How to Start Testosterone Therapy

Why and How to Start Using a Testosterone Therapy Program

How many reasons for why you should find out how to start testosterone therapy have you accumulated over the years? This progressive hormone disorder effects thousand of adult men in the US and the number grows higher every year. But each one of them has their own personal reasons for wanting to eliminate their troubling Low T symptoms. So what are your reasons?

Do they involve someone else who is important to you, like your spouse, who misses the active and satisfying sexual intimacy the two of you used to share but is not too thrilled with how grumpy and moody you can be? Maybe your reasons include the people you work with everyday who have probably noticed that your stamina and mental agility are certainly not what they used to be. Or perhaps your reasons have a lot to do with your personal unhappiness with the condition of your body, which has progressively put on pounds of excess fat and lost much of your former muscle mass.

Every adult who has developed the symptoms of testosterone deficiency also develops their own personal issues and problems because of them. And because Low T symptoms tend to develop stealthily over time, the mental, physical and emotional problems that they can trigger also develop progressively rather than appear suddenly – and as a result of this, it can take a while for many men to even suspect that their male hormone supply has declined to an unhealthy and medically treatable extent.

So each adult is going to experience a personal timeframe for deciding to learn how to start testosterone therapy and maybe you have decided that your time has arrived. If this is the case, your timing is advantageous in many ways, not the least of which is how much easier it now is to get testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) prescribed for you by highly qualified and experienced doctors like those at Nexel Medical. You will also enjoy the advantages of how far TRT has come over recent decades.

Where to Find Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Injections

Where to Find Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Injections

This is where you will first experience the advantages of how to start testosterone therapy now because it has become a lot more convenient to find TRT doctors than it used to be. More adults are now finding their doctors online; and when they find Nexel Medical this way, they are able to have their required testing and treatment procedures performed locally. And they are discovering that the procedures involved in receiving doctor prescribed Low T treatment this way have now been streamlined and modernized by digital technology, as it has in so many areas of our lives.

It is no longer necessary to have your PCP or family doctor provider provide you with a referral to an urologist, endocrinologist or other type of medical specialist just to have your testosterone levels tested for deficiency; Nexel Medical can have that done for you locally. We can also arrange for you to have a pre-treatment physical exam from one of our affiliated local physicians in your area, and you can provide your medical history to using our online form. With these three basic prerequisites for Low T treatment completed, your Nexel Medical TRT doctor will be able evaluate your current state of male hormone deficiency and prescribe the hormone replacement program that is appropriate for you to use, based on your personal health requirements.

You will then also be able to take advantage of what most patients have found to be the most convenient way for them to obtain their prescribed male hormone replacement medications, which is to order and purchase them online; these are most often going to be testosterone injections. We provide our patients with a secure and fully licensed pharmaceutical source for this express purpose because we want everything about learning how to start testosterone therapy to be as easy to fit into their lifestyles as we can possibly make it for them. Then they are able to more quickly enjoy the greatest advantage that using TRT provides to adults, which is the restoration of their energy, strength, mental acuity, emotional wellbeing, and satisfying sex lives.

How Long Until You Feel Effects from Testosterone Injections?

There are several advantages to using injectable testosterone as your form of treatment. This is the original form of TRT; and in the view of many hormone therapy doctors and patients, it remains the best choice for a number of reasons. It’s effective; it requires fewer doses; and it is generally more affordable than using most of the newer forms of treatment, such as gels and implants. However, it does require learning how to self-administer your injections as part of the preparations for how to start testosterone therapy – most patients find this quite easy to master after having done it once or twice.   

TRT doctors have found that the results patients receive from the use of injections tend to be more consistent than the topically applied forms, which is a real advantage in any long-term program of therapy. In some patients using the gels or creams, the results have been disappointing; other patients have received satisfactory results but find the daily or twice-daily applications that are needed to be burdensome. There is also the possibility of cross-contamination through contact with the topical forms, so certain precautions for avoiding this are required.

At Nexel Medical, our doctors primarily prescribe testosterone injections for our patients and some have reported experiencing positive results within anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Every patient is going to respond to treatment uniquely, but the overwhelming majority of our patients experience progressive improvement of their symptoms starting within the first month or so of their treatment. The results continue to build through subsequent months of their treatment cycle, which typically runs for a period of 6 months; by the end of the cycle, most patients are experiencing the maximum amount of benefits that their treatment program can deliver.

Not only does your Nexel Medical doctor know how to start testosterone therapy for you, but also how to end your cycle properly and allow your replenished male hormone supply to do its job in eliminating your symptoms. Once your testosterone levels have begun to decline again, as indicated by the results o your blood test, it will be time to resume another cycle of treatment 

What to Know About the Cost of Using Testosterone Therapy

The first thing that you will want to know after you have learned how to start testosterone therapy, is whether your health care insurance is going to cover the costs involved. These will include the cost of your periodic blood testing and prescribed treatments. In light of the loopholes and restrictions in coverage that many Americans now find themselves having to deal with, many patients are discovering to their dismay that their coverage for medical treatment of adult-onset testosterone deficiency is either very limited or non-existent.

However, if you will be paying for your own treatment, there are ways to manage the cost, such as the use of testosterone injections instead of some other form, for example. It is also typically more affordable to use a qualified online medical provider for your TRT than it is to receive treatment from a private medical practitioner or clinic. Regardless of who adults choose as the medical provider of their male hormone replacement therapy, they should be aware of the fact that it is a long-term form of therapeutic treatment – it could continue through the remainder of your life.

So it is essential to consider the value that you would attach to getting relief from your Low T symptoms and receiving the other health and longevity advantages that testosterone replacement therapy can deliver to you. Our clinical advisors are always happy to discuss these advantages with adults who want to learn more about why and how to start testosterone therapy, along with any other questions that people often have about this form of treatment, including its average cost. It ultimately comes down to making a choice of which you would rather live with for the rest of your life, your symptoms or the use of the only treatment that can improve and eliminate them.

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