How Do I Know If I Need Testosterone Therapy

How Do I Know If I Need Testosterone Therapy? Ask Our Doctors.

Maybe one of the reasons that health care has become so expensive in the US is that certain aspects of it seem to have become overly complicated at times. When someone has a straightforward question like how do I know if I need testosterone therapy, wouldn’t it save time and money if they could just call a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctor and get an answer? We all know what the alternative is, which is calling your primary care doctor and making an appointment in order to hopefully this question answered.

But we do things differently at Nexel Medical. Our doctors believe that it does make more sense to make medical information about using testosterone replacement therapy easily available to people – just as we believe that it makes good common sense to make treatment for the symptoms of Low T easily accessible to the adults in the US who require it. Consequently, there is nothing that is overly complicated or difficult to access about the medically appropriate treatment that our doctors provide to adults who are clinically verified to have acquired this condition. Our procedures are as straightforward and easy to follow as our doctor prescribed Low T treatment programs are.

However, we also believe that the appropriate initial step in receiving any form of medical care is to prepare yourself by gathering essential information on both your condition as well as the treatment that will be prescribed to correct it. So we actually encourage all adults who have questions such as how do I know if I need testosterone therapy to call us and speak with a Nexel Medical professional who can provide you with accurate and pertinent answers. It’s our simple, sensible and efficient solution to a problematic situation that doesn’t need to exist.

And just for the record, TRT doctors determine a person’s need for testosterone therapy by evaluating their symptoms along with the results of their male hormone blood levels testing. It’s no more complicated than that.

Can All of My Low Testosterone Symptoms Be Improved by TRT?

Can All of My Low Testosterone Symptoms Be Improved by TRT?

Low T is a hormone disorder that exhibits itself in a variety of symptoms, including some that are physiological; some that are emotional; and some that are associated with cognitive function. It has been our experience that any adult who wants to find out how do I know if I need testosterone therapy has usually been experiencing some if its medically recognized symptoms.

Yet our professional experience has also shown us that aside from its most widely recognized symptom, which is the significant decline of an adult’s sexual urges and ability to perform, many people don’t know nearly as much about the other common symptoms that often indicate the development of adult-onset testosterone deficiency. Excess abdominal fat coupled with the loss of muscle mass is a classic symptoms of Low T, as is something that is less noticeable but just as unhealthy, which is the loss of bone density. Bad moods, depressive moods and inexplicable feelings of anxiety can also be caused by unhealthy declines in male hormone levels; and so can cognitive changes such as experiencing memory loss and mental fogginess. And did you know that experiencing chronic fatigue and very low energy levels is often the result of having abnormally Low T levels?

So how many of these issues can be substantially improved through the use of a testosterone replacement therapy program? All of them … because once your body’s male hormone supply has been replenished through the use of TRT, it can once again function as it did before your deficiency reached the point of causing those symptoms. However, before your doctor can prescribe this treatment for you, a review of your medical history will have to be performed to make certain that there is nothing in your history that would make its use medically inadvisable. But assuming that your symptoms, test results and history all qualify you for using testosterone therapy, you should be able to start feeling like your younger, hormonally balanced self again in far less time than it took for all of your undesirable symptoms to develop.

Which Form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Should I Use?

Once people have received the answer to how do I know if I need testosterone therapy, one of the next things they often want to know is what form of treatment should I use? This is a relatively recent question, because it wasn’t all that long ago that TRT doctors has only one form of treatment that they could prescribe for Low T patients, which was the use of injectable testosterone. As practically everyone in the US must know due to the heavy advertising it received, there are now other forms of male hormone replacement medications that can be prescribed for patients such as pellets, patches, gels, and creams.

Yet even with these newer forms now available to them, many patients have continued to opt for using doctor prescribed testosterone injections as their form of treatment. Part of the reason for this is unquestionably related to their lower cost than other forms. Many patients who have asked how do I know if I need testosterone therapy discover that their medical insurance declines or limits their coverage for adult-onset Low T, so the cost of paying for their own ongoing treatment suddenly becomes a significant factor. From the perspective of the doctors who prescribe this treatment, the injections have had decades of medical usage in which they have consistently established their effectiveness for patients. So they see using this treatment form as an excellent choice for their patients to make.

On the other hand, the newer forms are being prescribed for patients who would rather try them first and leave the use of injections as their treatment form of last resort. The topical cream and gel forms have shown mixed results thus far, and the pellets are still so new that there hasn’t been much documentation generated in regard to their proven results. At Nexel Medical, we encourage our patients to ask as many questions as they have about the various forms of treatment so that they can feel confident in the choice that they ultimately make.

What Is the Best Way for Me to Receive a Prescription for TRT?

Once your question of how do I know if I need testosterone therapy has been answered affirmatively, you will also want to know the best way to receive a medical prescription for using it. Nexel Medical believes that the best way for any adult to have TRT medically prescribed for them is the way that minimizes their potential hassles and maximizes their convenience. We also believe that this is what our innovative treatment process accomplishes.

Among the innovations that our doctors have introduced to testosterone therapy is the universal availability of local Low T blood testing that we provide. Regardless of where in the US you live, we can schedule your test to be performed in your local area. We can provide the same local convenience to the medical exam that is required prior to treatment; it can be performed by one of our doctors located nearest to you. The results of these procedures are then transferred to us, where your prescribing physician at Nexel Medical will evaluate them, along with the health history that you have provided to us (you can use the form on our website), and then diagnose your condition of deficiency. You will then receive your prescription for the program of therapy that your Nexel Medical believes to be the most appropriate for you, based on your individual requirements.

All that is left is for you to purchase your prescribed treatments, which you can online from our secure, fully licensed pharmacy partner. They will be promptly and safely shipped directly to you; and if you have any questions, or need any assistance, with self-administering your treatments at home, our clinical advisors are here to help you and we also have an easy to follow instructional video available to you online.

As we all know, this is the digital age and it is certainly an age that is constantly producing innovations. Nexel Medical offers you the convenient new way to get truly useful answers to questions like how do I know if I need testosterone therapy, as well as how will I receive it if I need it?

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