How Quickly Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work

How Quickly Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Work?

Each of us experiences those times when our lives seem like a numbers game, causing us to become preoccupied with coming up with answer to questions involving how much and how long. For adults with Low T levels, the answer they are looking for is how quickly does testosterone therapy work because what they have become preoccupied with is getting the fastest relief possible from the unwanted symptoms that this hormone disorder often causes.

So while there is no one answer that can be guaranteed to apply to every adult in exactly the same way, Low T therapy has been in use long enough for experienced TRT doctors to be able to provide a reliable average time frame in response to this frequently asked question. That answer is based on an adult patient using a six-month cycle of treatment, which is the approximate length that applies to most testosterone replacement therapy programs.

While keeping in mind that individual factors such as obesity and other medications being used can slow the progress of treatment, here is how quickly TRT works for the majority of patients who are using this treatment to correct a symptomatic condition of adult-onset male hormone deficiency:

  • Within the first two months of treatment, usually between four and six weeks, most patients be experiencing noticeable improvements in two of their most bothersome symptoms, which are low libido and sleeping difficulties. While patients who are using the injectable form of treatment will already have increased their testosterone levels significantly after just a few treatments, it takes a bit more time for all of your symptoms to respond to that increase.
  • During the third and fourth months of your treatment cycle, patients can anticipate experiencing substantial improvements in their mental focus, emotional wellbeing and energy levels. This can be an exhilarating phase of therapy, since in addition to sleeping well and being able to enjoy a satisfying sex live, most patients experience a sense of contentment and engagement in life that had been progressively declining due to their testosterone deficiency.
  • As you enter the fifth and sixth months of your TRT program, you will definitely understand how quickly does testosterone replacement therapy work as you observe that a real improvement in your physique is taking place. Your body’s muscle tone and mass will be visibly improved and the loss of your excess body fat will be well underway. It is at this point in their treatment that patients are typically experiencing the maximum amount of benefits from their Low T therapy.    

How Do TRT Doctors Decide What Dosage to Prescribe for You?

How Do TRT Doctors Decide What Dosage to Prescribe for You?

Other numbers that people wonder about in regard to using doctor prescribed TRT are the numbers that apply to the dosage of treatment that is prescribed for them. So how do hormone replacement therapy doctors determine what the appropriate dosage for each of their patients is? And will the amount of your individual treatment’s dosage have an influence of how quickly does testosterone replacement therapy work for you?

The numbers that are relevant in this instance are those that reflect your body’s available male hormone supply, because your treatment will be prescribed with the goal of increasing that supply to the levels that are considered to be optimum for you. Using more than the dosage that has been prescribed for you is not going to make your treatment work any faster or better; and using less than your prescribed dosage can most certainly detract from the effectiveness of your treatment. In additional to evaluating your individual health factors and therapeutic requirements, experienced TRT doctors also rely on their professional experience and specialized knowledge to help each patients attain their own personal best testosterone balance – because they know that this is the “sweet spot” that is going to result in delivering the greatest number of wellness benefits to each of their patients.

At Nexel Medical, the dosage of every TRT program that our doctors prescribe is based on an individual evaluation of that patient’s particular needs, and responding to them by prescribing a dosage amount (and formulation) that is neither too high nor too low. Using the dosage that is the correct one for you alone is the best way to get the best results from your treatment while providing the added benefit of presenting your least chance of exposure to possible side effects.  

What Will It Cost To Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The cost of things is all about numbers and virtually every adult who is considering the use of TRT wants to know what the cost is likely to be. And while the cost of your treatment should have no relationship to how quickly does testosterone therapy work, it is a meaningful number especially if your medical insurance does not provide coverage for the treatment of adult-onset testosterone deficiency.  

However, the cost of your treatment will depend on both the extent of your deficiency as well as the form of treatment that your hormone therapy doctor prescribes for you. You will be involved in the decision regarding what form of treatment to use and if cost is a critical factor in your preferred form of treatment, you should know that it is significantly more affordable to use testosterone injections that one of the topically applied forms of Low T medication. The injections require the use of far fewer doses than the cream or gel forms, and most TRT doctors tend to agree that they are very effective for most patients.

Topical forms must be applied much more frequently and that is why the cost of using this form of treatment can really add up over time. As one of the newer formulations being used in medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, doctors are still studying the relative effectiveness of topical treatments as compared to injections. This far they have discovered that the results patients are receiving in regard to either how quickly does testosterone therapy work or how well does it work are mixed – the topical formulations appear to work better for some of them than they do for others. But the value of a successful TRT program is nearly immeasurable, because it has the power to enhance a patient’s health as well as their lifestyle satisfaction.

Don’t expect any responsible hormone therapy doctor to be able to quote you an exact cost for your treatment before having the opportunity to clinically evaluate your deficiency along with your current condition of health. But once the required Low T testing procedures and diagnosis have been completed, your TRT doctor should be able to provide you with the exact numbers associated with the cost of using your prescribed treatment program.   

Where Can You Get Answers To All Your Questions On Using TRT?

Speaking of numbers again, there are a great number of individual questions that adults have about using testosterone replacement therapy, certainly too many to be able to address here. So how can you get answers to your specific questions about TRT, especially if you have been unable to get them from your regular physician? Well, you can use our toll-free number to call Nexel Medical and immediately get answers first-hand from our knowledgeable and experienced clinical advisors.

We will be happy to discuss how quickly does testosterone replacement therapy work in more detail if you’d like, plus we will also be glad to answer any other questions that you may have. And we can explain how simple it is for you to use our streamlined and locally based procedures for getting your Low T levels tested; for having your physical exam performed locally; and for receiving your prescription for using TRT.

Maybe you have questions about where and how to purchase your prescribed treatments online, which is how many TRT patients now prefer to obtain them, and we can answer those as well – because we have an affiliated online pharmacy that you can utilize for this purpose. It is a fast and convenient way to order your medications for prompt and secure delivery to you. In fact, everything about using our streamlined procedures for Lot T treatment is faster and easier than the past methods that have been available to male hormone replacement therapy patients.

So if getting treatment for your Low T symptoms has been moving up to number one on the list of things you need to do for yourself, then all you need to do is to call our number at Nexel Medical. You’ll find that we have made getting local treatment for your testosterone deficiency more convenient for you than it has ever been.

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