Growth Hormone and Testosterone Therapy

Why Growth Hormone and Testosterone Therapy Are Good Together

For many adults, the first time they hear anything about their body’s growth hormone supply is when its loss is causing symptoms to appear – unlike testosterone, which is a hormone that is familiar to just about everyone. The reason for why growth hormone and testosterone therapy are often prescribed together is because they often decline during adulthood at approximately the same time and rate; and when their dual decline interferes with an adult’s wellness, there are numerous health benefits to be gained by simultaneously using these two different types of hormone replacement therapy programs to replenish them.

While these two hormones perform different functions within our bodies, some of the symptoms generated by their excessive loss can be very similar. This is why it is not unusual for a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctor to test for both types of deficiency for patients whose symptoms include such issues as chronic exhaustion, low sex drive, an inability to lose excess body fat, and the loss of mental focus. The development of either Low T levels or a growth hormone deficiency can share these symptoms; oftentimes a patient’s symptoms are being caused by the development of both of these kinds of adult-onset hormonal deficiency.

Fortunately for patients who suffer from both of these conditions, it is medically correct to use treatment for both at the same time. In fact, dual treatment often magnifies the therapeutic benefits that patients receive from using growth hormone and testosterone therapy together. The key to getting the most from your treatment is to have it prescribed and managed by a highly qualified medical provider who has expertise in treating hormone disorders in adults. And that typically is not going to be a general practitioner such as your primary care physician; but you will find doctors who have this type of experience and possess these kinds of professional credentials at Nexel Medical.

Do Non-Prescription HGH and Testosterone Boosters Work at All?

Do Non-Prescription HGH and Testosterone Boosters Work at All?

It is not uncommon for adults who are struggling with symptoms related to either a growth hormone or a testosterone deficiency to first try using non-prescription boosters or other products they see advertised to improve their condition. Yet they typically end up being very disappointed when the claims made by the manufacturers and/or sellers of these kinds of products prove to be untrue. Doctors who specialize in growth hormone and testosterone therapy understand why these products can’t work, but most consumers don’t – and consequently, they are susceptible to the unsubstantiated claims that accompany all of these so-called alternatives to using a medically prescribed program of HRT.

Medical science has consistently shown that the only way to increase an adult’s insufficient male hormone or growth hormone supply is to supplement it through the use of bio-identical hormones. There is no proof whatsoever that using products described as natural or homeopathic hormone boosters can actually increase your body’s production of these essential biological substances; if proof existed, it would be widely acknowledged by the AMA and other medical organizations located both here in the US and in other countries where medical care has reached a highly developed state. But people can’t be blamed for trying to help themselves feel and look better – the blame rests solely on the unscrupulous companies and individuals who knowingly make false claims just to sell often very expensive but useless health products.

Once people accept what medical researchers and hormone therapy doctors have been saying all along, which is that the introduction of additional bio-identical hormones into the systems of deficiency patients is the only way to increase their hormone levels, they can focus on receiving genuine growth hormone and testosterone therapy that has been prescribed for them by fully licensed and professionally respected medical doctors such as those at Nexel Medical. It is the only treatment that has ever been clinically proven to eliminate hormone deficiency symptoms and improve health.

The Cycles of Testosterone and Growth Hormone Replacement

Medical researchers not only established why hormone replacement therapies for restoring growth hormone and testosterone supplies work, they also uncovered the clinical methodologies that make these forms of treatment work the best. And this is why doctors know that both growth hormone and testosterone therapy must be administered and monitored cyclically.

Both of these types of therapy utilize patterns of treatment that progressively increase a patient’s hormone levels to the optimum degree, to be followed by a period of time when no treatment is used. This “resting” cycle of the prescribed treatment allows the body to fully experience the beneficial aspects of having an adequate hormone supply, be it testosterone or growth hormone or both of them, without causing an excessive increase that can be as unhealthy for patients as having too low a supply. The testing that doctors use to monitor the progress of both of these therapies involves drawing small samples of blood to measure a patient’s available hormone levels. It is also used to indicate to doctors that adjustments to the prescribed program of treatments might be required.

And since both forms of HRT are typically going to necessary for patients throughout the duration of their adulthood, the fact that they will have rest periods between their cycles of treatment makes the concept of using lifelong therapy much less daunting to them. Of course, once patients experience the dramatic improvements that growth hormone and testosterone therapy deliver to them, they have no desire to return to the way they looked and felt prior to being diagnosed and prescribed treatment for their symptomatic hormone deficiencies.

Two Separate Types of Hormone Deficiency, One Type of Doctor

Getting the most from your program of HRT necessitates having a doctor who understands how to manage your treatment cycles; this is especially critical for patients who are using both growth hormone and testosterone therapy simultaneously. So you might be wondering if it is going to be difficult for you to find a doctor who has the experience, knowledge and finesse in administering hormone replacement therapy programs that will provide you with the most beneficial results from your treatment. Thanks to Nexel Medical’s universally accessible medical treatment for adults with Low T and/or growth hormone deficiency symptoms, it is actually not going to be difficult at all.

You can also thank digital technology for being able to conveniently receive testing and treatment from Nexel Medical for your symptoms, because it is what has allowed our doctors to be able to treat adult patients living in every state in the USA on a local basis. The majority of our patients have found us by going online (although a significant number have been referred to us by current patients of ours), and have been delighted to discover that there is no need for them to leave their local areas to receive safe and successful treatment from our highly qualified hormone therapy doctors. Whether they have one or both types of deficiency, patients of Nexel Medical can be assured of receiving treatment that follows the medically correct HRT protocols at all times.

Our procedures have been streamlined and modernized for today’s world, instead of being holdovers from the more than 50 years that Low T therapy has been in use. The medical use of human growth hormone replacement therapy doesn’t have as long a history, but our doctors have been involved in its practice since its acceptance by the US medical community several decades ago. At Nexel Medical, our doctors are experts in prescribing growth hormone and testosterone therapy – and now adults from all across the US have immediate and convenient access to them. It has never been easier for adults to experience the amazing improvement that restoring hormone levels to their proper balance provides to both their health and their lifestyle enjoyment.

It only takes one type of doctor to be able to gain the benefits of hormonal balance for yourself; and you will find those doctors at Nexel Medical. We are experienced hormone replacement specialists who are dedicated to delivering greater health and vitality to adults who are suffering needlessly from their chronic hormone deficiency symptoms.

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