Best Method of Testosterone Therapy

What’s the Best Method of Testosterone Therapy for You to Use?

The development of excessively low testosterone levels is known by the term hypogonadism among those in medical circles; however, what is often known as by the male adults who have this condition is the loss of a number of their most desirable health and emotional wellness attributes. So if you were to become afflicted by Low T levels, what would be the best method of testosterone therapy for you to consider using?

The methods of male hormone deficiency treatment that are currently being prescribed by US doctors for their patients include subcutaneously implanted pellets; testosterone gels/creams; and injections. A method that had been used before further clinical studies determined that it could be a contributing factor to liver damage was an orally administered form; its use was discontinued, but pharmaceutical researchers have continued to work on the development an oral form of Low T treatment that does not carry this risk of liver damage to patients.

Without question, each patient is going to have a personal preference about the form of treatment that they would prefer to use. However, experienced hormone replacement therapy providers know that their ultimate recommendation in regard to which the best method of testosterone therapy will be the most medically beneficial for any individual patient. They have the knowledge and expertise to be able to weight factors that their patients are probably not aware of; for example, the gel forms of treatment are often not going to be a good choice for patients living in areas that have very humid climates. Factors such as these illustrate why the best TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) providers take the time to consider each patient’s lifestyle factors as well as their health factors before prescribing an ongoing program of treatment for them.

The original form of treatment for Low T, which is the use of injectable testosterone, has remained a popular choice among both patients and their medical providers because it has proven to be both effective and affordable to use. For these reasons, it has remained the primary form of treatment that is prescribed by the TRT doctors at Nexel Medical for our patients who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism.

How Doctors Decide on Your Best Testosterone Therapy Dosage

How Doctors Decide on Your Best Testosterone Therapy Dosage

Assuming that the patient’s medical history shows no circumstances that would contraindicate the use of TRT (and these would include prior incidences of breast or prostate cancer), doctors need to evaluate several key factors when determining the appropriate testosterone replacement dosage for each patent to use. A patient’s dosage will obviously correspond to whatever has been determined as the best method of testosterone therapy for them to use.

The extent of deficiency is one of those factors, along with personal physiological characteristics such as age, weight, gender (women can also develop testosterone deficiency), and the patient’s overall condition of health at the time of their initial diagnosis. TRT doctors clinically monitor a patient’s therapeutic progress primarily through periodic blood sample testing, which allows them to recommend dosage adjustments whenever they might be indicated. They want to provide every patient with optimal results, but they also want to minimize their risk for experiencing any unwanted side effects as a consequence of the specific method of treatment they have been prescribed. This is another good example of why having an experienced hormone replacement therapy specialist supervising your treatment program is essential.

Depending on a patient’s response to their treatment’s individually prescribed method and dosage, the doctor might suggest an alternative form of treatment. Topical gel/cream forms are not equally effective for all patients; a number of patients have found the implanted pellets to be unacceptably painful or have found their 3-times yearly medical implanting to be cumbersome; and some patients simply do not feel that they can handle administering testosterone injections to themselves, even if it is only going to need to 2 to 3 times a month. Make certain that you provide your TRT doctor and/or clinical advisor with complete information about any preferences or concerns about your treatment method and dosage administration before any form of Low T therapy has been prescribed for you.

Getting the Very Best Results from Your Testosterone Therapy

No one would argue that the best method of testosterone therapy for them to use is the one that will safely, effectively and consistently produce the best results over its long-term use. However, some might argue about what or how they feel is the best way to find that level of TRT. Some people might feel that their best chance at success is to speak with their PCP about their Low T symptoms; others might argue that a general practitioner is usually not going to be an expert in testosterone replacement therapy. In fact, it is very common for PCPs to refer patients who report having Low T symptoms to an endocrinologist, urologist or hormone replacement therapy specialist for their testing and possible treatment.

It is hard to argue with the position that many adults have taken over the past decade or so, which is that their best opportunity for getting the results they desire from using testosterone therapy is to use a medical provider who has extensive experience, deep knowledge and is exclusively focused on the treatment of adult-onset male hormone deficiency. People are now finding providers such as Nexel Medical, whose doctors possess all of these professional qualifications, just by going online. And this has made it possible for many more adults to receive relief from their symptoms through the exceptional results that our specialists help them to achieve. Exceptional results can only be delivered by doctors who fully understand the nuances of optimal hormonal balance – the point of balance that is able to provide the same benefits that your youthful and robust levels of male hormone supplied to you.

This will require personally prescribing the best method of testosterone therapy for you, given your individual health and lifestyle requirements. At Nexel Medical, it will be in the form of a well-structured and thoughtfully created program that is results-oriented in the proper context of enhancing your health and longevity factors. And it is medical treatment for Low T that is very easy for all US adults to access.

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