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What will you regret not doing for yourself five or even ten years from now? Will you regret not getting informed about doctor prescribed testosterone therapy and not learning what using it could have done for you? It actually could still be doing good things for your health and your lifestyle … but it can’t do anything about relieving your bothersome Low T symptoms unless you learn what it is and how you can receive it. So that is what the following information is going to do for you – explain what using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is; what it can do for adults with Low T; and how you can now access it far more conveniently from a fully licensed and qualified online health care provider like Nexel Medical.

While you might not know what the primary cause is, if you have been struggling with the type of symptoms that are often brought on by male hormone (testosterone) deficiency then you already have personal knowledge of how it can diminish your health, your sex drive and other important aspects of your lifestyle. Maybe you have mentioned some of these problems to your family doctor and been told that your symptoms are no more than changes that can be expected to happen as adults age. However, you would receive a very different answer if you bright your symptoms to the attention of a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy, because this is the type of doctor who has specific medical training and professional experience in recognizing and treating hormone disorders such as Low T.

Perhaps what you will regret down the road is that your local area didn’t have medical specialists like these readily available to you. But that is a circumstance that hasn’t prevented hundreds of adults from receiving doctor prescribed testosterone therapy, once they discovered that an online provider like Nexel Medical can provide locally accessible TRT to them regardless of where in the US they are living. So you have already learned something very significant about getting treatment for your Low T symptoms – that it is easier to access than it has ever been.   

What Happens When Testosterone Levels Fall Below Normal?

What Happens When Testosterone Levels Fall Below Normal?

An unhealthy deficiency in your male hormone levels can occur as the result of a disease or injury that affects the pituitary gland’s ability to produce this substance; and it can also occur in the form of a progressive hormone disorder that is commonly known as adult-onset testosterone deficiency. However it occurs, the resulting imbalance can lead to a number of physiological issues that have an impact of your physical condition; your emotional wellbeing; your cognitive function; and your sexual virility. The only known medical treatment that has been proven to be capable of reversing the symptoms of this disorder is the use of doctor prescribed testosterone therapy to supplement a patient’s deficient male hormone supply.

Even though it is not uncommon for primary care providers to downplay Low T symptoms, scientific studies, clinical trials and actual medical treatment have all substantiated the fact that androgen (male hormone) deficiency often produces a collection of challenging and well-documented symptoms, including:

  • A debilitating loss of energy. If all adults are naturally to lose energy as they age, which many PCPs claim, then why do you know people who are older than you who have far more energy than you have?
  • The inability to obtain and/or maintain erections. Many older adults enjoy satisfying and active sex lives, but your testosterone loss could be the reason why yours no longer exists.
  • Stubborn weight gain, especially around your mid-section. Carrying an excessive amount of weight can contribute to having Low T, but it can also be caused by it.
  • The loss of your muscle tone and mass. Male hormone deficiency has a wasting effect on your body’s muscles and it can also cause the loss of bone density. If left untreated, this condition can develop into osteoporosis.
  • Cognitive decline. If your memory isn’t as sharp and your mental focus has been missing, it might be your testosterone deficiency that’s behind these unwanted changes.
  • Changes in emotional wellbeing. Have you become moodier, quicker to anger, or been dealing with depressive feeling? Low T can be a significant factor in undesirable changes to your emotional state.

Will Your Doctor Prescribe Injections or Another Form of TRT?

Before any adult can receive a prescription for using doctor prescribed testosterone therapy, clinical testing must be performed to confirm the presence of Low T levels and provide an accurate measure of them. Your TRT doctor will also want to review your medical history and evaluate your present physical condition by having a medical exam performed. These procedures are absolutely required in order for your doctor to correctly diagnosis your condition and to determine if you are a viable candidate for using testosterone replacement therapy effectively and without risk. Certain pre-existing health conditions could make TRT not advisable for a patient.

However, if your doctor determines that you are a good candidate for using a Low T therapy program, you will be prescribed a course of bio-identical testosterone treatments to use. These treatments will most likely be in the form of either self-administered injections or a topical form of treatment, such as a cream or gel, that you will responsible for dosing yourself with. Your dosage will have been carefully calibrated by your doctor to provide you with a progressive increase in your male hormone levels, with the goal of returning them to the healthy and normal range for your age and condition.

At Nexel Medical, most of the patients using our doctor prescribed testosterone therapy programs opt for the use of the injectable form for two main reasons: it is more affordable to use than the topical forms and it requires substantially fewer doses. Testosterone injections are also the form that has been in use for the longest time and so doctors have a long record of consistent results to refer to when prescribing them. The newer topical forms are relatively recent arrivals and TRT providers are still evaluating their overall effectiveness; some patients have received uneven results and many patients tire of the frequent applications that the topical forms require.

Your preferences in regard to the form of treatment you will use as a TRT patient matter; but it is always a good idea to listen to what your doctor has to say about it, as well. At Nexel Medical, your doctor shares in the goal of your treatment, which is to restore your body’s testosterone supply to their optimal levels thereby providing you with symptoms relief along with physical, sexual, emotional, and mental revitalization.    

Our Doctors Can Prescribe Testosterone Therapy Across the US

One of the biggest regrets that any adult can have is not having taken action on achieving their meaningful goals. So if attaining your goals is going to require you to stay physically vital, emotionally steady and mentally sharp throughout your life – or maybe achieving these things is your goal – then don’t allow having Low T levels to stop you. Get doctor prescribed testosterone therapy in order to keep your male hormones, your health and your life in balance.

Instead of looking back at your life five years from now and saying to yourself that it would have been so easy to have your testosterone deficiency medically corrected, you could actually be living the life you want. You could have energy to spare, be enjoying an exciting sex life, proud of your physique, and as sharp as you ever were instead of watching life pass you by because of your chronic and discouraging Low T symptoms. If you started using TRT today, it certainly wouldn’t take five years to experience its beneficial results; in fact, most adults notice significant improvements in their symptoms within the first few months of their treatment – often within the first few weeks. And the many benefits they receive will last for as long as they continue with their doctor prescribed testosterone therapy program.

With most people, it is the things that we didn’t do that we end up regretting, rather than those things in our lives that we did do. Don’t waste another day regretting that you didn’t get the Low T treatment that you so clearly needed. It takes just a few minutes to call Nexel Medical and arrange to have a blood test for testosterone deficiency performed in your local area. We can also schedule a local physical exam for you, and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about getting treatment for your symptoms. Regrets can last forever – but your male hormone disorder doesn’t have to. Take action on this one thing and it might very well lead to many other positive developments in your life, as it has for so many adults who were in the very same circumstances that you now find yourself in.

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