Before and After Testosterone Therapy

Comparing Your Life Before and After Testosterone Therapy Use

Making comparisons, either consciously or subconsciously, is something that most of us do multiple times each day. Yet if you have found yourself struggling with Low T symptoms, how would you go about comparing the quality of your life as well as the quality of your health before and after testosterone therapy use? Would there be measurable improvements in both of these things that you could see, feel and experience in other ways? And how do hormone replacement therapy doctors compare and evaluate the results that their patients receive?

The medical goal of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is to alleviate as many of the symptoms associated with male hormone deficiency as possible. In utilizing this medical treatment to restore and sustain a patient’s Low T levels to the normal healthy range, doctors who specialize in prescribing TRT programs need to make a number of clinical comparisons to ensure the treatment’s success. But what does being successfully treated actually result in for patients? This is the question that is top of mind for most adults who desire more than simply getting relief from their symptoms.

They want to know if regaining a healthy testosterone supply can really produce the results that they’ve been hearing or reading about – results that are often described as “it has given me my life back” … “my attitude about life is now 100% better” …  and “it has saved my marriage.” Are testimonials like these for real? The majority of them are real. In comparing what life was like for them before and after testosterone therapy, most patients using TRT feel that the improvements they receive from treatment, to both their health and their lifestyles, are very real and definitely measurable.

When they compare how they were feeling about themselves and their lives before their use of treatment to how they feel while using it, it is not uncommon for patient to describe the difference as night and day. And living in darkness versus living in daylight is, in many ways, an apt description of the change that correcting your testosterone deficiency can provide.   

How Eliminating Your Low T Symptoms Could Improve Your Life

How Eliminating Your Low T Symptoms Could Improve Your Life

Most men and women understand that testosterone is what fuels a man’s essential virility; but not everyone understands that it also performs many other physiological functions for humans. These functions include helping to promote healthy metabolic activity; keeping you emotionally steady; maintaining your strength through strong bones and muscles; and of course, allowing you to enjoy the lifelong rewards of a healthy and active sex life. So if these functions have all been diminished by the development of a male hormone deficiency disorder, you could reasonably expect your life before and after testosterone therapy to be a much more satisfying one.

Your expectations of Low T therapy are not misplaced; by restoring your deficient testosterone levels back to proper balance, you can definitely expect dramatic improvements in regard to the troublesome and unhealthy symptoms that have been in control of your lifestyle. You can expect to once again have the energy and stamina to enjoy your life, rather than constantly feeling as though you are dragging yourself through it. Instead of witnessing your muscle tone and size declining, you can expect to see them becoming larger and more toned; you can also expect to see a decrease in your unwanted excess body fat. And your sex life will definitely start to sizzle.

Wouldn’t experiencing changes like these improve your life? They already have, for many of the men all across the US who are currently using doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. Their lives now feel more active, more youthful and infinitely more rewarding all because they have successfully eliminated their Low T symptoms – and in doing that, they have revitalized their virility and passion for living. No man has to feel as though the best years of his life are buried in the past just because of a testosterone deficiency. For men who are medically qualified to use TRT, life can be just as good after their male hormone deficiency has developed as it was before.

What To Know Before Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Now that we have explained the potential for a life that has changed before and after testosterone therapy, we need to explain what every man, or woman, should know before starting a treatment program. There will be some standardized clinical procedures, conditions and protocols that are utilized by legitimate hormone replacement therapy practitioners in order to ensure a patient’s medical requirement for treatment, as well as ensuring the viability of their treatment. So you will need to know what those are and what it will involve on your end.

If you choose Nexel Medical to be the provider of your TRT testing and treatment, you will find that the required procedures have been streamlined for your greater convenience. We will have your required blood testing performed at a medical lab that is close to you, and we will have your physical exam performed by one of our local doctors who is in your area. You will also be able to submit your medical history to us, which is required, by using the convenient digital form for this purpose that is located right on our website. Once your personal TRT doctor at Nexel Medical has reviewed your results and evaluated your condition of hormone deficiency, you will receive your prescription for using testosterone replacement therapy and you can then conveniently purchase your prescribed medications online from us. We have retooled the entire process into a much faster and easier one for all of our hormone therapy patients to complete.

So if you want to experience your own before and after testosterone therapy life story, there is now nothing to hold you back from doing exactly that. Regardless of where you live in the US, you can now receive the highest quality of treatment from our respected, experienced and fully licensed medical doctors who specialize in the safe and successful treatment of Low T symptoms. In comparison to some of the other providers, we think that you’ll find us to be very easy to deal with and very focused on your return to the many advantages provided by hormonal balance.

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