10 Benefits of Increased Testosterone Levels in Males and Females

10 Benefits of Increased Testosterone Levels in Males and Females

Testosterone is essential to adult vitality. For some men and women, the process of aging causes their testosterone levels to drop below the normal range. When this occurs, using a treatment program that increases low testosterone levels can benefit health and wellbeing.

TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctors know of a variety of health benefits that are directly related to increasing low testosterone levels. Qualifying for treatment requires an assessment of past medical history and present condition of health. It also requires the testing of current testosterone levels, which is typically done by the use of a specific blood test.

If your levels have become abnormally low, increased testosterone levels can deliver these 10 health benefits to you:

1. Builds Bone Density

Supplementing inadequate testosterone levels has been shown to improve bone density. By increasing low levels, bones are less apt to become porous and less susceptible to fracturing.

As adults age, bone strength becomes increasingly critical to sustaining health. Strong bones are needed throughout life for providing the proper support to your body’s muscles and organs.

2. Decreases Fat and Builds Muscle

Raising low testosterone levels can assist adults who want to reach a healthier body fat ratio. Both men and women who sustain adequate testosterone levels are less likely to struggle with stubborn excess fat.

Increasing deficient levels can also increase muscle size and improve muscle tone. Treatment helps adults to sustain a healthier weight and attain a leaner, more toned physique.

3. Boosts Sexual Desire and Performance

Enjoying an active and satisfying sex life is far easier with an adequate testosterone supply. Increasing an adult male’s low levels can result in having a much stronger sexual drive. It can also make getting and/or sustaining erections much more reliable.

Males and females with increased testosterone levels are typically able to regain and maintain their sexual desire and satisfaction throughout adulthood.

4. Increases Energy Levels

Increases Energy Levels

Increased energy will typically result from the supplementation of insufficient testosterone levels. Having more energy is what empowers the enjoyment of lifestyle activities that support health and happiness.

With greater energy fueling them, adults are much more likely to get regular exercise and are less likely to develop the health risks associated with chronic obesity.

5. Restores Emotional Wellbeing

Replenishing low testosterone levels often helps to restore an adult’s sense of emotional health and stability. For men, having higher levels can result in experiencing a greater degree of masculine confidence and virility.

Yet even women who use treatment to increase their testosterone levels are likely gain improvement in their emotional wellbeing.

6. Supports Sharper Mental Function

Keeping testosterone levels within the healthy range reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels have a lower incidence of this dreaded disease.

Healthy male hormone levels also support memory, concentration and mathematical reasoning. Sharper cognitive function is a key factor is remaining vibrant and vital all throughout life.

7. Improves Sleep Quality

Increasing low testosterone levels has been shown to have a positive impact on sleep quality and help to deliver the health benefits of uninterrupted rest.

Aging is often blamed for poor sleep, but that is not always the real reason. The underlying cause is often something that can be medically treated and corrected, such a hormonal deficiency or imbalance.

8. Supports Cardiovascular Health

A recently completed multi-year study has concluded that increasing the low testosterone levels of older men with coronary artery disease (CAD) lowered their risk for strokes and heart attacks.

The study indicated that men who increased their low testosterone as a follow-up treatment to their CAD were 80% less likely to experience a future adverse cardio event than men who did not.

9. Speeds Recovery

Many men who are using treatment to increase low testosterone levels find that they are able to recover much faster from their fitness and strength-training routines. They also experience an increase in their physical and mental endurance.

However, it is illegal in the US for any adult to use supplemental testosterone solely for the purpose of athletic performance enhancement or bodybuilding. For US residents, the purchase and use of pharmaceutical grade testosterone requires a valid prescription issued by a licensed medical doctor.

testosterone longevity benefit

10. Supports Longevity

Why can increasing low testosterone levels help to extend longevity? Because sustaining normal levels lowers the risk for developing a number of degenerative diseases. These include stroke, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, all of which can substantially shorten an adult’s life span.

How to Know If Increased Testosterone Levels Will Benefit You

The use of TRT to increase testosterone levels has been in medical practice for many decades. However, the two main keys to its therapeutic success are to use it appropriately, and to consistently follow its established clinical protocols.

Using the optimal dosage that has been prescribed for you is essential to receiving any of the health benefits described here.

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