Is Testosterone Therapy Safe

Where the “Is Testosterone Therapy Safe” Debate Now Stands

As in so much other information and intelligence, it was the Internet that brought to light the debate among some doctors regarding is testosterone therapy safe for men to use? From the perspective of adults who wanted to learn about the potential pros and cons of using this treatment, it was a great advantage to be able to go online and perform their own research, whenever and wherever they wanted to. There they could discover the entire history of testosterone replacement therapy; scientific and medical research; clinical trial results; and practically anything that anyone could ever want to find out about using male hormone replacement therapy.

They also discovered that some members of the US medical community had divergent opinions about its specific use for treating adult-onset testosterone deficiency. While in nearly universal agreement about its medical use for instances of male hormone deficiency that were due to other causes such as disease and/or injury, some doctors believed that the unknown potential risks associated with its long-term use did not justify its use for alleviating adult-onset Low T symptoms. These doctors generally agreed that adults, including those with abnormally low testosterone levels, should simply accept that their chronic and progressively worse energy loss, mental fatigue and low sex drive were the inevitable consequences of aging – in this case, hormonal aging.

However, their online research also revealed a plethora of scientific and medical opinions that supported the therapeutic value of using a doctor prescribed and supervised male hormone replacement program. These experts and doctors believed that plenty of clinical evidence existed to show that the answer to “is testosterone therapy safe?” is yes. They pointed out that this form of medical treatment has been in use for many decades and has proven to be very low-risk. Their opinions reflected their support for the use of Low T therapy in adults who had developed deficiency symptoms and whose blood levels confirmed that a clinical level of deficiency existed. And this is also the professional opinion of leading hormone replacement therapy medical providers such as Nexel Medical.

Our doctors at Nexel Medical believe that adults with a clinically verified condition of adult-onset male hormone deficiency deserve to receive the benefits of Low T therapy that is properly prescribed, administered and supervised. In this way, hormone therapy doctors can ensure that every patient is using their treatment effectively and safely, while maintaining their therapy’s low-risk factors.

Will Medical Insurance Cover the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

Will Medical Insurance Cover the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

This debate regarding the relative safety of Low T therapy has been used by a number of health insurance providers as an opportunity to limit the medical conditions under which they will cover the cost for their subscribers. Not surprising, many have decided that they will not cover treatment specifically for adult-onset testosterone deficiency because it has been categorized as non-essential. But apparently some insurers feel satisfied that the question of is testosterone therapy safe has been affirmatively answered, and so will often cover the cost of treating Low T patients whose condition of deficiency is not due to an age-related decline.

That is why many adult patients pay for their own treatment and fortunately for them, male hormone replacement programs can be quite affordable depending on the specific form that a patient will be using. As an investment in your health and longevity, the many benefits that this treatment delivers include some that are going to help keep you healthier for longer, such as preventing osteoporosis and obesity. In your current stage of life, eliminating your testosterone deficiency symptoms is going to allow you to live your life as energetically, passionately and productively as you did back when your naturally produced male hormone supply was at its peak. For most patients, that alone is well worth the investment in themselves that their treatment represents.

Any adult who has health insurance and is considering getting tested and possibly treated for Low T should contact their insurance provider directly and ask if these things will be covered by the terms of your policy. Sometimes, adults have found that they will be covered; but it is always better to find out if they won’t be covered before you move forward with having a testosterone replacement program prescribed for you.

What’s Your Risk for Having Testosterone Therapy Side Effects?

In addition to checking into the “is testosterone therapy safe debate,” many adults also use the Internet to check into medical and/pharmaceutical websites for information about any possible side effects that using Low T therapy could trigger. For most of us, going online for immediate access to medical information has totally replaced reaching for the copy of The Merck Manual that has been in many US households for generations. So what do they discover about the risk for experiencing side effects from the use of the various forms of testosterone replacement therapy?

They find that in general, this treatment is considered to be low-risk, as long as patients are using it correctly. While it is possible that a very low percentage of patients might experience some temporary and relatively minor effects, such as skin irritations from the topical forms of treatment, or discomfort at the sites used for injectable forms of treatment, most of the associated effects of treatment can be managed and eliminated for patients by their prescribing physicians. It is the illicit use of Low T therapy that often gets adults into trouble. Illegally purchasing and using all forms of prescription testosterone injections, creams, patches, or gels is definitely the incorrect – and high-risk – way to use male hormone replacement medications. Since their illegal use will not be medically monitored, if and when problems occur they could develop into ones that could have serious implications for the user’s health.

The illegal purchase of testosterone medications online, since this is how it is most often done, also exposes users to the very real dangers of using contaminated, expired or fake medications; so it should be very obvious that the only response to is testosterone therapy safe when it is being obtained and used illegally is always going to be a resounding “No!” All of the scientific studies; all of the clinical trials; all of the medical research; and all of the medical providers who are currently and legitimately prescribing Low T therapy for their patients agree on this: the process of increasing an individual’s male hormone deficiency has to be medically prescribed and supervised in order to be considered low-risk and beneficial for anyone.

How You Can Now Access the Medical Perspective of TRT Doctors

Maybe you have read enough and what you really want is to be able to talk to an experienced TRT provider directly. You’d like to be able to get answers to some specific questions that you have in regard to your own personal circumstances and learn exactly what getting treatment for your Low T symptoms will entail. Well, all you have to do is to call Nexel Medical directly and we will make sure that you will find everything that you are now looking for.

Our clinical advisors are highly experience TRT professionals who will be happy to provide you with information and advice on any of your questions about treating your Low T symptoms. They will be glad to explain our simple and convenient treatment process and arrange for you to have diagnostic blood testing and a physical exam performed right in your own local area. If you need further information about the various forms of treatment that are available to you, they can provide that to you – and there is never an obligation on your end. If and when you decide that you want to pursue Low T testing and treatment, of course we can assist you with that; but regardless of that, we are always available to you as a source of factual information about today’s treatment options for testosterone deficiency. 

We can explain why at Nexel Medical, we make certain that the answer is yes to the important questions of is testosterone therapy safe for me to use? If there is anything in your medical history, which we request all potential patients to provide, that would disqualify you from being able to use this treatment safely, our experienced and knowledgeable TRT doctors will make you aware of that immediately. Your safety is our number one priority and if treatment would not be a safe risk for you, we will tell you. Remember that for the condition of adult-onset male hormone deficiency, getting medical treatment is typically an elective decision; so if you are truly concerned about its long-term safety, then it is always going to be your choice to continue to leave your Low T symptoms untreated.     

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