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Most men know that having Low T is what often causes unwanted declines in their sex drive, muscle mass and energy levels. But do most men who have these symptoms know that they can now get an online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) from fully licensed medical doctors? For those who might be understandably cynical, let us make it perfectly clear that this is not some sort of Internet scam or illegal activity; instead, it is a modern and convenient new way to receive a prescription for using doctor prescribed TRT that is medically correct and completely legal.

What online TRT medical providers like Nexel Medical have done is to simply remove the geographic and logistical barriers that have prevented many adults from being able to easily access Low T treatment. Instead, our doctors utilize digital technology and the Internet to inform, test, diagnose and treat patients who suffer from unhealthy and undesirable testosterone deficiency symptoms. Because this is a condition that can be identified through the use of specific blood tests that measure a patient’s available male hormone levels, our doctors can have this test performed for our patients at local clinical testing labs located all throughout the US. Upon those results being promptly transmitted to us, along with the results of a locally performed medical exam, our doctors who specialize in TRT programs can immediately evaluate them (along with the patient’s specific symptoms) to produce a diagnosis and medically prescribed treatment plan.

Everything about getting your online prescription for testosterone therapy from Nexel Medical follows the clinical testing and treatment protocols that are recommended for adult patients exhibiting Low T symptoms. It is the same as treatment that you would receive from any licensed medical provider who is experienced and proficient at prescribing hormone replacement therapy programs. However, what differentiates our treatment procedures from those used by traditional providers is that we employ digital technology from start to finish to make them much more efficient for our patients, who are even able to order their prescribed TRT medications online through us and have them delivered without delay.   

What Are the Benefits You’ll Get from an Online TRT Program?

What Are the Benefits You’ll Get from an Online TRT Program?

You will receive the same health and wellness benefits from getting your online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy that you would receive from treatment that is prescribed for patients by TRT specialists located anywhere in the US. But you won’t have to wait as long or travel as far to receive them because Nexel Medical has made waiting weeks or months for an appointment, and having to take time off from work to travel out of town for Low T testing and treatment, completely obsolete.

Your treatment program will be individually prescribed for you to provide you with the maximum benefits that this type of hormone replacement therapy provides to patients; and your treatment’s progress will be carefully monitored by your prescribing physician at Nexel Medical to ensure that your results are obtained without risk. Based on using a typical 6-month course of TRT, you can expect to see improvements in your symptoms during the first two months of treatment, improvements that will continue to build throughout the subsequent months of your treatment.

Here are the results that Nexel Medical’s TRT patients typically receive from getting their online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy:

  • The one that most patients mention first, and experience early on in their treatment, is the return of their sex drive and ability to perform. This is also one of the most gratifying benefits that our patients report experiencing.
  • Patients are also gratified to get their energy levels going string again, and losing the chronic exhaustion that has been preventing them from living an active and satisfying lifestyle.
  • The loss of excess belly fat, that middle-age “spare tire” that never seems to get any smaller, is very exciting to patients who have been constantly trying to lose it without success.
  • The return of healthy, strong and well-defined muscles is another one of the outwardly visible results that our male TRT patients enjoy.
  • Improvements in emotional wellbeing are benefits that are a boon to patients who have been silently struggling with the feelings of anxiety and mild depression that can be caused by Low T. Improved cognitive function is another benefit that is delivered to patients using male hormone replacement therapy.

What If You Experience Side Effects from Using Low T Therapy?

What happens if you start to experience any side effects from using your Low T treatment? Will you be able to receive help with them from the Nexel Medical doctor who provided you with your online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy? Absolutely. But before we get into that, you should know that your risk for having side effects as a result of your TRT is very low. They do include, however, the risk for reduced sperm production, which is why men who are trying to become fathers should be cautioned about this prior to using this treatment. Other side effects that have been reported are often the temporary ones of developing acne and other skin conditions, and the possibility of prostate growth.

Yet if you experience any unwanted associated effects form your treatment, your Nexel Medical doctor will be available to you for assistance. Most side effects can be quickly mitigated by adjustments to a patient’s treatment dosage; of course, this is something that should only be done by the doctor who originally prescribed it for them. Patients of ours always have access to our clinical advisors who are available to provide assistance with all aspects of their TRT program, before, during and even after their course of treatment has been completed. Our advisors are in continual contact with our physicians and patients can be confident that if a problem should arise, or whenever they have any questions or concerns whatsoever with their treatment program, any help they might need is never more than just a quick phone call away.

All patients who receive an online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy from Nexel Medical can count on receiving personalized attention throughout their program of treatment. Because we specialize in this specific field of medical practice, our patients from the latest and most effective treatment options along with a level of professional experience in TRT that is unavailable to them in many local areas of the US. 

Call Nexel Medical to Begin the Testosterone Therapy Process

When we suggest that people call us about using testosterone replacement therapy, it’s because we assume that most adults are going to have some questions about TRT that they would like to have answered before they begin the process for treatment. Yet we also have included a “contact us” form on our website that anyone is welcome to use if they prefer to get in touch with us that way. Either way, one of our TRT advisors will be happy to assist you.

As we’ve mentioned, the Nexel Medical process for getting an online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy is has been streamlined to provide greater efficiency and convenience to our patients. With just one phone call to us, you can receive accurate answers to your TRT questions … schedule your local testosterone blood test … and have your local pre-therapy medical exam scheduled. Once you have been tested and examined, the only other data you will need to provide us with is your medical history, which you can do by completing the form for this that is also located on our website. You also have the option of having your primary care doctor digitally transmit this to us. That’s all there is to it – that is the entire process for medically qualifying our patients prior to their treatment.

Your Nexel Medical TRT doctor will review and evaluate all of your pertinent medical information to reach a diagnosis of your condition. Assuming that your diagnosis of Low T is clinically verified by your test results and your symptoms, you will receive an online prescription for testosterone replacement therapy that your doctor has based on your individual requirements for treatment. With your medically and legally valid prescription for therapy, you will be able to order your TRT medications through our secure and fully licensed online pharmacy source and have them delivered directly to you. You will have ongoing access to our patient support services so that if you have any questions about self-administering your treatments (or anything else), you’ll get the help you need with just a quick call to us.

Getting a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t have to be a stressful or complicated experience when you go online to get it. Thousands of US adults have already used our online treatment process for eliminate their Low T symptoms; so what are you waiting for?

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