Most Effective Testosterone Therapy

Low T: What Is the Most Effective Testosterone Therapy to Use?

In recent years, doctors have been receiving a lot more questions about Low T from their male patients and one of the most frequently asked questions they have been hearing is what is the most effective testosterone therapy that I can use? It has become obvious to most doctors that today’s patients have a greater awareness than previous generations had of adult-onset hormone disorders such as Low T; in fact, it is also obvious to them that today’s adult patients have a greater awareness of the health challenges presented by the aging process in general.

However, in the case of wanting to know more about the most effective treatment for testosterone deficiency, the current generation of adults also has resources that were not previously available. The Internet is now the first place that most people go for answers to their questions on any topic that you can imagine; but it is also an informational resource that contains many inaccuracies, unfounded opinions, and invalid data. Which brings us back to the importance of finding a trusted source for information, such as a medical doctor who has extensive experience and knowledge in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), for factual and well-considered answers to any adult’s questions about using a prescribed program of treatment for Low T.

But how about if you could access doctors like that, who could explain what the most effective testosterone therapy to use is, as quickly and easily as performing an online search? Or better yet, what if you could make just one phone call and actually speak to a knowledgeable TRT professional directly in regard to all of your questions about Low T therapy? Now you can do exactly that – just by contacting Nexel Medical, a fully licensed TRT medical provider that treats adult patients living in all 50 states.

Our clinical advisors at Nexel Medical will be happy to explain why our doctors believe that a medical prescribed program of self-administered testosterone injections has proven to be the most consistently effective form of Low T treatment that adults can use. They can explain the pros and cons of any of the currently available prescription treatment options; and they can also explain why non-prescription supplements, boosters, and other so-called male hormone enhancers just won’t work to increase your testosterone levels. If there is anything that you want to know about using TRT, our clinical advisors can tell you all about it.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Actually Work?

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Actually Work?

For any adult with Low T levels, the most effective testosterone therapy program will utilize treatments consisting of bio-identically manufactured testosterone to restore their body’s male hormone levels to a healthier state. There is no known medical treatment that can cause your body to start producing more of this essential hormone naturally, so supplementation is the medical protocol for eliminating Low T and its related symptoms.

Since the form of deficiency that develops progressively is far more common than a deficiency that occurs as the result of a particular disease or one that is due to an injury affecting either the testicles or the pituitary gland, TRT doctors typically a prescribe programs designed to progressively increase male hormone levels of their patients. The most commonly prescribed treatments consist of either self-administered testosterone injections (given several times a month), or a topical cream or gel that is usually applied once or twice daily. Both of these forms introduce supplemental amounts of pharmaceutical male hormone into the systems of Low T patients.

Of these two commonly prescribed forms, clinical research on which is the most effective testosterone therapy to use supports the consistency of the results that the injections deliver to patients. The results that have been compiled on the topical forms thus far indicate a less consistent performance record among users; it works very well for some patients and not nearly as well for others. The strength of record of effectiveness attributed to the use of injections derives from the many years of medical use that they have. Their therapeutic effectiveness has also been attributed to the delivery method itself; injectable testosterone appears to be absorbed into the endocrine systems of patients more consistently than the topical gels and creams.      

How Long Can You Safely Use Testosterone Injections or Gels?

By the time that most men have reached their fortieth birthdays, their bodies are producing significantly less free testosterone than when they were in their mid-twenties – and it is your free, or available, male hormone supply that has fueled much of your youthful vitality and virility. The most effective testosterone therapy programs allow patients to reclaim these physiological attributes by eliminating the chronic fatigue, low sex drive, mental sluggishness, and emotional ups and downs that excessive male hormone loss frequently causes.

But how long can an adult male continue to use doctor prescribed testosterone injections or topical treatments safely? Are there any long-term effects from using this form of treatment throughout your adult years? Medical researchers have been investigating these questions for decades and they still have not found any conclusive evidence indicating that using TRT indefinitely poses any associated health risks for patients. In fact, their research has shown that testosterone therapy is statistically a relatively low-risk form of medical treatment. Its possible side effects have been shown to be infrequent and manageable when it is used correctly and under a doctor’s ongoing supervision; and it is not until men reach the very late stages of their adulthood that there is any question about its relative safety.

So in whatever form your most effective testosterone therapy program ultimately takes, whether it is the use of a topically applied form or an injectable form, as long as you comply with your doctor’s recommendations for dosage and periodic blood testing to monitor your male hormone levels, you can feel confident about your treatment program’s long term safety. However, it must be stated once again that adhering to the correct medical protocols is critical. For adults who use TRT illegally, meaning without medical authorization to purchase and use prescription testosterone medications manufactured legally here in the US, all bets are off – because it is very unsafe for anyone to use these medications without the appropriate and legally required medical supervision.      

What Is the Most Affordable Form of Testosterone Therapy?

If there is one thing that earlier generations of Americans are probably grateful for it is that they didn’t have to deal with the soaring medical costs that are associated with our current health care system. They didn’t have to be preoccupied with how to pay exorbitant prices for their prescription medications, or find themselves flabbergasted by what hospitals now charge – although some could argue that they also didn’t have access to the sophisticated medications and medical treatments that today’s patients benefit from. They also didn’t have the access to the most effective testosterone therapy programs Nexel Medical now offers to adults from all over the US who have Low T symptoms.

Yet today’s American patients do have to rely a lot more heavily on their medical insurance coverage to help pay for the current cost of their health care. And people can no longer assume that every procedure, therapeutic treatment, or prescription drug that they need will automatically be covered by their insurance, because the entire system has become more complex and often less beneficial to both patients and their doctors. This is why adults in the US often want to know what the most affordable form of testosterone replacement therapy is – because they have checked and found out that the cost of their treatment program, either in part or in total, is not going to be covered by their current insurance provider.

Fortunately for them, in this instance they will learn that the most effective testosterone therapy they can use, which in the opinion of many TRT doctors is injectable testosterone, is also going to be their most affordable treatment option. The use of topical forms can be as much as ten times the cost of using injections, depending on the specific brand and dosage that a patient has been prescribed. At Nexel Medical, our doctors primarily prescribe testosterone injections for our patients, and many of them are self-paying for the cost of their treatment. We feel good about being able to save our patients money while helping them to save their more youthful levels of vitality, strength, mental sharpness, and virility; and they feel good about using male hormone replacement therapy programs that deliver the desired results to them effectively and safely.     

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