How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost Without Insurance?

The symptoms that are brought on by having Low T levels feel unhealthy and discouraging no matter how you acquired this hormone disorder; but many health care insurers will only cover medical treatment for those symptoms under certain conditions. This is why more adults now need to know how much will testosterone therapy cost without insurance before they can decide on using the only form of treatment that has ever been proven capable of reversing the symptoms associated with Low T.

A medically significant testosterone deficiency can be triggered by certain diseases; by an injury that results in pituitary dysfunction; and by age-related decline. It is the age-related, or adult-onset, form of this disorder that has been increasing among the adult population in the US during recent years – and yet this this is the form of medically treatable Low T for which many health care insurers will decline to provide coverage.

So it has fallen upon the patients who have been clinically verified to have abnormally and unhealthily low testosterone levels accompanied by symptoms to pay for the cost of their own use of doctor prescribed corrective therapy. Until or unless something occurs to change the current health care system in the US, insurers will continue to have the final say in what medical treatment they will or will not cover. Fortunately for those Low T therapy patients who have decided that they will have the final say in their own treatment, the cost of using testosterone replacement therapy long-term is affordable for most adults.

For those individuals who are concerned about how much does testosterone therapy cost over a period of extended use, there are some treatment options available to them that are more affordable than others. The use of self-administered testosterone injections is considerably less costly, at a few hundred dollars or less per month of treatment, than the use of some of other newer forms of treatment, such as topically applied and implanted forms. Given the exorbitantly high cost of today’s prescription medications, all forms of Low T treatment are typically going to be much lower in price than many other of today’s medically prescribed drugs.

What Value Do You Place on Testosterone Therapy’s Benefits?

What Value Do You Place on Testosterone Therapy’s Benefits?

When you evaluate how much does testosterone therapy cost you need to compare that cost to the value of the benefits that you will receive in return. So what will you gain by investing in the cost of what this treatment accomplishes for you, which is restoring and sustaining your male hormone levels back into the healthy and normal range? It is important to have a clear picture of the benefits that will be provided to you by your Low T therapy in order to be able to evaluate their true value to you.

Low testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction and a chronically low libido; so if you value sexual intimacy, restoring your male hormone supply can restore your ability to get and maintain erections as well as substantially increase your sex drive. Treatment of your male hormone deficiency can also restore your energy, stamina and strength, allowing you to live an active and rewarding lifestyle. Another significant benefit that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) provides is an improvement in your emotional wellbeing; one of the most common symptoms of Low T is that of experiencing feelings of anxiety and/or depression.

Male hormone deficiency can also cause stubborn weight gain (concentrated around the abdominal area) along with the progressive loss of muscle mass and tone. Both of these symptoms can be substantially improved through the use of a medical prescribed TRT program. And perhaps you didn’t realize that testosterone deficiency can affect your cognitive function; the mental fogginess and lack lack of mental drive that you have been experiencing could very well be a symptom of Low T levels. Restoring your hormone levels can help to bring your mental sharpness back.

So when you have been diagnosed with adult-onset testosterone deficiency and your TRT is able to provide you with an exact figure for how much does testosterone therapy cost, compare it to how valuable it would be to you to receive benefits like those we’ve just described. Also consider that properly balanced male hormone levels are a key component of your adult health and longevity.

Why Testosterone Injections Cost Less To Use Than Other Forms

For many decades, the only form Low T treatment that was available to patients was the use of medically prescribed bio-identical testosterone injections, which for a long time, doctors would administer during an office visit. Since these treatments needed to be professionally administered several times each month, it could be inconvenient for patients and those office visits were certainly a factor in determining how much does testosterone therapy cost back then.

However, the vast majority of today’s patients using the injectable form of treatment self-administer them at home. While their treatment must still be prescribed and supervised by a licensed medical doctor, it is now much more affordable and convenient for adults to use testosterone injections than it used to be. And because the injectable form of treatment requires fewer dose administrations than the topical forms, it is less costly to use injections rather than a daily-applied prescription gel or cream. Patients are now able to order their prescribed Low T medications online from fully licensed and legal Internet-based pharmacies at competitive prices, rather than have to order them from their local pharmacy and wait (testosterone in considered to be a “specialty” medication by many bricks-and-mortar pharmacies and has to be special ordered for patients).

Learning how to administer your own injections is not hard; at Nexel Medical we provide both instructional videos that carefully explain each step of the process and we also offer our patients personal assistance over the phone if they should require it. For most of our patients, it only takes self-administering their injections a few times to feel completely comfortable with the simple and straightforward process that is used. The majority of Nexel Medical patients actually do prefer to use the injectable form of treatment, finding it easier to deal with than daily applications and definitely more affordable in regard to how much does testosterone therapy cost. What are doctors like about the injectable form is that it has been in use the longest and has established a record of proven and consistent results for Low T patients.

Nexel Medical – A Cost-Conscious Testosterone Therapy Provider

Can an adult be cost-conscious and health-conscious at the same time? Absolutely … and so can a respected TRT provider like Nexel Medical. We take providing improvement to our patients’ Low T symptoms seriously; and we also take seriously any concerns and questions about how much does testosterone therapy cost that they may have. If you are clinically shown to require treatment for your male hormone deficiency, we want to work with you to find a way for you to get the medical help you need.

Our doctors are fully aware of the negative effect that Low T can have on your adult health and wellbeing and we are also very familiar with the limitations, restrictions and loopholes that adults now have in their health insurance coverage. So what our doctors have done is to create a streamlined and innovative way for adults all across the US to access testosterone replacement therapy on a local basis, regardless of what state they live in. Our process is focused on convenience and affordability, while our medical treatment is focused on providing patients with safe and effective treatment for Low T.

If your personal PCP is not specifically qualified or experienced in prescribing TRT (and most are not), and there are not any endocrinologists or hormone replacement therapy specialists in your local area, your options for receiving medically prescribed TRT have undoubtedly been very limited – until now, that is. Nexel Medical is the better option for receiving treatment that you may not have known about until now; and all adults who are interested in learning more about using Low T therapy are welcome to call us for information at any time. Remember, it is usually what you don’t know that can end up costing you.

Whether you would like to know how much does testosterone therapy cost when using a specific brand or form of prescription treatment, or simply want to learn more about TRT in general, our clinical advisors are ready and happy to assist you. If you value your pre-Low T health and lifestyle satisfaction, our doctors can help you to get it back.

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