Local Doctors for Testosterone Therapy

How to Find Local Doctors for Prescribing Testosterone Therapy

It is quite likely that your own physician is not going to be as experienced and up-to-date in treating your Low T symptoms as doctors who specialize in treating hormonal disorders like yours. But then how would you go about finding local doctors for testosterone therapy testing and treatment? Are you anticipating a hassle because you’ve heard that finding doctors like these in your local isn’t going to be easy?

You could try asking your PCP for a referral to a reputable urologist or endocrinologist, which are two of the main types of medical specialists that are probably going to have extensive experience in treating testosterone deficiency. But what if the doctor that you are referred to is located in an area that is not at all convenient for you to get to? That can be a hassle, especially if your daily schedule is already completely filled up by your work and family responsibilities. There is also the possibility that it could take weeks or months just to get an initial appointment – and what about any subsequent appointments that are needed in order to provide you with the treatment you require?

The ideal solution for any adult who wants to receive medical treatment for their Low T symptoms would obviously be that of finding highly qualified local TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctor with whom they could immediately begin the procedures for treatment. So Nexel Medical decided that this is what we would offer to testosterone deficient adults, regardless of where in the US they might be living. We created an innovative process that allows all of them, including you, to access our TRT specialists, either through our website or by calling us directly. By your completion of just that one simple step, our clinical advisors can schedule both a local testosterone blood test (at a nearby lab) and a physical exam that will be performed for you by one of our affiliated local doctors for testosterone therapy screenings.

The only other preliminary step that you need to take is even easier; you can provide us with your required medical history by either completing the online form on our website (it’s simple) or by having your PCP fax or email it to us. If your test results, symptoms and health history all indicate that you are suffering from a treatable male hormone deficiency, you will receive a prescription for using testosterone therapy from one of our fully licensed and experienced TRT doctors. You will also be able to purchase your medications online through us for prompt shipment to you and in a very short amount of time you will be using your treatments and back on your way to healthy hormonal balance.    

How to Find Out If You Have a Testosterone Deficiency

How to Find Out If You Have a Testosterone Deficiency

The first signs given to most adults that it is time to find local doctors for testosterone therapy is the appearance of the unwelcome symptoms of Low T. In men, erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive are commonly associated with testosterone deficiency but there are several other key symptoms that can be indicating the development of this hormone disorder. As a general rule, most doctors are not going to suggest that a patient should have a testosterone blood test unless the patient has been experiencing some of these classic Low T symptoms:

  • Excessive and/or chronic fatigue
  • Reductions in muscle tone and mass
  • Stubborn belly fat
  • Difficulty in getting and/or maintaining erections
  • Loss of interest in sexual intimacy
  • Moodiness, anger and/or emotional instability
  • Lack of mental focus

Other than erectile dysfunction, even women can develop some or all of these symptoms of testosterone deficiency, because although women produce a much smaller amount of male hormone than men, it is one of their essential hormones and its excessive loss can lead to health issues, just as it can in men. Statistically, however, the incidence of Low T remains much lower for women that it is for men.

Once symptoms have appeared, the next step is to have a blood test that measures a patient’s current testosterone levels; our local doctors for testosterone therapy then compare the patient’s levels to the clinically established norm for adults in their age group. Why is age relevant to Low T? Because all hormone levels naturally and progressively decline with age; but it’s when they decline at a rate that is below the norm that a hormonal balance and its corresponding symptoms can develop. Once treatment has been indicated, your Nexel Medical doctor will devise the appropriate and most beneficial course of treatment that can correct your testosterone deficiency and alleviate your symptoms.

What to Know about Testosterone Injections, Gels and Pellets

Have you done any research into the form of Low T treatment that you would prefer to use upon receiving a prescription from Nexel Medical, your local doctors for testosterone therapy? If you have, then you know that today’s Low T patients have access to an unprecedented variety of doctor prescribed TRT medications. Up until recently, the primary form of treatment was using testosterone injections to deliver the supplement amount of hormone directly into the systems of patients. What is interesting is that even with new choices available to them, such as transdermal gels and patches along with implanted pellets, injectable testosterone remains the preferred choice of a high percentage of patients and their doctors.

Both doctors and patients recognize that the advantages of using injections tend to consistently outweigh the disadvantages. This form of treatment has proven its effectiveness and low risk factors over decades of medical use; it requires less frequent dosages than the transdermal forms; it costs less to use than the other forms of Low T therapy; and when administered properly, it has a low incidence of side effects. Have you checked online to read about what some of the side effects are that have been associated with using prescription testosterone creams and gels? Many patients report rashes, itching and even pain that is bad enough to make them switch to another form of treatment or abandon their therapy altogether. Unpleasant side effects have also been reported to doctors by patients using the implanted pellet forms of treatment.

Every TRT patient is going to respond to a medically prescribed program of treatments in their own individual way; some might occasionally experience minor and temporary effects while others never will. Some patients will also get better results than others, because no one can predict in advance exactly how anyone’s personal physiology will ultimately respond to treatment. Our local doctors for testosterone therapy understand that hormones are an integral component of human biology and as such, they don’t function in an isolated environment inside our bodies. They work in conjunction with our cells, systems and organs to promote and sustain optimal health and vitality; and they can be supplemented and maintained by using the form of treatment that is best suited to your medical requirements.

Why the Doctor You Choose for Your Low T Therapy Matters

The professional skillfulness that your doctor possesses matters, whether you are having a broken bone properly reset; are suffering from a specific disease; or are having a hormone disorder corrected. In every case, and with all health problems that adults can develop, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of having a doctor who is highly skilled and extensively experienced in successfully treated your specific medical issue.

Not all people are fortunate enough to have that advantage when they develop health problems; but you can now provide this advantage to yourself by entrusting your Low T treatment to our experienced and respected local doctors for testosterone therapy. At Nexel Medical, hormone replacement therapy for adults is our sole medical specialty, which means that our patients benefit from the higher level of experience and knowledge that our doctors have in regard to reversing male hormone deficiency. We are familiar with the latest testosterone medications; the most current results from ongoing clinical trials and studies; and it is fair to say that we have successfully treated a greater number and much wider variety of adult patients than most general practitioners and primary care physicians.

People should have every right to be as discerning and careful in choosing their health care providers as they are in choosing any other critically important service provider. And when you choose Nexel Medical, it’s true that you will have chosen one of the most convenient local ways for you to get treatment for your Low T symptoms – but you will also have chosen to receive it from one of leading providers of testosterone therapy in the US. So that’s a win/win outcome for you; you will safely and effectively restored to healthy hormonal balance with the help of highly qualified TRT specialists, and your treatment procedures will always be performed locally for you.

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