How Can I Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How Can I Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy Conveniently?

Who decided that getting your health care needs taken care of should be based on what is convenient for doctors instead of what is convenient for patients? Maybe you have asked yourself this question as you’ve wondered how can I get testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) more conveniently? At Nexel Medical, our hormone therapy doctors have based our entire process for providing Low T therapy to adults on making it as convenient as possible for them, not us. It’s an innovative, digitally assisted process that has been designed and created to prioritize the health care needs of our testosterone deficient patients – patients who have been seeking a more convenient method for accessing the treatment they require.

Our doctors understand the time constraints that today’s adults are constantly up against and decided that we could make it easier for them to get clinically tested locally for testosterone deficiency … easier for them to have a basic pre-therapy physical exam performed locally … and easier for them to obtain their prescribed Low T therapy medications, which are often classified as specialty medications by both local pharmacies and large pharmacy chains. That means whenever you need them, they have to be special ordered and that can lead to delays in getting the medications that TRT patients need.

So we turned the traditional answer to how can I get testosterone replacement therapy on its ear and created a new and more convenient way to provide TRT to adults all across the US who are tired of living with their discouraging Low T symptoms. Everyone who is diagnosed as being medically qualified to use this form of hormone replacement therapy can now conveniently access it locally simply by calling us. And we believe that no one is going to miss the old and inconvenient ways of tracking down TRT at all.  

What Are the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Requirements?

What Are the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Requirements?

What does it mean to be medically qualified to use testosterone replacement therapy? Well, to begin with it means that you have been experiencing a set of symptoms that are commonly associated with having sub-normal Low T levels. Yet those symptoms need to be accompanied by the clinical verification of your currently available male hormone supply. If the results of a specific blood test that is used by hormone therapy doctors for this purpose confirm that your male hormone levels are abnormally low, then you will be most likely be diagnosed as suffering from an adult-onset testosterone deficiency.

However, another factor has to be taken into consideration before any doctor can responsibly prescribe TRT for you, which is your medical history. If there is anything in your history that would medically preclude you from being a good candidate for using a program of supplemental testosterone treatments, your doctor needs to know about it. Certain pre-existing conditions or past medical events could mean that the answer to how can I get testosterone replacement therapy safely and responsibly prescribed for me is that you can’t.

But if your TRT doctor determines that you are a good candidate for using a hormone replacement program, the final requirement is devising the form and dosage of treatment that is appropriate for you to use. With that completed, you will receive your legally and medically valid prescription for using bio-identical testosterone in the amount that will provide you with optimal therapeutic benefits.

You will continue to be monitored by your doctor throughout your self-administered treatment program, primarily through the use of periodic blood tests to measure your body’s current testosterone levels. This testing will ensure that you are maintaining the healthy levels your treatment is designed to produce, as opposed to levels that are too high or low to support your maximum health and wellbeing.

So as a cautionary note in regard to how can I get testosterone replacement therapy, you should never use a TRT program without being certain that you and your doctor have met all of the medical requirements and criteria. With Nexel Medical as the licensed medical provider of your therapy, you can be sure that they will be – and that your treatment experience will be one that is safe as well as effective for you to use.  

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe and Effective for Long-Term Use?

After more than a half of a century of use by medical professionals, there have been no significant long-term health risks associated with the use of doctor prescribed and supervised testosterone replacement therapy. As the treatment options have evolved, clinical trials that are focused on establishing TRT’s risks versus benefits have continued to bear this out. So any patient who is using this form of treatment exactly as it has been prescribed for them, and is being monitored by blood testing at the recommended intervals, can confidently use TRT for as long as their doctor feels it is medically appropriate for them to do so.

Yet anyone who is interested in finding out how can I get testosterone replacement therapy should recognize that as in all medical treatments, the risk for experiencing side effects does exist. Clinically and statistically speaking, it is a relatively low risk; but there is a chance that anyone using TRT, especially for the first, could experience some temporary and modest effects such as headaches, joint pain or fluid retention. Fortunately, effects such as these are typically easy for the prescribing physician to manage and eliminate by making adjustments to a patient’s dosage.

What has been established, however, are the health risks that an untreated state of testosterone deficiency can pose; these can include medical issues such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease among other issues. The use of TRT has been scientifically shown to minimize these risks, which is something to keep in mind when you are considering getting treatment for your Low T symptoms.

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