bandage.

If you ever need assistance with the self administration process of your testosterone injections, your clinical advisor should be available to help. Advisors will stay on the phone with patients when they need help with any part of the delivery process until they are comfortable with it. Each patient will have a different prescription and time frame of how long to take testosterone injections. Our advisors will be there every step of the way to help.

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