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Having below normal testosterone levels can have ongoing physical, mental and sexual impacts on an adult male that makes him feel as though he has become less of a man than he used to be. Fortunately, most men realize that this condition can be medically reversed; but what they really want to know is how long do you take testosterone therapy before you will experience the benefits of that reversal? Given how disruptive to one’s life the symptoms of Low T can be, it’s no wonder why most patients are eager to see improvement in them as quickly as possible.

Yet there are so many variables that can play a part in how long it will take for any TRT patient to experience the full effects of their treatment, starting with your individual physiology. Some men notice improvement in some of their symptoms within a matter of days, while for others it can take weeks or even a couple of month before they experience any substantial positive changes. Another significant variable is the dosage that a patient is using; not all doctors are as adept or experienced at prescribing the optimum dosage and if a patient’s dosage is too low, they might never experience any of the proven benefits that TRT has been shown to deliver. In an ideally prescribed Low T replacement program, patients are expected to observe some improvements in their symptoms within the first two months of treatment and to be experiencing maximum improvement by the end of a six-month cycle of treatment.

That brings another question that men ask is in regard to the timeframe involved in the use of doctor prescribed treatment for Low T, which is how long do you take testosterone therapy before stopping? The answer is that it is an ongoing form of medical treatment that is used to replenish a patent’s deficient male hormone supply rather than to stimulate its production. While there is a chance that using TRT can cause slight improvements in the ability of your body’s hormone producing to produce testosterone naturally, it will generally not be a clinically significant improvement. For this reason, even though there will be periods in your treatment when you can take a rest from using your medically prescribed testosterone medication, for most men using TRT is a lifelong commitment.      

Will the Type of Testosterone Therapy Used Affect Your Cost?

Will the Type of Testosterone Therapy Used Affect Your Cost?

It is when they realize that the answer to how long do you take testosterone therapy is indefinitely that most adults understandably want to learn more specific details about its cost. Their health care insurance may or may not cover the cost of their treatment; it really depends on the terms of coverage that your own plan provides, which can often place limitations on the specific conditions that are covered by your plan.

So assuming that at least some of the patients using TRT are going to be responsible for a portion or possibly all of the cost of their ongoing Low T treatment, the price differential among the various forms of available treatment is relevant. Two of the most widely prescribed forms of testosterone therapy are the use of injections and the use of topically applied gels and/or creams, and the difference in price between these forms can be a substantial one. Injections, which have been in medical use for the longest time, are usually significantly lower in price than the more recent topical forms primarily because the injections require far fewer dose administrations.

It is not as easy to compare the cost of one of the newest forms of TRT, which is the use of implanted pellets that release the bio-identical testosterone into the patient’s system over time, since these require the use of implantation and removal procedures by an experienced physician. The prices charged for these procedures often varies widely depending on the medical provider that is used, and they have not been in medical use long enough to be able to compile much data on their overall cost-effectiveness, or on other characteristics of their long-term therapeutic effectiveness. 

How Can You Learn About Your Personal TRT Benefits and Risks?

Shortly after learning about how long do you take testosterone therapy, many potential patients naturally want to know more about the personal benefits and risks that could be associated with their use of Low T therapy on an ongoing basis. While it doesn’t take long to go online and obtain general information on these aspects of treatment, it is during the evaluative and diagnostic components of your therapy that an experienced TRT will be able to determine your individual risk vs. benefit factors.

The only way that any physician or specialist can pinpoint your extent of male hormone deficiency is with the performance of a specific blood test that typically measures the amounts of free and total testosterone that is presently within your system. If a deficiency is detected within your free T levels, which are the levels that indicate how much of your body’s male hormone supply is available to you, then the next step is for your doctor to evaluate your current symptoms, your medical history and your overall condition of health – issues such as obesity can be a contributing factor to the development of unhealthy Low T levels.

It is during your doctor’s clinical evaluation of all of these factors that any questions you have about your personal potential for experiencing benefits or being exposed to health risks can be answered. Certain pre-existing conditions and/or past medical issues can make your exposure to risk too high for treatment to be recommended for you, especially given how long do you take testosterone therapy. However, based on your doctor’s past experience, if you are considered to be a viable candidate for Low T replacement therapy, your doctor should be able to provide you a professional opinion regarding the benefits you can expect to receive from using this treatment.

Because every patient is physiologically unique, no two patients will respond to treatment in an identical fashion. But after decades of compiling data on the documented benefits and risks that patients using TRT have experienced, hormone replacement therapy medical professionals are able to provide patients with a very good idea of what the outcome of their treatment is likely to be. The most successful outcomes are the result of using the proper dosage exactly as it has been prescribed.   

Are All US Physicians Able to Prescribe Testosterone Therapy?

Any licensed medical doctor is legally allowed to prescribed testosterone replacement therapy programs for qualified patients; however, not all doctors are experienced or possess specific medical knowledge in prescribing this treatment. So many adults have found that their primary care physicians will refer them to specialists such as urologists or endocrinologists rather than provide them with the appropriate clinical testing and treatment programs that are currently used for Low T.

It can at times even be difficult to get accurate answers to questions such as how long do you take testosterone therapy from your regular doctor. If this has been your experience, then how can you obtain factual and useful answers to the questions that you have about using TRT? You can do what so many other US adults with Low T symptoms have been doing – you can contact an online medical provider like Nexel Medical, who specializes in providing testosterone replacement testing and therapy programs for adults and is always glad to provide timely and factual information to anyone who requests it.

At Nexel Medical, all it takes is a phone call to get all of your questions answered; in fact, this is also all that’s required for the scheduling of a local testosterone blood test and physical exam for you. In less time than most people imagine, you can be diagnosed and well underway with your treatment while other adults are still either pleading with their PCPs for help or trying to get an appointment with a medical specialist. This is the way that more and more adults are receiving safe and effective medical treatment for Low T in the 21st century because it is a faster, more convenient and more productive way for busy adults to get relief from their symptoms.

If this efficient and modern method sounds like the way that you would like to receive TRT, why not just give us a call and learn more about it? Our clinical advisors are always available and happy to provide assistance to you on all aspects of using medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.  

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