Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Basic Training on Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy Usage

Mention the words “basic training” to most American males and chances are that this phrase will immediately have the same meaning to all of them. But basic training can apply to any new endeavor a man tries, such as using medically prescribed male testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for the first time; and it can be as useful as learning any other basic survival skill is. However, in this instance what men are attempting to save and sustain through the use of TRT is their personal source of male virility and vitality.

So if you are considering the use of male hormone replacement therapy because your Low T symptoms have been progressively depleting your vitality and virility, learning a few fundamentals before you proceed with it can do a lot for ensuring that your therapy will work out successfully for you. If all you currently know about using TRT is what you have seen advertised, usually for a particular prescription testosterone cream or gel that you are urged to ask your regular physician for, then you could be lacking some basic knowledge of what’s involved in using this type of treatment. For example, you wouldn’t know that many men who are currently using a testosterone replacement therapy program actually use the injectable form, rather than the forms that most of us have seen ads for while watching television.

You might also not know that your medical insurance might not cover the cost of this treatment; many policies have limitations and/or restrictions on the coverage they will provide for the use of male hormone replacement therapy. It is better to find out exactly what your own health care insurance provider will or won’t cover before you proceed with treatment, because the medical use of TRT is a long-term commitment. If you are going to be responsible for the cost of your treatment, which will include the cost of periodic blood testing, occasional medical exams, as well as the cost of your doctor prescribed hormone therapy medications, then that is a fundamental piece of information for you to have before you begin your treatment.

What To Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections

What To Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections

Men in general know a lot less about male testosterone replacement therapy that utilizes self-administered injections primarily because it has not been aggressively advertised in the same way as the newer, topically applied forms of treatment for Low T. Yet any man who has performed even a small amount of research about TRT online has quickly learned that testosterone injections are the original form of treatment and that they are still being widely prescribed by hormone therapy doctors for their patients. Doctors like the fact that this form of treatment has a well-established and consistent record of successful use; patients, especially those who will be responsible for covering the cost of their treatment, appreciate the fact that the injectable form of TRT remains the most affordable form that they can use.

Testosterone injections also require less frequent doses than the heavily advertised topical forms, which are substantially more expensive for patients to use – in part because of the daily applications they require. Perhaps when the creams and gels have been in use for as long as the injections have, which is for more than a half-century, their price will have come down significantly; it is also entirely possible that decades from now, there might be entirely new Low T treatment options for patients to choose from. But at the present time, the male testosterone replacement therapy choices that patients have are using weekly or bi-weekly injections; daily gels and creams; time-release implanted pellets (that have to be replaced after 6 months or so); and topically applied dermal patches.

So basically, the use of testosterone injections can be summarized in this way:

  • It is the most medically established form of treatment for testosterone deficiency symptoms
  • It is the most affordable form of Low T therapy
  • For many patients, it is the form of therapy that is the most convenient for them to use
  • It has decades of clinically documented results for doctors and patients to refer to

How To Qualify To Use Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy

How does an adult male know if he is medically qualified to use male testosterone replacement therapy? Experiencing Low T symptoms is a strong indication of its need; but every perspective TRT patient will be required to have a testosterone measuring blood test – sometimes several tests may be required – so that his hormone therapy doctor can determine the exact extent of his male hormone deficiency. The reason that several tests are sometimes required is that testosterone levels are known to fluctuate during the course of a day and TRT doctors are focused on clinical accuracy in the measurement of any patient’s currently available male hormone supply.

What many men are discovering is that it is more convenient and easier for them to have this testing performed by using an online TRT specialist like Nexel Medical, a provider that exclusively treats adults patients who have developed hormone disorders such as Low T and growth hormone deficiency. Nexel Medical provides adults patients across the US with locally available testing and medical exams for detecting testosterone deficiency, and it is typically much faster for patients to have these basic pre-treatment procedures performed than using their own PCP (who may or may not be professionally qualified to prescribe TRT) or being referred to an endocrine or urology specialist.

At Nexel Medical, our patients can instantly contact us either online or by phone and have their preliminary Low T testing and exam scheduled for them right away – at testing facilities and medical practices located near them. Our TRT doctors are then able to quickly and accurately evaluate their results in order to make a medically correct diagnosis and to prescribe the appropriate course of male hormone replacement therapy for them. Those ads that urge men to “talk to their doctors” about using a certain gel or cream form of treatment ignore the fact that many primary care providers have little to no experience in prescribing treatment for Low T. However, when you have your treatment program prescribed for you by the doctors of Nexel Medical, you can be confident that many years of specific medical training and experience stand behind it.

So now you have undergone your basic training on using testosterone replacement therapy, which will give you an excellent starting point from which you can make your decision about using Low T therapy. If there is anything more that you would like to learn, we welcome you to contact us and speak to one of our clinical advisors, who will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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